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Anim (UAT 26129)

Female, 31 Years / (UAT 26129)

12 Years of Teaching Experience

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O Level, A Level, ACCA, MBA
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O Level, A Level, ACCA, MBA

I have been giving tuitions since past12 years. I have taught classes from Grade 1 to Igcse and A'Levels, special attention is given to English reading and writing skills, Mathematics skills, organisational skills and test preparation.

I Can Manage Both

My approach to tutoring is that I tailor my tuition to the needs of the student. I aim to conduct my lessons in support of the progression of my students through their subject syllabus, but I am also willing to progress more slowly and focus on particularly week areas if the student so desires. I will also offer pre-exam revision sessions for all exams including modular resits and conduct end of topic tests and mock exams for the students.  I am happy to meet the parents or guardians of my students prior to the commencement of tuitions in order to ascertain what they wish their child to gain from tuition. I also prefer to meet the parents/guardians regularly during the tuition period to discuss their child's progress.

Fees (AED)
Fees (AED)h:
British & American Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level / AP)


Business Studies, Economics, English language, Mathematics
Exam Preparation
Exam Preparation:
High School
High School:
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Sociology



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Written by: Anim Jasper John

Aliya Mahmoud

Over 85% in both Maths and Economics thanks a ton Anim. Anim taught me both the subjects. I have always struggled with but her explanations are so good and the way she breaks down difficult areas is just unbelievable even my school noticed the change in me. She is very patient and knows how to make it easy for the student. Very highly recommended.

Suzan Bharti

I couldn't be happier with the support Anim has provided in Math and Science for both my children. Her ability to adapt to their learning style and pace has been instrumental in their progress. Anim make seemingly difficult topics feel manageable, breaking them down into simple steps. Her patient and encouraging approach fosters a positive learning environment. Thanks to her guidance, I've seen significant improvement in my children’s skills and confidence in both subjects. A fantastic tutor who truly cares about her students' success."

Jay Carl

An exceptional tutor who possesses an in-depth understanding at both IGCSE and A-level. Her ability to break down complex concepts into understandable terms, coupled with their engaging teaching style, truly enhances students' comprehension and performance. With her guidance, I was not only well-prepared for exams but also gain a deeper appreciation for the subjects. Due to her support and dedication I was able to score three “A*” in IGCSE last year and an A in psychology and sociology AS level.

Nora Al Suwaidi

Ms. Anim is an exceptional math and physics tutor. Her teaching style, knowledge, and communication skills are exemplary. She goes above and beyond to ensure students grasp challenging concepts and provides support whenever needed. I would highly recommend Ms. Anim to anyone seeking a dedicated and inspiring math and physics teacher. Thank you, Ms. Anim, for your commitment to our education and for making math and physics an enjoyable journey of discovery.

Julianna Dean

Anim worked with my daughter Julianna for a couple of of months (twice a week) to help her with her biology class, specifically focusing on prep for the exam. She really enjoyed her teaching style and told me that Anim was really good at explaining the concepts to her. She even looked forward to the sessions because she felt like she learned so much. She was super organized and really efficient at teaching and reviewing the material with my daughter. Anim always provided a very detailed summary of the material covered (which was a lot) at the end of every lesson and was super responsive and accommodating when scheduling sessions despite the two hour time zone difference. The best news was we found out my daughter scored an A* bio exam. This was amazing given she wasn't feeling confident about the material prior to getting tutoring from Anim. Highly recommended!! You will not find a better Biology tutor.

Adam Squirra

Physics used to be my least favourite subject and in year 12 I got a D in my exams. The only way I had passed my GCSE’s was from memorising facts rather than understanding them. Now at the end of year 13 (having achieved A*’s in physics, chemistry and biology) physics is my favourite subject. This is because Anim helped me understand physics, meaning I wasn’t just memorising physics laws, I understood them and could therefore apply them to any question asked. She did this through clear diagrams, examples and analogies that were impossible to forget so stuck with me during exams. Understanding physics made it exciting as Anim would tell you how the things you learn about apply to the real world making physics come alive.

Khadija Ahmed

I think that Ms. Anim has helped me a lot, particularly in GED Mathematics and English. Through her lessons and her best teaching methodology, My Math has improved. She gave different activities, which not only made the lesson interesting but also made it easy for me to understand the problems well. She not only encouraged me on every step but made me confident through her lessons. She is indeed a good teacher and a good guide too.

Amna Al Owais

Personalized teaching style, adaptive and very helpful.


My 17 year old son loved his lesson with Anim and we have immediately booked weekly lessons for the whole term. He finds her stimulating, fun and a great teacher. From my point of view I wanted to find a qualified teacher with real experience of teaching maths and science to my son’s age group and slightly older children too who could encourage him to develop his math skills even further. In Anim I think we have found exactly the right person - and my son is delighted because she knows how to make studies exciting.


Very clear with explanations, helps me with concepts which I don't understand and teaches it briefly. Helped me to got an A in Business of IGCSE.

Raza Ali Sardar

I have received all A's in the subjects Economics, Business, Sociology and Travel & Tourism under her tuition. Highly recommended if you wish to study any of those subjects and has good inside knowledge about the educational system especially IGCSE.

Syeda Noor

I was taught EMSAT MATHS/ENGLISH by Ms Anim and I have no qualms in saying that, I owe all my success and progress to her. She is a gem of a tutor with a gracefeul and awe-inspiring personality. Most importantly she treats you like her own child and goes an extra mile to assure the best results for her students.

Hina Haider

Anim helped my daughter with A Level Sociology and Business Studies. My daughter’s main weakness was summarising her knowledge in order to be able to apply it when answering exam questions. Anim's understanding of the syllabus and what the examiners are looking for is particularly helpful. My daughter says that the exam question practice and feedback she received on this from Anim was excellent. She is now studying at University of Bristol having achieved an A in both subjects. So frankly, Anim's tutoring was very successful.


I must say the results and knowledge as well as experience I’ve gained is outstanding. Honestly words cannot express how much of an amazing teacher she is! The experience and fun of the learning process in which she teaches is absolutely phenomenal and so easy to understand! All of which led to myself achieving 3 A’s in my IGCSE exams! I would highly recommend to other students to join as well!


She explains concepts very well and makes it easy to understand. She a great a teacher.


She’s an amazing tutor. She taught me many things that I haven’t learned in school. She helped me to improve my English. She's been teaching me for 5 years and she has also helped me throughout the year with my exams and I have seen that my grades have improved a lot and I wish to continue with her through out my college year and more she is the most amazing tutor i have ever had.

Sarah Alkous

Everything is well there. Really good teacher.


My child has improved ever since Miss Anim started teaching him. She understood what my child needed. He made excellent and quick progress working with her.


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