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Nikita (UAT 79443)

Male, 30 Years Pro / (UAT 79443)

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Dubai Marina
Guitar player, guitar teacher (banchelor's degree)
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Guitar player, guitar teacher (banchelor's degree)

I am a professional guitarist and certified guitar and ukulele teacher with 15 years of performing experience and 6 years of teaching experience. I have an extensive experience in teaching classical, acoustic guitar and ukulele. In the previous work places my students constantly participated in concerts and international competitions, some of them became laureates. 

I Can Manage Both

I get along with kids and adult students great, using an individual approach in education: I first identify the strengths of the student, his tastes and needs, as well as goals in music. Then I build a personal curriculum that takes all aspects into account. This approach proved to be extremely effective, as in this case the perfect balance between motivation and learning effectiveness is achieved. So, step by step, we achieve our goals, but usually for the student it only opens new horizons

Fees (AED)
Fees (AED)h:
150 AED at my place; 250-350 AED at student's place - depends on the distance from my place to yours


Guitar, Instrumental, Musical Arrangement, Ukulele

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Day off


Dubai Marina

Online Tutoring

Prior Online Tutoring Experience:
100 AED
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Tools Details:
Zoom, Skype

Note Written by: Nikita Bazhin

Prepared by: Nikita Bazhin

Written by: Nikita Bazhin

Jon Phare

He is fun and friendly, very patient and knows exactly how to pace progress. I am a complete beginner and was nervous I wouldn’t be able to learn at a good rate but he had me going quickly! Great tutor, highly recommend. !!


My daughter has been studying with Nikita for around a half year and that was not easy to find a right match for her in terms of guitar teacher. Nikita is just a right one! Very patient, consistent, understanding how to have a right approach to kids. We see a lot of progress in her playing and hope it will keeps developing! Now, we are working with Nikita towards giving her opportunity to play in public or with some other students from time to time so that she could get some acknowledgment of her performing skills!

Maik Hessmert

We couldn't be happier with our decision to have Nikita as our children's guitar teacher. His exceptional teaching skills, infectious enthusiasm, and constant smile have made a significant impact on our children's musical journey. We highly recommend him to anyone seeking an outstanding private guitar teacher.


Really recommend Nikita as guitar teacher – he always listen to you – asks your goals, your fav music, your preferences in guitar playing and so on. Also he is patient and always calm. Besides all this pluses Nikita make his own arrangements to any songs, so you can always learn how to play anything that you want! I doubt that you will be able to find anybody better for this price)

Ravi Kumar

I have been taking guitar music lessons from my respected teacher, Mr. Nikita Bazhin, in Dubai for a long time. He is such a gentle and friendly person when it comes to teaching guitar to students of any level. He has immense knowledge of guitar music in many different styles mainly western. He lets you understand everything about Guitar music so simply. Whoever wants to get into learning guitar very well, he is the best teacher.

Ayu Surya

I always enjoyed every classes because he is very friendly and patient. He has interesting way to teach so I can understand the lesson easily and always exited to come for the next lessons. He always explained everything in detail.

Chris Hammersley

I was given a guitar by my partner for valentines as it has always been my dream to learn. My partner found Nik and since the first lesson, I knew I had found my perfect guitar teacher. There are endless guitar tutorials online but I knew I needed a one-to-one teacher. Nik’s approach to teaching is very patient and empathetic and always tries to iron out any problems I am facing and always has a solution. His knowledge of teaching and ability to play the guitar is incredible and I am happy to recommend him to anyone.

Caineng Zhou

Very skilled and patient for his teaching, especially when facing naughty kids like my son.

Layli Shagulyamova

I was looking for guitar teacher for my 6 years old son for a long time and we changed different for the same. Only the teacher Nikita was able to find an approach to the child, interest him and be on the same wave with him. He is a great professional in his field and a very kind person. Highly recommended!


Very patient. I will definitely recommend to others.


Nik is a very good teacher. Always smiling and trying to find the best methods to teach you the material. He is very cooperative, and flexible. Not to mention that he is talented and will uplift your skills. Very much recommended.


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