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UAT 18491


Male, 30 Years

6 Years of Teaching Experience

Bachelors in Maths and.Science Masters in Education

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  • Area: Abu Hail, Al Khawaneej, Al Satwa, Business Bay, Jumeirah, Ju... more
  • Teaches: Mathematics, Statistics, Maths, SAT, GRE, GMAT, GED
  • Curriculum: British & American Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level / AP)

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Bachelors in Maths and.Science Masters in Education

Tutoring Experience:

I have been teaching students different curriculum since 5 years.. 

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Home Tuition Only

Tutoring Approach:

Tutoring approach varies according to students requirements and their current knowledge

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Exam PreparationSAT, GRE, GMAT, GED,
High SchoolStatistics, Maths,
SecondaryMathematics,British & American Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level / AP),


Class Room Course

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  • Duration: 1 Month
  • Not Sheduled Yet
  • Preparatory » Maths

Crash Course On Sat Mathematics

The SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States.

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  • He is a really great tutor I was struggling in maths and he helped me so much that I was the best in the class I really recommend him.

    Posted by: Alia Al Maktoum Rating:
  • He is a great math tutor, has an excellent understanding of the topics. He is flexible and understanding but most important he is more than just a math tutor, he has a great knowledge of politics and is able to have enjoyable and in-depth conversations in that topic.

    Posted by: Arshia Rating:
  • He goes into everything in-depth and gives useful tips and shortcuts that help my maths considerably.

    Posted by: Sean Hucknall Rating:
  • Spectacular best teacher I have ever met. He has made me a champion in math. He seems to be an ordinary math teacher but he is a unique one of a kind. He is amazing. I love him.

    Posted by: Eesa Rating:
  • Muhammed was extremely patient with my learning, he was a huge support to my confidence in SAT Math through his helpful techniques. I am extremely glad that I got Muhammad as my tutor during these past 3 months he has been a huge help.

    Posted by: Zaid Sater Rating:
  • The explanation is really good. Highly recommended.

    Posted by: Bassmala Rating:
  • The way he explains question that are tricky to something more simpler to make me understand it and answer it more confidently.

    Posted by: Mohammed Al Suboosi Rating:
  • I like his teaching strategy. He only stays one hour but in that hour it is very effective.

    Posted by: Hameed Rating:
  • He is very organized, professional, and filled with enthusiasm. Takes off pressure from students by giving out efficient worksheets for homework and having arguably a short class time, which eventually will lead to big improvement to students skills, and cause students to feel that just doing homework is not enough that leads to student doing more work and practice by themselves. He is a very good teacher who explain every little detail in every unit we look into and always check if the student have completely understood the concept, if not he tries to find a way to explain in more simple way. He help me ace math in school by focusing on school math and teaches what we are going to learn in school. Adding to that the real good part of him is that he does not waste time teaching unimportant part. Overall he is a very good tutor and I would recommend him if you are trying to learn math in detail.

    Posted by: Seongmin Han Rating:
  • He teaches fast and shortcut methods which help in exams.

    Posted by: Ishaq Al Abbasi Rating:
  • Very professional and teaches in a light hearted manner that is fun for the students but also constructive for learning.

    Posted by: Inhye Kim Rating:
  • I am pretty average when it comes to math, but he finds some way to make it easier for me to understand and it really benefits me in my test.

    Posted by: Damilola Rating:
  • He is a very good maths tutor. He has helped me to improve a lot. I have been getting higher marks and doing a lot better in school.

    Posted by: Ivanna Rating:
  • Great at explaining the fundamentals of math and the unit that I am studying. Helps to put things that seem difficult into an easy to understand perspective and how to solve problems step-by-step.

    Posted by: Luka Cheshlarov Rating:
  • He is really good! He has a teaching method where he is able to teach so much in such a short amount of time. Without him I'd be lost!

    Posted by: Ziyad Rating:
  • He is a very dedicated teacher. His way of explaining is excellent. He motivates the student to do better.

    Posted by: Saman Oosama Rating:
  • He is a brilliant teacher, very knowledgeable, great way of teaching and explaining and very patient and understanding. He went above and beyond to help educate my son for IGCSE maths and I honestly can't praise him enough.

    Posted by: Zoe Napier Rating:
  • Great teaching skills, clear explanation in everything a student gets confused in.

    Posted by: Alya Al Nuaimi Rating:
  • His teaching style is really good and he is very patient.

    Posted by: Hamda Rating:
  • Mr. Mujtaba tutored me for the May 2017 SAT, and was great help. He played a major role in restoring my confidence in my Math abilities. He always gave in 100% effort from his side to ensure that all the lessons were catered to me and my needs, and even stayed extra time some days to make sure I understood a concept or felt better about myself before the SAT. For anyone who needs a tutor who will push them to their full potential, give them all the help they need, and be fully involved in reaching the goal at hand, Mr. Mujtaba is the one to go to.

    Posted by: Rumaisah Rating:
  • Muhammad is a brilliant tutor, the best I have ever come across. After taking tuition from several tutors, I have no doubt that Muhammad is the best. He is extremely well prepared, very knowledgeable, and has I wide understanding of many different subject. Additionally, he is fully qualified in my eyes to teach at all levels including university level. This is proven over and over as he continues to teach me, and as a Bachelors of Engineering student my maths and physics does get extremely complicated. Muhammad makes it easy for me and understands how I learn as an individual.

    Posted by: Levi Matthysen Rating:
  • He has good knowledge about teaching. I recommend him for one on one tutoring.

    Posted by: Shazil Mahmood Rating:
  • Muhammad Mujtaba gives the students the easiest math techniques and makes sure the student fully understands.

    Posted by: Maryam Al Fardan Rating:
  • Mr Mujtaba has very good knowledge of the subject, nice approach and excellent teaching skills. He was always on time and he was a great help to my child. We were really happy to have him as a tutor.

    Posted by: Dragana Rating:
  • He takes the time to make sure you understand and teaches you in a step by step manner until you understand each and every concept.

    Posted by: Faris Farran Rating:
  • Muhammad is extremely patient and gives good explanations to all my questions.

    Posted by: Sam Rating:
  • I like his enthusiasm while teaching. He knows what he's doing. With Mr.Muhammad, I learnt in one session what my teacher in school had been teaching for one month. He helps me understand Maths in a much simpler fashion.

    Posted by: Benan Rating:
  • I believe Muhammad Mujtaba is the best tutor I have had in my life due to the fact that he is always prepared for the future and cares strictly about the student in terms of how much the student learns in a lesson rather then just finishing the time. For example he gave me an extra half n hour just to make sure I learnt the term of functions for free. I strictly believe that this man will help all students in need for any Math course and I highly recommend him to anyone.

    Posted by: Saeed Alrais Rating:
  • Muhammad Mujtaba works in detail with student. Shows complete dedication and interest towards the improvement of his students.

    Posted by: Trudy Dotson Rating:
  • Muhammad Mujtaba is very Punctual. Puts in extra effort on students. Has many tactics and methods for Maths to suit student's style of learning.

    Posted by: Saman Oosama Rating:
  • Mr Muhammad Mujtaba is a teacher who takes full interest in teaching. Individuals preparing for SAT should take the advantage of his tremendous Math skills. He is really a beast in his field.

    Posted by: Habib Ullah Rating:
  • He is really a good tutor who is willing to go that extra mile to support his students, he genuinely cares how they are progressing.

    Posted by: Tracy Caswell Rating:
  • Mr. Muhammad Mujtaba is one of those rare teachers who's intention is to make sure that the student understands all the points before the session is over. I personally found Mr. Muhammad Mujtaba very helpful, he taught me all the lessons that showed up in the SAT. Also, he taught me physics which was also very helpful. I highly recommend Mr. Muhammad Mujtaba.

    Posted by: Reem Rating:

Written by: Muhammad Mujtaba

Notes Written by: Muhammad Mujtaba

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