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Omar (UAT 38114)

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15 Years of Teaching Experience

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Abu Dhabi
Masters of Science and MPhil (Cambridge University, UK), PhD (UTS Australia)
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Masters of Science and MPhil (Cambridge University, UK), PhD (UTS Australia)

I am a Math and Physics tutor with over 15 years of experience in successfully tutoring students to achieve great success in their IGCSE, AS/A level, and IB exams. I hold a Master’s degree with Distinction from Cardiff University in the UK in Structural Engineering, and a PhD in Engineering from University of Technology, Sydney. I attended Cambridge University in the UK for two years as a research fellow and obtained a second masters there. I have a unique way of simplifying complex principles to my pupils which they have always found helpful. I have tutored hundreds of students, many of whom have improved from very low grades to achieving substantial success. I have been trained specifically in teaching math and science to small groups of students, and taught at Universities and Colleges in the UK, Jordan and UAE. I grew up in the United States, and have studied at the University level in the USA, UK and Australia. My English and Arabic are both impeccable. I have an 8.5/9 result in the IELTS Academic and 990/990 on the TOEIC exams. I am myself a graduate of the IGCSE/A level system in 1999 and took the SAT I and SAT II myself, and have been tutoring since then, therefore I am deeply knowledge in these curricula as well as IB, in which I have tutored dozens of students. 

I Can Manage Both

I adjust my teaching method to each student. I try to break difficult concepts down to smaller more manageable bites. I focus on teaching principals as well as preparing for exams through extensive utilisation of past papers, which I have access to through memberships in various websites such as Save My Exams. I usually utilise the past papers to assess student levels, then focus on problem areas with intensive problem solving, after which I return to the past papers in a loop until the student becomes very capable in solving exam type questions successfully. 

Fees (AED)
Fees (AED)h:
150-200 depending on grade and distance
British & International Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level / IGCSE)


Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics
High School
High School:
Economics, Maths, Physics, Science
Computer, English, Maths, Science


Abu Dhabi

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Syed Yashal Ahmed

I recommend Dr. Omar if you are looking for an exceptional educator. Dr. Omar is amazing for creating an environment where one wants to learn and enjoys to do so. It really is an interactive environment where one can grasp knowledge which is exactly needed to ace those board exams. I studied with Dr. Omar for a 6 months and he made me get 90%+ in my board exams. I highly recommend Dr. Omar and if their was an option higher than 5 stars I would put that instead

Najwa Imran

Very dedicated teacher. He taught my 3 boys since last 5 to 6 years. He gave them the idea how to study and utilise their time for each subject. Very humble teacher and motivate the boys in a very friendly way. His way of teaching is magical and students start progressing and start caring about their time n studies. I recommended him to those whose kids were struggling in school a lot and he made them a successful, thinable, hardworking boys/girls. 200% remmondattion to this teacher for secondary students as well as primary.


He is very passionate about Math and Physics that he converted my daughter from hating math to choosing math for her A-levels. She now does past papers for fun because she enjoys it. This, I call, is Magic :) He has ways of understanding the student and finding ways they would accommodate to listen. He is firm yet with a sense of humor and my daughter is very comfortable taking his class even for hours. I didn't want to review earlier because I was worried he would be too booked to find more time for us ;)


Experience in tutoring A-level students. Knowing the exact material I study in school.


Transformational tutor with great support and mentoring skills


Omar taught my IB HL mathematics. He went thoroughly through every topic that needed to be taught, and moreover simplified the topics which would be easily understood as the lessons progressed.


He helped me to be well prepared for my math and physics test. He used very useful techniques to help me solve hard problems in an easy way. Clear teaching and very helpful.

Bas Halling

Omar helped me with my mathematics, sport science, and physics throughout My (I)GCSE's and my IB over the past 4 years, and helped me achieve the grades I wanted and beyond throughout my tutoring time with him. He likes to get to know you more as a person to be able to relate the examples he is providing to the student's interests to help them understand it better, which was effective and helped me a lot. Furthermore, Omar makes sure you stay on top of your learning by giving you homework and revising the questions done in previous lessons for the student to be able to move forward in the subject. Omar is a very friendly, joyable, and knows where the student can improve the most. He provided me with multiple past paper questions closer towards the exams and therefore put the hard work to the test, and from there on see what can be improved more before your final exams.


I like how Mr Omar gives classes based on the students problem as for me I have trouble with theory, so before classes I would study only the theory side and wouldn’t have to stress on past papers because he would provide me with the past paper and would help me in class as I do the past paper which has helped me a lot. I also love the tips and tricks he gives me they help a lot and have saved me so much time during the exam.


Commitment, teaching very well. Thank you.

Hamsaa Patla

Omar was great. He was prepared with adequate material to teach and always on time. I would highly recommend him

Arjun Nair

Very helpful, understood my areas of difficulty and appropriately found methods of helping or solving the problems.


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