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M-08, Grand Outlet Building, Burdubai, Next To Burjuman Metr... More
Day to Day Center
English, Maths, Arabic, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemi... More
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Skillbloc Burdubai is a learning center specializing in hands on STEAM term courses, short-term workshops and camps to help parents foster their child但???? development and unlock their full potential. Our project based learning , batch size of 1:6 ratio along with qualified & skilled trainers makes us unique. Our vision is to inculcate the passion for STEM, Entrepreneurship & Art Courses and 但???building things with their own hands但??? among our students from an early age.

M-08, Grand Outlet Building, Burdubai, Next To Burjuman Metro Exit 1
Day to Day Center


World class infrastructure like waiting area, counselling room, every class room equipped with projector & proper cooling system, centrally located near Burjuman Metro station along with STEM.org accredited certification and the Curriculam Head is an IITan.

Segment & Subject Details

Exam Preparation
Exam Preparation:
Chemistry, IELTS, Maths, Physics
High School
High School:
Arabic, English, Maths, Physics
English, Maths
Arabic, Biology, Mathematics, Physics
STEM Classes
STEM Classes:
3D Printing, Coding & Programming, Robotics, Science Projects


  • Price:
    AED 1,000
  • Duration:
    10 Hour
  • Schedule:
    Monday to Thursday : 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM & Friday & Saturday : 10 AM to 6 PM
  • Segment:
    STEM Classes
  • Subject:
    Coding & Programming

Course details

This course is specially curated for young minds who are teased by the idea of coding! The student will learn easy and innovative ways to illustrate general concepts in computer science and programming. The course will lay the foundation for advanced computing skills. At the same time, the student will use these skills to create applications and software development specific to mobile devices. This unique course focuses on the design and function of a mobile device, giving a holistic understanding of the machine. Small batch size of the course ensures special attention given to each student. Students will be encouraged to use creativity as an important tool, to find solutions to each problem.

Notes Written by: Skillbloc Burdubai

Prepared by: Skillbloc Burdubai

Written by: Skillbloc Burdubai


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