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901 Redisons Blue Business Bay, Dubai, Uae
Guitar, Music Theory, Piano, Singing
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National Music Academy offers holistic artist development programs providing training & mentoring to foster musicians of all ages.

901 Redisons Blue Business Bay, Dubai, Uae


  • Professional trainers.
  • Customised training.
  • Personalised approach.

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Guitar, Music Theory, Piano, Singing

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Lessons are customised to suit the individual needs of each person. In addition to regularly scheduled music classes, students aged 5 and older interested in Guitar lessons can take group lessons offered at Ocean Kids through the Instrumental Program. Any child can be enrolled into the Program regardless of child’s background or ability. At present we offer keyboard and guitar theory and practical lessons. Our music teachers are passionate performing artists with extensive experience in their specific disciplines.

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Our experienced teachers are here to teach all aspects of Drumming, from technique, learning to read rhythm, performance, theory and playing through various styles including Rock, Jazz, Blues, Metal, Pop, Country, Classical, Samba, Bossa-nova, Electro, top40, house, tech, tribal, dubstep, hip-hop/ R’n’B, glitch, drum & bass, breaks and everything in between!

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Our lessons are inspiring, fun, have incredible content and our customised and focussed lessons assist students in progressing faster. We incorporate a balance of playing, reading, theory, technique and improvisation into our lessons.

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We do not believe in a pre-formulated teaching program as every person is different, learns at a different pace, has different goals and responds differently to teaching styles. Music is such a source of enjoyment in people’s lives and we certainly work towards making your lesson just as enjoyable and inspiring.

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