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Azam (UAT 41398)

Female, 39 Years / (UAT 41398)

14 Years of Teaching Experience

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Ajman And Sharjah
PhD of Physics
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PhD of Physics

Professionaly, I have some work experience in both teaching and research. For the past 6 years I have served in the post of assistant professor at K. N. Toosi University of Technology. As detailed in my curriculum vitae, during this time and even before that, I have been committed to the undergraduate and graduate teaching of a broad range of subjects. I consider it as my greatest fulfillment to date and confidence reinforcement, the enthusiastic reception from my students - as reflected in their responses - of my efforts to apply the most progressive methods in teaching physics and enhance their learning. On the basis of student evaluations, I have received the Outstanding Teacher Award from the Dean of Education in the K. N. Toosi University of Technology. I did my best efforts to apply the most progressive methods in teaching Physics and Mathematics in Physics and enhance their learning. In addition, I worked in the University of Hamburg as a Visiting Researcher from October 2016 to October 2017. Furthermore, I have 1 year experience as an adjunct Professor in Islamic Azad University and 4 years experience as an RA and TA and teaching general Physics 1 and 2 and Lab as a PhD student. I have taught as a private tutor for 14 years to students from high school to Master students in the University. I can teach Physics for IB diploma as well as standard physics for all hisgh school systems.

I Can Manage Both

My interest in teaching and research stems not just from my commitment to the education and science, but also from my desire to enrich the lives of my students. I always have a general plan for each course and all the needed subjects. I always start with evaluating the level of knowledge of the student and then based on the obtained result, I will have one or some review sessions to teach relevant Mathematical or Physical topics. I use the up-to-date reference books and most progressive methods in teaching Physics and Mathematics in Physics to enhance students' learning. In addition, not only I will teach the student how to challenge with their courses and exercises analytically and fundamentally, but also I will teach them how to use some Mathematical computer packages to solve their equations and get the analytical or numerical results and plot them. I will take some exams and prepare them to their final exams.

Fees (AED)
Fees (AED)h:
100 AED for high school and 150 AED for University students


College Level
College Level:
Mathematics, Physics
High School
High School:
Maths, Physics
IT Training
IT Training:
Linux, UNIX, MS Office, Others


Ajman And Sharjah

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Highly knowledgeable, commitment and enthusiastic.


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