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Doctor of Philosophy: Applied Mathematics, National University of Malaysia (UKM) in 2008. Master of Science: Mathematics, National University of Malaysia (UKM) in 2005. Bachelor of Science: Mathematics, Faculty of Arts and Science, Al al-Bayt University,
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Doctor of Philosophy: Applied Mathematics, National University of Malaysia (UKM) in 2008. Master of Science: Mathematics, National University of Malaysia (UKM) in 2005. Bachelor of Science: Mathematics, Faculty of Arts and Science, Al al-Bayt University,

Institution name : Higher Colleges of Technology Location of work : UAE, Abu Dhabi Position : Lecturer  

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Math is fun. Math is useful. Math is cool. Math is interesting. Most people would disagree with those statements, but I believe that one of my roles as a math professor is to change those misconceptions. My aim is for students to understand the conceptual meaning and importance of what they learn, and realize the relevance of course material, applying it to their careers and everyday life. I have been teaching mathematics for seven years, first as Math Instructor at National University of Malaysia (UKM), then as Math assistant professor at Philadelphia University (Jordan), Qassim University (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), UAE Naval College (UAE), and now at Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) (Abu Dhabi). I taught  more than 14 different courses namely Calculus, Linear algebra, Numerical analysis, Differential equation, Mathematics for naval science, Mathematics for computing, Discrete structures, Probability and Statistics, Computer applications, Advance programming language (Java). In each of my teaching experiences, I strive to convey my enthusiasm on the subject, articulate the material, and probe the connections between the new concepts and the student's experiences and background knowledge.   The goal of enlightening students to the beauty of mathematics is intimately related to that of ensuring that they learn the material. As every student and teacher know, it is much easier to learn when the subject fascinates you. The most prevalent force keeping students from enjoying mathematics is a lack of understanding about the subject. Over the years I have had the luck to learn from some extremely talented teachers, and they all had one thing in common: they could explain concepts clearly and precisely, while at the same time engaging their students and creating excitement of the subject. It is this, above all else, that I strive to accomplish every time I teach. I always look forward to improve my ability in this respect, but here are some things I have found work very well.   First, I encourage an atmosphere in which mathematics is appreciated. In class and out, I never hide my own enthusiasm for the material. Additionally, by showing my students that I really do love teaching them this amazing stuff, it encourages them to seek my assistance outside of class if needed.   Second, I try to strike a balance between providing clear explanations and engaging the student to participate in the lesson. I encourage students to speak up in class, even to interrupt me with questions. When students claim to not have questions, I turn it around, and interrupt my own explanations with questions for them. Not only does this discussion style of lecture keep students active in the lesson (and awake), but it demonstrates the dynamic and lively nature of mathematics itself. I demonstrate that mathematics really is more than dry equations and calculation. I try to point out connections between new concepts, and once we have already learned.   Third, I make sure that students stay with the lesson and don't fall behind. I strive to always give the best explanations possible, but I realize that what seems easy and obvious to me, is not always as transparent to my students. Another advantage of the more open dialog lecture style I employ is that it is easy to notice when students get confused, and adjust explanations. Sometimes I encourage the students to also explain the material to each other. This is helpful for all the students involved, and is a pleasure for me when I discover a new way of thinking about a problem. When possible, I extend this exercise by assigning group work. This takes more time than lecturing, but is certainly worth it. When students teach each other the material, they master it themselves. Additionally, group work gives students an opportunity to do mathematics for themselves, in an environment where I can step in and help in case they get frustrated.   Finally, I do my best to keep students motivated throughout the semester. In part, this is done through assigned work. For homework, I assign problems which both provide practice and extend the concepts taught in lecture. The homework also gives students a chance to master techniques. Regular quizzes give students the chance to test themselves on the material when the stakes are low. Exams, serve as an opportunity for the students to review, and perhaps gain greater insight into, the material. After an assignment is turned in, I get it graded and back to the students as quickly as possible, and provide solutions and feedback as appropriate.   My hope is that through these various techniques, I can make the task of learning mathematics as easy and enjoyable for my students as possible. Who wouldn't enjoy solving a mystery? How could anyone not appreciate the raw power of the techniques mathematics affords us? Why wouldn't someone be astounded by the amazing connections between seemingly unrelated concepts? By making the material accessible through clear explanations and insightful examples.

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Al Shaleela, Al Bahia, Al Baraha, Al Raha Beach, Al Shahama, AlRaha Gardens, Khalifa Bin Zayed City, Khalifa City A, Khalifa City B

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