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Master's Degree in Spanish-English language. Linguistics.
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Master's Degree in Spanish-English language. Linguistics.
Qualified-Expert Spanish native teacher. Master's Degree in Spanish-English. Linguistics.15 years of experience online ,at top schools in Uk ,Spain. My students usually get 8-9 (A* ) in their GCSE, A Level- University Spanish exams. I also help students to prepare their trips to Spain ,South America. They can speak Spanish with confidence and properly, with a good accent ,travel and enjoy the sun in just few weeks. Learn Spanish easily and fast! Try a lesson and see how I work.
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TUTORING APPROACH My method is easy, direct, creative and fast focused on conversation, daily-life dialogues, vocabulary and grammar-( how to create sentences to be able to speak properly with confidence in a short time) (Speaking, listening, comprehension ,repetition, reading and translation). Every language is logic and as babies, the mechanism is to repeat sentences to understand them and memorize them . We can start speaking quick and without mistakes, once we understand the structure of the sentence: -verb tenses, how to create sentences, vocabulary, in writing and speaking , oral, listening and repetition-, in a funny way so the students ,enjoy learning the language and at the same time they learn it faster. Professional service, good results at competitive rates. Learn Spanish easily and fast! Try a lesson and see how I work. TESTIMONIALS Testimonial 1 Ananda helped my son to prepare his GCSE Spanish exam in little time with professionalism and enthusiasm. My son is studying at Millfield school and Sam was really motivated to learn Spanish. Sam got A*, 8 and he is really glad! Ananda charges affordable rates and the results are amazing! Name: Annie Brown. Wells Testimonial 2 Wow, great method and lessons. I am impressed. My Spanish is so much better and I can travel this summer to Spain and speak with confidence. I am very glad with Ananda. Name: Lisa Harris. Bristol#/k# Testimonial 3 My wife and I have been learning Spanish for several months with Ananda and the results have been impressive. I can't believe that! She is so professional and good teacher. She helped us to prepare our trips to Spain and South America. Last summer we travelled to Spain with confidence and happiness. I am confident in my Spanish and I can communicate very easily. Thanks Ananda for your teaching and support! Name : Ian Campbell. Journalist, writer. Taunton Testimonial 4 After my first year at Durham university receiving a 2:1 I wanted to improve my Spanish for second year and found Ananda. I cannot recommend her services enough! She personalised the lessons to my specific needs, particularly focusing on oral practice which I found the most challenging (scoring 66% in my first year). She not only improved my level of Spanish, but also increased my confidence with the language. Thanks to all her help and expertise I got a 1st in Spanish, scoring 74% in the oral exam and 75% in the written paper! Brittany. Durham University Testimonial 5 Ananda helped me to prepare my A-Level in Spanish and my Spanish improved a lot in a short time. I got a very good grade, A* and I really appreciate her help. She is very professional. Good quality at competitive rates. Highly recommended!! Name: Bill Shilcof. Head teacher, Bath Testimonial 6 Ananda helped me to prepare for an interview for a job in Buenos Aires, after I had not spoken Spanish for about three years. She was helpful, thorough and really careful to tailor the session to my individual needs and to the job. We prepared for all kinds of questions they might ask and all areas I might need to be capable of discussing. I felt confident going into the interview and I got the job! She is a fantastic Spanish tutor and definitely could not have done it without her. Thanks!! Name: Araminta. London Testimonial 7 I have been learning Spanish with Ananda and I found that my Spanish improved so fast in just 3 weeks , I could start talking easily with confidence and enjoying that. Try it!! Name : Susie Anderson. Glastonbury Testimonial 8 I have been learning Spanish with Ananda for 3 months and I learnt a lot, more I could believe. I got motivated to continue with my Spanish and I could learn easily and with confidence. She really helped me to reach my goals. I am really happy with her teachings and I recommend Ananda to everyone! Name : Peter Marshall. Bristol Testimonial 9 Ananda uses a great method to teach, one feel relaxed in the class and it is easy to learn very quick. I really appreciate her help and just what I can say is try a class, it is amazing! Name : Susan Morris Testimonial 10 Great lesson! So much fun and I learnt a lot. I will continue learning with her, I am very happy with my results! Name: Oliver Campbell. Bristol REFERENCE LETTER 1 Dear sir/madam, Ananda has taught two of my daughters and is an outstanding teacher. She helped my eldest daughter achieve an A* in her Edexcel GCSE Spanish and hopefully will do the same with my middle daughter. She has a lovely approach - very friendly, is easy to relate to and is thorough in her teaching. My middle daughter has already sat her IGCSE Spanish oral exam and said she felt very prepared by Ananda. I have asked Ananda to tutor me to A level and also my youngest daughter in a year. Without doubt I would recommend Ananda to any one wanting to get good results and having fun in the process. Kind regards, Sarah REFERENCE LETTER 2 Dear Sir/Madam, Ananda has been tutoring my 15 year old in AQUA GCSE Spanish and got the highest mark A** (9). My daughter is very proud and all the family really glad and grateful to Ananda. She is professional, flexible, creative and very pleasant. My daughter was looking forward to her lessons every week. Ananda has taken the time to find out my daughter’s interests and helped Annie to learn real Spanish language.. She has also taken time to talk to me as the parent to find out my goals for my daughter. I would recommend Ananda as a Spanish tutor to everyone! Kind regards Maria REFERENCE LETTER 3 To whom it may concern, We have worked with Ananda on a couple of occasions for 2 years and found her service to be very efficient. She understands the exam board requirements and works with our students to help them achieve the best results at both IGCSE and A Level. We all thank her very much for her help as she was ready and willing to step in at the last minute to assist with our final exam preparation. Best wishes Elizabeth #a#Page Head of Curriculum Synergy School. Tenerife#/a# *It must be read before starting the tuition service. TERMS and CONDITIONS Tutoring contract. **Pls, notice that sessions cancelled after 24 hours will be charged I am afraid. • The first lesson will be fully charged and sessions will be paid in advance. (In special occasions can be paid right after every session). Monthly-block payments are also acceptable paid in advance. •Late payments can incur extra charges and the end of the tutoring service. Pls, notice that starting the tuition service means that you agree entirely with these Terms and Conditions of the Tutoring contract and it must be followed as it states so any misunderstandings, failure to it ,will be sole responsibility of the client that accepts these terms.
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English, Spanish
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Eterna Fuente

Ananda is an excellent teacher. I learnt a lot with her and now I am confident to travel to Spain on vacation. Also, Ananda helped my daughter with her IGCSE Spanish and she got the best grade, 9, A*. Her teachers were impressed with her great results. Highly recommended!


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