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Qualification: MBA (IQRA University)–2014 to 2018 B.Ed (University Of Karachi)-Under Process B.com (University Of Karachi)–2012 A.C.C.A (UK)– Finalists C.A.T (Certified Accounting Technician)–2010

I Can Manage Both

Sir Shahzaib’s teaching style is student-centered and highly interactive. He believes in the power of active learning and encourages his students to engage deeply with the material.

He employs a variety of teaching methods to cater to different learning styles. For visual learners, he uses diagrams and charts to explain complex concepts. For auditory learners, he explains concepts in detail and encourages discussions. For kinesthetic learners, he incorporates practical examples and real-world applications into his lessons.

In his SAT tutoring program, he provides personalized study plans, practice tests, and feedback sessions to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses. He guides students through each section of the SAT, providing them with strategies to tackle different types of questions effectively.

Sir Shahzaib’s ultimate goal is to not only teach his students but also to inspire them to become lifelong learners. His passion for teaching and his commitment to his students’ success set him apart as a tutor. With Sir Shahzaib, learning is not just about passing exams, but about truly understanding and appreciating the subject matter.

Topics Covered
Topics Covered:

Sir Shahzaib’s tutoring focuses on a wide range of topics in A-Level Accounting, Business, Economics, and the Math section of the SAT test.

In A-Level Accounting, he covers topics such as financial statements, budgeting, and cost accounting. He helps students understand the principles of accounting and how to apply them in various business contexts.

In A-Level Business, he covers topics such as business operations, marketing, human resource management, and strategic decision making. He helps students understand the dynamics of business and how different business functions interact with each other.

In A-Level Economics, he covers topics such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics, and economic theory. He helps students understand economic concepts and how they apply to real-world situations.

For the SAT Math section, he provides strategies, practice tests, and personalized feedback to help students maximize their scores. He covers all topics in the SAT Math section, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the exam.

Sir Shahzaib’s comprehensive coverage of these subjects ensures that students are well-prepared for their exams and have a deep understanding of the subject matter. His teaching goes beyond just exam preparation; he aims to instill a love for learning and a deep understanding of the subjects in his students. With Sir Shahzaib, students are not just prepared for their exams, but for their future academic and professional endeavors as well.

Fees (AED)
Fees (AED)h:
200 - 250 per hour
British & International Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level / IGCSE)


Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics
Exam Preparation
Exam Preparation:
Accounting, IGCSE/AS/AL, Maths, SAT
High School
High School:
Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, Maths



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Note Written by: Muhammad Arbab Shahzaib

Prepared by: Muhammad Arbab Shahzaib

Written by: Muhammad Arbab Shahzaib


Sir Shahzaib is an outstanding A-Level Economics tutor. His deep understanding of the subject and ability to simplify complex theories have greatly enhanced my learning experience. His lessons are engaging, interactive, and tailored to my learning pace. He provides comprehensive study materials and practice questions that reflect the A-Level exam style. His dedication, patience, and encouragement have boosted my confidence. I highly recommend Sir Shahzaib for a thorough understanding of A-Level Economics.


I had IAL business exam Unit 1 and Unit 2. I was very worried about my preparation as exams were very near and I did not know how to write answers accurately. Sir Arbab has unique style of teaching. He knows, how to write good responses using marking scheme and exam approach. He is very patient and like to help again and again. Thanks to Sir Arbab Shahzaib that I am able to score 98 UMS in business which was unbelievable for me.


Mr Shahzaib was extremely thorough when checking my past papers and giving me feedback. This helped me to improve answers to similar questions later on. He was also very patient when teaching me the content. I’ve been taking classes with him for the past three years now. I got an A* in IGCSE business and A in both my AS business papers. I’m expecting the same results for A2.

Honain Siddiqui

Excellent knowledge, skills and teaching ability. A truly committed professional who understands how to teach and pass difficult concepts on to students.


Sir Shahzaib is a very kind and coperative teacher. The best thing is his teaching methodolgy and knowledge about marking scheme and exam structure. I appeard in last Jan for Economics Edexel 9-1 and I was able to get 8/ A* score. I am very thankful.


I took Business studies, Economics, Accounting tuition from him. He explains well and clears all the doubts. He doesn’t rush when explaining and he makes everything easy and smooth. I highly recommend him.


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