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Jana (UAT 28129)

Female, 34 Years Pro / (UAT 28129)

12 Years of Teaching Experience

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Jumeirah Village (JVC)
Ph.D. & MBA
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Ph.D. & MBA
12 years of experience in teaching and tutoring: - Arabic, English, Maths, Business Studies
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English, Arabic
High School
High School:
Maths, English, Business Studies, Arabic
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College Level:
English as a second language, Education, Business, Arabic


Jumeirah Village (JVC)

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Note Written by: Jana Bou Reslan

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Written by: Jana Bou Reslan

Aida Younis

Jana Bou Reslan is an enthusiastic tutor whose knowledgeable about different fields, not only presentation skills. Even though her domain is not similar to mine, she managed to update and familiarize herself with her students’ field of study. She is very meticulous in her tutoring sessions and pays attention to every single details such as posture, choice of words, and organization of ideas. As soon as we started the sessions, she was able to improve my weaknesses while investing in my strengths. Due to her sessions, I have been able to succeed in all my presentations, recognizing that I used to be quite shy while speaking in public. I have been compared to a helicopter by an expert in a conference as I am able to control not only what I have to say but also the audience such as expecting what they may ask or say due to their body language or facial expressions. In conclusion, Jana Bou Reslan has been a professional, committed and motivating tutor that I recommend to anyone who is in need of public speaking skills development. I owe her a big thank you for what I became!


Jana has been working with my daughters, year 5 and year 3 for 10 months and we are extremely happy with her services. We moved to Dubai from Australia in Jan 2018 which resulted in my daughters missing the first term of their respective years. Jana has effectively managed to cover all gaps in the curriculum they missed for Maths. Both daughters have now successfully caught up in their learning and are achieving good results. Jana is wonderful with the children. Her teaching approach is fun but professional. She is very organized and reliable. My daughters love her and look forward to their lesson each week.

Majida Shokr

I’ve been hesitant to hire an Arabic tutor for my 8 year old son since he doesn’t like the Arabic language and shows no interest to know it. When we contacted Jana I was worried that he would not accept having the class or that he will be complaining about it afterwards cause he has a problem with long-term commitment and gets bored. I was really Impressed with Jana’s first approach towards him. During the trial class she talk to him calmly and tried to get to know him a bit. She engaged in a conversation where she got him to speak out about his feelings, likes and dislikes. It was very smooth. During classes, she introduces learning through games which made the class more interactive and interesting for my son. I like that Jana always comes up with new games and ideas for each class so it doesn’t get boring. My son’s favorite activity is to provide answers to problem-solving questions through the use of puppets that she provides. Jana not only focuses on his academic level but also analyzes his attitudes and responses depending on the situation and offers solutions. As for communication, Jana is very open to suggestions and she is a good listener. She always tries to maximize the learning experience by exploring different perspectives. She understands the kid’s needs and advice on ways to improve any weaknesses that might be shown on the way. It’s been very helpful having Jana around. She’s is someone I can trust to help us continue improving my son’s academic performance. Thank you Jana!

Nia Patricia

Upon first contact she seemed calm confident and not pushy to begin classes. I had required an Arabic tutor for my primarily English speaking daughter. Ms. Jana has become an extension of our family and weekly dynamic. I can not say enough about what a great mentor she is to my daughter but above all how much growth I have seen in my daughters reading, writing and pronunciation in the last year since we have started working with her. She is a warm and loving teacher. Patient, creative and effective in her methods. We are truly lucky to have found her.


Teaching for Jana is way much more than a job; it's a passion and an art. The level of detail and the attention she pays to all aspects of her sessions is unparalleled. She provides materials (audio, video, text, learning aid), plans different activities for each session and implements role playing scenarios that replicate real life situations. Jana's sessions are fun and engaging that you would be forgiven if you thought this was an informal social gathering rather than an educational program. Jana doesn't just address the academic side of learning -- she pays a lot of attention to communication and interpersonal skills as she is also an expert in public speaking. Jana truly cares about her students and will go the extra mile in offering her personal input and advice. I will never forget how much support she gave me when I needed. I hope many more others would get the chance to work with her.

Pooja Shahani

Dr. Jana Bou Reslan has been working with my son since last year and I have seen an amazing improvement in the areas that he was weak. Although overall he is a bright child but she has helped to push him to achieve remarkable results in the past year. She is very professional, resourceful and dedicated in all that she does. She tailored the sessions to what he needs and finds fun and interesting ways to get his attention to make the classes exciting for him. She goes beyond a normal tutor by encouraging the parents to do things that would help the child. For Example my son is very interested in science and space and she encouraged me to buy magazines & books related to science and space that would further enlighten him. I had some Montessori equipments at home and she was more than glad to use it and help to teach him thru this method as well which is rare to find in tutors. Whenever needed she has made herself available for extra classes. Recently she encouraged us for him to take an IQ exam as she believes he is a gifted child and all this would not have been possible without her help and professionalism. I would highly recommend her as a tutor as I have had a few before but she is by far the best that I have had for my child.

Natalie Abdelmaksoud

Jana is an extremely intelligent and organized tutor that will always make sure you, you understand whatever is needed. Jana is a very responsible person and probably the best tutor you could ever find. As a student, I can admit that after studying with Jana I have progressed so much in my work ethic. I 100% recommend her to whoever is looking for an amazing tutor.


She was very sweet and caring and always worked at the pace I could keep up with. She always made sure that the times would suit me and always could come last minute.


She is a very good tutor, she will always make sure you understand each topic clearly, and she truly cares about the students progress.

Galina White

Dr. Jana helped my daughter achieve an 89/100 on Math by the end of Grade 9. My daughters progress shot up and Im so happy to see her self-confidence increase, to go up to Grade 10. Her method of teaching is supportive and it works. Thank you.


I really liked her wonderful approach towards teaching.

Karina Martínez Arreola

Jana makes you feel comfortable and guided all the time. She uses questions and materials to facilitate learning. She's very professional.


We are a foreigner from South Korea, and we have been in Dubai for three months. My children and Jana are currently processing classes. My children are comfortable with Jana and they are comfortable with the classes. I think she is professionalist and tries to methodically organize classes. It is also passionate and modest. With Jana's help, our children adjust to a lot of foreign life and improve their English skills. I am always grateful to Jana, and I will continue to process classes.

Rania Akkari

Jana is Professional, Organized, respectful of time. Can tailor her teaching method to fit what is needed for the learner. She makes the class session joyful and the kids love her.

Mina Sarwat Lamie Kamel

She is very professional, resourceful, dedicated and able to tailor the tuition based on your actual level and needs. She helped me to achieve remarkable results in Ielts exam in a very short time-span. Highly recommended !

Amna Qureshi

She is very good at explaining concepts and language. She also is great at tailoring the sessions to the needs of the student, instead of just taking a one size fits all approach. Jana is very knowledgeable and you can tell she genuinely understands what she is teaching. She is organised, prompt and great at staying in touch. Highly recommend!


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