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Master Degree in French literature and foreign languages
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Master Degree in French literature and foreign languages

- Professional French Teacher working with IB schools and Tutoring all levels in Dubai. - Tutoring students from French primary school (all subjects) and French curriculum for secondary level  - Preparing students for Brevet des Colleges and French Baccalaureate - Experience in teaching GCSE, IGCSE  (Edexcel, AQA,OCR and Cambridge) and A LEVEL, CBSE with high level of expertise of the French language and French literature. - Teaching French within the IB Framework (Language A, Language B: ab Initio, SL, HL and Self-Taught) - Preparing candidates for DELF , TEF  and TAF exams - Working with prestigious Tutoring Institutes in Dubai (CARFAX, Holland Park, etc)  - Bilingual French and English

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- Test at the beginning to evaluate student level and personalise tutoring experience - Working on both conversational skills (writing, reading, speaking and comprehension) and language structure (providing grammar lessons in group to build strong foundations) - Seeking continuous improvement  - Results-driven approach. Aim is to get top grades only (A**  in IGCSE, GCSE and A level or 7 in IB et mention Tres Bien in  French exam)

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International Baccalaureate (IB)


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By : Sondes Beji - Dubai

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Learn how to speak French through step-by-step practical exercises. The first session will be focused on how to greet in French and introduce ourselves.

Course Curriculum

Learn how to speak French through step-by-step practical exercises. The first session will be focused on how to greet in French and introduce ourselves. This will help in any trip to France or any French speaking country.

Who can Join

Anyone willing to learn French.

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Note Written by: Sondes Beji

Prepared by: Sondes Beji

Written by: Sondes Beji


I have been a student of Miss Sondes for around 3-4 months because I desperately needed aid with my IB standard level French as I was sitting at a low score of 3-4. But during my classes with Miss Sondes, I could tell her expertise in the subject as she knew exactly where I needed to improve to drastically increase my grade as well as how I could see myself becoming a better at the language. Her classes were tailor made to ensure that I got the most out of the classes ranging from 1 on 1 sessions to group sessions that allowed insight on how others achieve good marks. As a tutor, she is a friendly person who encourages and uplifts the mood of the class so it would be a great experience, thus the classes were very enjoyable. Thanks to her, I was able to move my grade up 3 levels, and I would look nowhere but her for a French tutor.


I have been a student of Madame Sondes since the past year and a half of my IB diploma programme. I take French B SL and since I have started with Madame Sondes, I feel much more comfortable with the language and have become much more fluent. I have always struggled with speaking and doing oral presentations but with her patience and dedication, I have improved greatly and even scored a 7 in my final IB presentation. She has a kind and friendly personality and her passion has motivated me to work harder and do the best I can. Overall, a very wholesome experience!


As a graduating high school student, in preparation for University, my experience with Mme. Sondes' classes is more than expected. The most characteristic trait of her classes is the flexibility in her teachings. Aside from the detailed explanations and consistency of work done in class, she would offer additional knowledge in French cultures and knowledge. This is excellent for me as my target is the university of fine arts in Paris. In the process of preparation for exams, she's always dedicated and responsible in terms of the schedule of students. While preparing for my B1 exam last year, she emphasized on key topics and repeatedly drilled the context into me which helped me a lot during the exam. She encourages students to always speak French, strives for the better for students and more.


Ms. Sondes’ lessons are a bundle of education, excitement and challenge. She never fails to incorporate a range of activities that always leave me wanting to come back for another lesson! My French has improved tremendously throughout my two years with Ms.Sondes. I received an A* during my year 11 board exams, I am able to make conversation in French , and I am on the top of my class for French speaking. Not only have I developed a strong passion for the subject but I have also progressed in terms of conversating in French and developing confidence in my learning. I have never come across a more friendly, empowering and knowledgeable teacher before and I am very pleased with my experience!


Madam Sondes has been exceptionally supportive through my journey during IB. She has a unique way of teaching that allows me to understand the French language at a deeper level. She is also very positive when it comes to motivation. I started the year with a predicted 3 IB points out of 7 for HL French. Though my results aren't out yet, I am confident that I will be able to get a five or six as my final French IB Grade.

Catia Badulescu

Mrs Sondes is an amazing teacher, and I learned French really fast, and I am so proud of how far I've come in a year. I thought french was going to be hard, but it is so much easier with Mrs Sondes. It is also really fun and we also play interactive games that help us learn more efficiently.


I am thankful to Miss Sondes for all the support and efforts she put to help me improving my level in French. I was studying HL last year and I got an amazing grade of 7 out of 7 during my last exam. This would have not been possible without the help and dedication of Miss Sondes. Thanks again, I highly recommend her for anyone doing French IB.


I want to show my gratitude through this message towards Miss Sondes for what she has been able to achieved with my son. He was getting D marks in French and used to tell us that he hated French. He had to prepare for his IGCSE exam and we started to seriously worry about how he would be able to pass it. This is when I reached out to Miss Sondes and since then I have been impressed by the progress. In a short period of time and thanks to her great methodology, he moved up from D to B, for finally get an A* at the exam. I cannot thanks her enough for all the efforts she put to improve my son level and would definitely recommend her for any student who needs quick improvement in French.


Sondes is a great teacher, although she can be strict, she always has the best intentions for you. She will never let you down in studying and you need more time she will gladly give it to you.


Ms Sondes is an incredible teacher and I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking to improve in french. Although she can occasionally be strict it is all in your best interest. She knows your skills more than you do and will ensure that you achieve the maximum quality of education. Personally I don’t think I could have found a better tutor myself and was very pleased with her services.


Miss Sondes is an excellent teacher. I used to have a very low level in French with issues in comprehension and vocabulary and as a result, I was getting many 4 (lowest grade) at school (We were thinking with my parents to change my school even). Today, I am one of the best in my class: my level of French has improved a lot and I am getting many 1 (highest grade). What I like the most about Miss Sondes is that she is very patient, professional and her ability to make the classes fun but very productive at the same time. I am never bored in the classes with Miss Sondes and even when I am tired, she is able to motivate and keep me focus. Thanks to Miss Sondes, I have now good grades overall and an advanced level in French.


I really appreciate having Sondes as the tutor for my son. Her deep knowledge of the French language and the different curriculum, along with a strong commitment in helping him progress was just more than I was expecting. She also has this "special touch" with children to motivate them and make the classes more enjoyable. Sondes has a result-based approach and do not hesitate to go extra-mile to make sure that we get the results we have expected by hiring a professional tutor. Thank you again Sondes!


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