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UAC 907

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  • Area: Abu Dhabi, Dubai
  • Address: Sas Al Nakhl, Abu Dhabi
  • Courses: English, French, History, Maths, English language, Geography... more

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Our approach is to deepen the lessons learned in the classroom and instill in the method to allow for long-term progression and self-confidence. To do this, we have selected a team of competent and experienced teachers, with personalized and effective pedagogical approaches.

Address : Sas Al Nakhl, Abu Dhabi


Expatriation can be a real challenge for you, but also for your child. By offering personalized support to learning, you put all chances of success within reach.

My First Tutor accompanies each student on their own success by revealing their potential and transmitting a taste for learning.

My First Tutor is the key to a successful schooling in expatriation.



Segment & Subject Details

Academic EnrichmentLanguage, Mental Maths, Personality Development
Exam PreparationDELF Exam, TOEFL, TOEIC
High SchoolBiology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics
PrimaryEnglish, French, History, Maths
SecondaryEnglish language, Geography, Mathematics, Physics

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Course details

My First Tutor teams make all necessary efforts to:

  • Arise students’ interest in an encouraging way.
  • Illustrate the importance of studying with tangible examples of situation.
  • Develop customized techniques to stimulate memory.
  • Learn how to be organized and follow their schedule combining work and rest.

Course details

My First Tutor focuses on:

  • Organization and time management to find the proper balance between their breaks and studies,
  • Memorization and efficiency techniques,
  • A decrease of accumulated delays, that enable restoring self-esteem and taste of learning of difficult subjects.

Course details

My First Tutor solutions focus on:

  • Organization: the objective is to work efficiently and regularly to avoid catching up at the last minute of knowledge assimilated and thus calmly apprehend the arrival of the tests of the Baccalauréat,
  • Developing a revision routine to ensure a healthy balance between their teen life and school responsibilities,
  • Discipline: It is only through discipline and a good working method that we can avoid or reduce the accumulation of delays. When you are at level, self-confidence and motivation also come back.


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