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Fathima (UAT 9370)

Female / (UAT 9370)

12 Years of Teaching Experience

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Muhaisnah 4, Mirdiff, Mizhar, Qusais, Rashidiya, Jumeirah
Doctor of Education (University of Bath), Master of Education (Middlesex University), BSc in Business and Management (Northumbria University, UK), CIPD (UK)
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Doctor of Education (University of Bath), Master of Education (Middlesex University), BSc in Business and Management (Northumbria University, UK), CIPD (UK)
I have got over 12 years of experience in teaching IGCSE/GCE and GCSE Edexcel and Cambridge O/Level's and A/Level students for the subjects Business Studies, Accounting and Economics. I have experience in teaching University level for accountancy, economics and business management
I Can Manage Both
I will be responsible for training students to sit their exams including comprehensive coverage of the syllabus and extensive revision prior to the exams. Simple learning methods and techniques to approach past papers will also be covered. I have experience in teaching local students and students of many other nationalities too.   Furthermore, I undertake to assist students with assigments and essay writing for bachelors and masters level. Tuitions also conducted in residence in Muhaisnah 4.
Fees (AED)
Fees (AED)h:
British & American Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level / AP)


High School
High School:
Economics, Business Studies, Business Finance, Accounts
Finance, Economics, Business Studies, Accounting
Exam Preparation
Exam Preparation:


Muhaisnah 4, Mirdiff, Mizhar, Qusais, Rashidiya, Jumeirah

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Written by: Fathima Hashwani

Usaima Asim

She is a very friendly tutor. She has a clear understanding of what the students need and try to help them accordingly. She always motivate the students!


Ms Fathima is currently teaching me business to prepare for my igcses this summer. She has a good teaching approach as she helped me understand topics by simplifying the context and with good examples.

Shahab Khaled

Mrs Fathima has been teaching my daughter CIE IGCSE Business Studies. She is truly an experienced teacher and has excellent way of teaching the subject. She covers each topic in detail and with tips that help in an organised and effective writing. We could see improvement in my daughter's and expect lots to come as she continues to take lessons from Mrs Fathima.

Fatma Al Shamsi

She is a very good tutor. She is very good at explaining concepts.

Naureen Salim

Mrs Fathima is really good in explaining and I understand really well in class. She gives really good guidance and tells us exactly how to get our grades and she also gives past papers accordingly which really helps me understand the topic even more.


The main thing which I liked about Ms Fathima is that she explains each concept in a simple manner by providing real life examples. Another thing which I liked about her is that she gives various tricks to solve the Financial Accounting problems. For that, I got a high grade in my course.


She taught me Accounting in an easy manner. She was very qualified and made me understand the subject very well. She explains each concept in a simple way giving real life examples. She also provides tricks to solve the Financial Accounting problems. I got an 'A' in the subject. I recommend her strongly for anyone having trouble in understanding the basics of Accounting.


Ms. Fathima is a really amazing tutor. She helped me prepare for my Business Studies and Economics IGCSE's during the past 2/3 weeks. I had no sort of preparation before she came and the exams were very very close. I was a last minute student. I actually started studying some papers two and four days before the actual test, but she helped me get proper training with the limited time that I had. I was able to sit all the exams confidently, and I believe that I preformed amazing on the tests thanks to her teaching and support. she doesn't just teach the material, shes not just a teacher, she gives you academic support, as well as emotional support before the exam. she can identify your problem areas and weaknesses and then find a solution, like making short cut for something. she always explains any topics i have doubts on perfectly, and if i'm ever confused she repeats it or uses a different explanation/approach so that i can understand in the end. She is always punctual and never late to ANY of the lessons. She is very friendly, smart, and understanding ; she truly cares about her students. I've had a couple tutors for other subjects before, but none of them have been like Fathima. I recommend her to everyone who needs help with the subjects she teaches. She has excellent knowledge and understanding of them. She also taught one of my friends after I recommended her, and she was very pleased with the lesson.

Muhammad Aamir

Fatima is currently teaching my son Economics and Business Studies (BS) for IGCSE (O/L) during the past 6 months. In addition she is teaching my friend's son BS. Her art of teaching and getting the message across in a simpler form with lot of examples to the students is commendable. She carries a lot of experience teaching at well recognized schools. Based on my son's feedback and considering his improvement during this short period is excellent. He is enjoying learning the above subjects now, which was not the case prior to 6 months. Moreover, her punctuality and utilization of the time during the tuition period is excellent. I would highly recommend her to any parent who is looking for a dedicated teacher. Thank you, Saeed


Fathima is a very good tutor teacher for my daughter and clearly she explain the lesson which my daughter understand it very well


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