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Zein (UAT 23470)

Female, 39 Years Pro / (UAT 23470)

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Al Furjan, Jumeirah Park, Springs, Meadows
Bachelor of Music in Performance (University of Toronto), Master of Arts (University of Warwick)
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Bachelor of Music in Performance (University of Toronto), Master of Arts (University of Warwick)

*** Please note that lessons are offered online and in my studio in Al Furjan area at this time***


Professional pianist and teacher with experience in North America and the Middle East. I completed my Bachelor of Music degree in piano performance from the University of Toronto, and Masters from the University of Warwick. With 16 years of teaching experience and more than 18 years of performance experience as a soloist, I received training from some of the world's top award winning classical musicians and mentors, and performed in numerous events and competitions. I taught in music schools and privately, and have been running my own private piano studio since 2012.

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My teaching style is very detailed and at the same time I strive to make lessons fun and enjoyable for both children and adults. Having a solid foundation enables a student to achieve without limit. I like to challenge students and also motivate and guide them to reach their potential. I break down difficult work into small steps, which makes learning more effective. I am interested in focusing on music literacy, music theory and mindful practicing for a fully rounded music education. Students are expected to attend lessons regularly and practice/do the work assigned in order to experience progress, a slow and steady process that requires consistent and focused practice. Lessons are personalized to each student's learning style and goal (some do it for fun while other want to enter the exam route). I prepare students for the UK's ABRSM and Trinity Guildhall's exam systems for all grades, and provide two student recitals per year in order to give them the opportunity to perform. I teach from beginner to advanced levels, and have experience teaching all ages (I have taught students from 4 to 65+ years old). I have experience and a special interest in teaching students with special needs and working with their parents to achieve the desired goals. My students have received stellar results in their exams (most pass with Distinction on a regular basis) and their parents have reported improved confidence and school performance due to their music learning. I recently started integrating mindful practice in my teaching in order to have helpful techniques for practicing piano and performing in front of an audience. Students face difficulty in focusing while practicing or performing in front of others (as well as when doing other things that require attention). Focus and the ability to pay attention are key skills that help improve practice results, and also help with everyday life achievements for everyone. I have a hectic schedule in Dubai, therefore lesson slots will be booked on a first come, first serve basis and my lesson policies (see "Policies" section) will be strictly applied.

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Al Furjan, Jumeirah Park, Springs, Meadows

By : Zein

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The course is half an hour a week, and students get to learn how to read music and play songs they like. The course is also aimed at anyone who wishes to enter the grading system (ABRSM or Trinity).

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One-on-one learning of the basics of playing the piano. The course is half an hour a week, and students get to learn how to read music and play songs they like. The course is also aimed at anyone who wishes to enter the grading system (ABRSM or Trinity). 

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Yasmine Hesham

Zein is a fantastic teacher who literally saved the day for both my girls who had a not so great experience with a previous teacher. I was extremely worried that my eldest would lose interest in piano, but zein quickly understood how to handle her and with zein she aced her grade 3 Trinity College exam with a top score. Zein is patient, extremely organized, provides detailed and thorough feedback post every session and sets very clear expectations for the following session. Her piano studio is welcoming and quiet and equipped with a top notch standing piano. Zein understand the Trinity College curriculum and worked very hard with my daughter to set her up for success. She's very technology savvy and continued to tutor my daughter seamlessly during Quarantine time and prepared her well for grade 3 exam. I can't recommend zein more to anyone, I wish we met her earlier!

Diala Ramahi

Zein is a wonderful and talented instructor. She is very patient and caring when working with her students. She is a knowledgeable and energetic teacher who imparts good techniques and at the same time instills a lifelong appreciation of music. Zein specializes in piano and tailors lessons to fit the students needs. My 11 year daughter had almost lost interest but when Zein started teaching her she managed to restore her interest and confidence in playing the piano. She is amazing with children and creates an environment that is friendly and inspiring for them


I've been a student of Zein's for the past 2+ Years now at 3 times per week, and it's been a great experience! Starting from scratch as an adult learner is always tough but her learning style, technique and respect towards each persons learning potential makes the lessons enjoyable and highly productive. She is easy going and open to questions and doesn't make you feel self conscious about any difficulties you might have. I would say i'm very happy with the progress iv'e made with Zein so far and i can tell from my playing in front of other people! I would highly recommend anyone looking to get into the piano, with our without prior knowledge about the instrument to have a chat with her!

Razan Seikaly

Zein is a very composed and serious teacher that has a very special way with kids. What I love most about Zein is that she doesn’t only focus on teaching piano as a musical instrument but also focuses a lot on proper posture and finger movement! She is a well-rounded tutor!


Zein is a very dedicated teacher. She is professional and passionate about music, which show clearly during her sessions. My 7 year old daughter loves when Zein shares information about music and piano as an instrument. Her teaching style is simple and clear, especially for kids. We started the lessons more than a year a ago, when my daughter was almost 6, which is relatively a young age for piano. It was challenging at first, however the progress, commitment and the passion my daughter has for piano today is simply because of Zein.

Geoff Dickinson

Zein is an excellent tutor. She is a very talented pianist with tremendous musical knowledge. She helped my son who is studying Music at University with both piano and Music theory. Zein is very patient, explains things really well, and inspires her students. We are so happy we found Zein and are delighted to recommend her. My son will definitely want to work with Zein again in the future during holiday breaks from University. Zein definitely helped my son with his degree skills and he will return to University as a stronger and more advanced student.

Andreea Badulescu

Ms Zein is a very dear person to our hearts. There are two years already since she is working with my two children (13 years old daughter and 10 years old son) helping them improve their piano knowledge. In all this time, she showed dedication to her work, patience and care, and a special warmth that allowed her to build a relationship of trust with the kids. If you are searching for a devoted and competent teacher for your child, then I am strongly recommending Ms. Zein.

Mohamed Mansoury

Adapting the class to the skill and the type of student she had. Switching between different exercise methods to work on weaknesses.

Rashed Alnuaimi

The ease of instruction and communication. The level of comfort I felt being taught by her.

Kate Hendrick

Zein is an extremely professional and friendly tutor. My son had never played the piano before and from his first lesson with Zein he felt encouraged, enthusiastic and thoroughly enjoyed it. We are very thankful to Zein for making his piano experience fun, engaging and challenging when it needs to be. Our son has progressed extremely well and continues to enjoy his piano playing.


Zein is a wonderfully encouraging piano teacher for my nine-year-old daughter who has recently taken her Trinity Grade 1 exam. She is patient, considerate and nurturing and my daughter has certainly gained in confidence since switching from a different piano teacher.


Zein is an excellent teacher. She is patient and nice with children and always finds a way to connect with them even with the hardest kind of them. She taught my 3 children whom one of them is a special needs child and with Zein courses she bloomed and even performed in a concert which was organized by the incredible Zein. Thank you Zein for every thing.

Ashley Yang

Zein is a wonderful piano teacher and has great patience for students with all age groups. She is strict with the curriculum and always encourage her students to reach their potential. All my three kids love her!


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