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Shikha (UAT 15140)

Female, 40 Years Pro / (UAT 15140)

10 Years of Teaching Experience

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Jaflia Metro Station
Chartered Accountant
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Chartered Accountant
I am an Chartered Accountant with 10+years teaching experience. Accounts and Economics ( Indian and UK curriculum)
Home Tuition Only
I teach in small size batches with individual attention and focus on concept clarification.
Topics Covered
Topics Covered:
Economics and Accountancy
Fees (AED)
Fees (AED)h:
Indian Curriculum (ICSE/CBSE), British & American Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level / AP), American Curriculum (AP), Other Curriculum, International Baccalaureate (IB), British Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level), British & International Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level / IGCSE), International Curruculum (IGCSE)


Accounting, Economics, Finance
Exam Preparation
Exam Preparation:
ACCA, Accounting, CA Preparation, CMA, CPA
College Level
College Level:
Accounting, Cost Accounting, Economics, Financial Accounting
High School
High School:
Accounts, Business Finance, Economics


Jaflia Metro Station

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Note Written by: Shikha

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Written by: Shikha


Miss Shikhaa, where do I start…. She made me become an A+ student when I was nothing and used to fail in accounting. I used to cry during remote learning back in 2020 because I couldn’t understand anything the school was teaching.. that’s when I looked for a tutor and there it is, I found miss Shikha. I used to get a 3 in accounting before going to her, now a 9, she teached me everything from basics in yr 11 even thought I had only 6 months to prepare for IGCSEs. I thank god I met a teacher like her.

Preethi Menon

A friendly and also very professional approach towards teaching. My daughter was weak in accounts but Ma’am was able to help her understand the concept well. She use to be available anytime both offline and online.

Poonam Chaturvedi

She is the most reliable and kind teacher. She has literally put so much efforts to pull up my son's 12th grade. So grateful for her teaching.

Vidhi Harwani

She is the beat teacher. My son has improved a lot in Economics.

Rohit Menon

The ease of explanation. I could understand concepts much better than what I learned in school. Also, the extra notes given helped a lot in my final exams.

Jane Kolenchery

Her teaching methods are very different from most tutors who give accounting tuitions and always makes sure the child understands the topic before moving on. I attended tuitions with her at a late stage but she helped me build enough confidence within a few months and I was able to tackle my IGCSE accounting examinations without any difficulty.

Sitara Mendis

Ms. Shikha was my son's Economics tutor for IGCSE Exams (British Curriculum). She has considerable knowledge on the subject and explains the theories in a clear and concise format. It is easy to contact Ms. Shikha to clear any doubts. She also scheduled extra lessons as and when required to further practice and teach theories that needed additional clarifications. She makes sure that the students have clearly understood the topic, before moving on to the next topic. Classes are conducted on small groups, allowing for higher concentration. Ms. Shikha is committed to her teaching and efforts taken by her are commendable. I would highly recommend Ms. Shikha for Economics tuitions.


As a tutor she is very "result-orientated" and persistently follows up on the the course work that students should deliver.

Aditya Mishra

Shikha ma’am was very cooperative in helping me understand the concepts and logic behind the subjects I learnt. I liked her way of teaching which helped me create self interest in the topics rather than just covering a syllabus. During the course of the my tuition I took classes for accounting and thanks to her I was able to develop a strong base in accounting and finance related topics which I carried forward to my professional qualification. I am now an ACCA qualified, working at big 4 firm in dubai. I would definitely recommend her classes to anyone who wants to purse majors in accounts and finance at a later stage as it will help you start with a great knowledge base.

Chhama Goel

My son has taken online classes in economics from India. He is very much satisfied and his term 1 results show. Shikha is an amazing teacher and teaches in an easy to understand way. Highly recommend.

Chhama Goel

Shikha is an awesome teacher. She explains the concepts in clear and easy to understand way.

Tasneem Bhagat

Shikha is a thorough professional in Accounting and takes responsibility of her students and preparing them for their lessons and exams. She is very experienced and knowledgeable. She keeps her lessons effective, engaging and ensures students are provided with homework to ensure they practice and are well versed with the lessons. My son has ascertained to branch into Finance and Accounting in his A levels which is purely due to the efforts of Shikha over three years and the knowledge she has imparted. She is an excellent tutor who conveys her knowledge of complex material in a manner easily understandable to the students. I would highly recommend Shikha for Accounts tuitions.


Shikha was our child’s Accounting tutor for AS & A Levels (British Curriculum) She is excellent and dedicated in teaching Accounts She has a precise and simple approach towards the subject. She explains complex formulas in simple terms. Our child was very happy with her style & method of teaching. She keeps students involved at all times, gives enough practice sheets, answers all questions and makes the subject interesting. We are fortunate to have Shikha, as our child excelled in Accounts & even secured scholarship at University. Thank you

Gayatri Unni

She explains very well and provides helpful tips and notes.


She is very helpful and will make sure you learn something before every lesson and topic.


Miss Shikha is very knowledgeable and way of teaching is good. The best part about her teaching that, she gives each student equal attention and she is always available to help us do our best.

Natalie Almeida

That’s she explains in a way that I can understand.


Mrs. Shikha’s classes are truly magnificent. I’ve seen significant improvements in my grades & in my outlook for the subject. I believe that you cannot do well in a subject which you cannot understand, and therefore do not like. Here Mrs. Shikha can help you understand the subject and therefore like it. Truly a remarkable learning experience!

Reshma Paul

Shikha is very dedicated and professional, with a unique sense of sincerity. We have no reservations in attaching our support of her knowledge and commitment towards the improvement of the performance of her students. Over and above, Shikha is a very encouraging and a nurturing teacher.


She's one of the most amazing teachers and helps us understand concepts in a very practical way ♥️


The way she teaches is really good she makes us understand very well.


Over time she has gotten to know my weaknesses and strengths and has constantly pushed me to give my best. The efforts and initiative that she takes towards her students is very commendable and admirable. Her knowledge of the subjects are so vast and I can firmly say that she has been a great help in my senior year. With her excellent communication skills and a positive attitude she is by far the best tutor out there.


She's very thorough with the concepts and explains everything very well.


The way she teaches and the way she makes her students understand her subjects is outstanding.

Mrinmayi Adhikary

He is very friendly and always ready to clear the doubt's. He is up to date with latest accounting terms and techniques used in schools and colleges and also Very approachable.

Parth Trivedu

Her way of teaching is very good and she explains everything in a detailed manner.She is a very dedicated and helpful tutor.

Kyle Harry Dsouza

She is an very efficient tutor and She also gives extra time to weak students and prepares students well for the examination.

Nidhi Suvarna

She explains the concepts well, gives enough practice material and notes. She is very patient with her students and ensures that we are well versed in the topics.

Orpha Suares

Miss shikha is an excellent teacher. Her one on one sessions for accounts are very helpful. She explains all the concepts very well and trys her best to make the students have a better understanding of the subject.


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