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Female Pro

18 Years of Teaching Experience

(48 Reviews)




I am post qualified and experienced teacher from O Level to BBA, MBA, ACMA and SAT to coach Mathematics, Accounting and Finance. I have 18 years of teaching experience.

Tutoring Approach

I focus on basic concepts and practicing past papers.



Miss Sadiq is amazing! She is dedicated, committed, and has a remarkable ability to simplify complex concepts. Her patience and support has boosted my confidence and motivation. With her exceptional teaching skills, the sessions have become enjoyable and enriching. I highly recommend her as a knowledgeable and supportive tutor.

Umair Fattah

Ms. Sadia is an amazing teacher who has truly made a difference in my academic life. Their passion for teaching and dedication to their students is evident in the way they go above and beyond to help us understand complex concepts. Thanks to their guidance and support, I have been able to improve my grades in maths and achieve an A grade in a-levels. I would highly recommend Ms. Sadia to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, caring, and inspiring teacher.


Ms. Sadia is an amazing teacher who has truly made a difference in my academic life. Their passion for teaching and dedication to their students is evident in the way they go above and beyond to help us understand complex concepts. Thanks to their guidance and support, I have been able to improve my grades in maths and achieve an A grade in a-levels. I would highly recommend Ms. Sadia to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, caring, and inspiring teacher.


I am incredibly grateful to have had Miss Sadia as my A-Level maths teacher. Her exceptional teaching skills and unwavering dedication helped me understand and excel in the subject. With her clear explanations, extra resources, and exam strategies, I gained a deep understanding and aced my exams. Miss Sadia's passion for maths and her supportive approach make her an outstanding educator. I am truly thankful for her transformative impact on my academic journey.

Hamza Fattah

Sure, here's a sample essay: Miss Sadia is one of the most dedicated and inspiring educators I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. From the very first day, I could tell that she is passionate about teaching and truly cared about their students. she has a unique ability to make even the most complex topics seem simple and easy to understand. What I appreciate most about miss Sadia is that they go above and beyond to help her students succeed.She is always available to answer questions and provide extra support when needed.She has helped me improve my grades and my confidence in my abilities. One of the things that makes miss Sadia stand out is their ability to make learning fun and engaging. she use a variety of teaching methods to keep the lessons interesting and enjoyable.

Khadeeja Jamil

Ms. Sadia has been teaching me Maths for almost 3 years now. She has guided me all throughout my IGCSE and A level journey. Her expertise in teaching have allowed me to be more competent and confident during stressful exam seasons. I can wholeheartedly say that she is most dedicated and patient and I would highly recommend her as a tutor.

Ahmed Amir

She is an extremely dedicated teacher who helped me drastically improve my grades in accounting and math. She always makes sure I understood everything and was very patient even when I made basic mistakes and asked a lot of questions. I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in learning accounting and/or math.


Her patience and the way she’s ready to help me solve any problem at any time.


Her dedication to bringing out the best in a Student. She also has the ability to adapt her teaching style to suit the needs of her student.

Rayyan Khan

She’s a teacher who everyone needs in order to bring a positive change in their lives. Her outstanding mathematical skills led me to reach my target in Math. She treats her students equally and gives each the time they require


Sadia is amazing maths teacher. She helped my daughter who was very weak in maths to attain an amazing grade in her IGCSE within a short span of time of tutoring.


Ms. Sadia is an amazing personality, she is polite, hard working and the way she explains to help her student shows her command over the subject she is teaching. My daughter was in need of Math support and she never easily accepts a tutor, but after having first session with Ms. Sadia she was happy and willing to continue. She got good marks in her finals because of Ms. Sadia's tuition support.


Learning with her was fun, she never made studies boring because of her teaching methods. She is really helpful even when I'm at home and I don’t understand something. She’s always there to help me.


A fantastic teacher with remarkable experience and style of teaching. She really helped me to improve my IGCSE Mathematics grade within a span of 6 months and put a lot of effort in providing personalized past paper booklets and a great amount of patience. Glad to have her as my tutor :)

Kazim Hasnain

She cleared all of my doubts with amazing explanations and made me pass my grade with flying colors.


Miss Sadia has a very efficient way of teaching. Her guidance helped me during my exams and she is a very reliable person and trustworthy. While I was in school, miss taught me for 3.5 months working hard and helping me improve my grade. My grades improved tremendously from E(Fail) to a high B.

Sayed Moussa

Morals are a great feature, and you are a great person. I am a parent of a student who has had experience with teacher Sadia. She was the only and sincere reason that God sent us from heaven to elevate my daughter to the degrees of success and distinction in high school. And that was in a short time before the exams. My daughter succeeded in high school. We have all thanks, respect and appreciation for your sincerity and dedication to your work. Thank you very much for all what you did to My Daughter. I really appreciated her teaching method.


She is very welcoming and she’s easy to communicate with. I liked that her way of teaching was so easy for me to understand.


She is a professional teacher who enjoys her work and gives lot of encouragement to the children.

Hafsa Faisal

An extremely dedicated, experienced and resourceful teacher.

Ali Tahir

She is very flexible with the timings. Never really have to worry about the time before asking any sorts of questions.

Feryal Osama

The fact that she made sure I understood everything she taught me, the extensive revision on every single topic and subtopic until it was almost too easy and how kind and willing she was to teach me all there is know about math to guarantee the highest grade possible for my level.

Mona Samy

Very dedicated, friendly, very generous with her knowledge and could direct me to the right resources. When I started with Ms Sadia 2 years ago I was attaining grade U in my mocks and with her help, I managed to improve from U to C. I secured a grade C even with the very low results of this year. I couldn’t have done it without her.


Her dedication to getting the best out of her students is commendable.

Nathan Dhar

She is a fantastic teacher that is very committed to teaching her students. I personally was a 40% in maths struggling to get a high grade however Mrs. Sadia really took the time and had a lot of patience when it came to teaching me. Trust me when I say that if she can teach someone like me and help me get 81% then she can help anybody. I am truly grateful to have found an amazing teacher like Sadia.


Sadia Maam is an amazing tutor. I had to give my A level accounts paper, and had only a month to prepare, and I had no prior knowledge or experience. I took three weeks tuition from her, and she explained the Accounts and A level course from the beginning. She was very patient and helped me a lot, with different exercises. My grade came out as B, which was amazing because I only prepared for a month I owe it all to her, she was the perfect teacher.


She is very comfortable to study with and easy to understand. Before I reached out to her I was struggling to understand the subject. Now I've had two A’s in the subject and I'm more confident with my work.

Pervez Akhtar

Competency, Discipline and personal attention to each students.


I have improved a lot since starting tuition with her. I feel much more confident when solving my maths papers and understand all the topics now. My average results have increased from 30% to 80% since starting tuition with Miss Sadia.


I had to attend a "A" level accounts exam and I had only three weeks to prepare for it. Sadia Maam helped me a lot to understand all the concepts and after her tuition, I felt very confident to attend the paper and was extremely satisfied with the tuition.

Hamza Mansour

The way she is able to efficiently explain concepts and help me understand them.

Sara Khan

Ms Sadia has helped me a lot within the past few months. My grades have been improving and she is very cooperative and it just helps.

Hamza Shirazy

Miss Sadia is undoubtably the most hardworking, positive and helpful teacher I have met. Her teaching methods are really easy to understand and she makes sure she has the time for every student and makes sure they pass with flying colors. I am really happy to have her as my teacher.


She had taught me a whole accounting course of 5 months in just 2 weeks. In about 5 classes, I learned how to do costing and budgeting efficiently, and did extremely well on my exam whereas before I didn’t understand anything. She’s very helpful and will go over all past paper questions with you - which is what helped me learn.


I really appreciate the amount of effort and care she puts into every child's education and also that she is cooperative.


Her determination and hardworking nature. Ms.Sadia sat with me during her non-working hours, for more than 5 hours if i wanted to and if needed, whenever I needed help and always before my exams She made a topic wise booklet for IGCSE Mathematics Past papers by herself when she could’nt find a similar booklet on sale, which obviously would’ve taken a lot of time and effort, so that i could understand difficult chapters well enough. She helped me identify my weaknesses and overcome them by for example assessing my performance in a particular chapter, and if low, giving me, and helping me with, intense and repetitive questions until i improved. She was willing to coach me even during non-social hours for eg; at 7am in the morning just before my exams to make sure I did not have any doubts I started of as an E student in Mathematics and Accounting (IGCSE) and ended getting an A and A*, respectively, in my final CIE Board Examinations. This is an objective fact that shows how good of a teacher she is.


Great Teaching style, personality, and hospitality.


She is such a great teacher, very smart in her field very officiant , always offering a convenient time for the student to attained, i never thought i could find a teacher like her , my curriculum was very advanced ( financial analysis + economics) , thanks to her she made it easier more fun to learn !! * 14 years of experience..have a very powerful impact on her teaching skills


Mrs.Sadia is by far, the best teacher that has ever taught me. She is extremely dedicated towards all her students. Her teaching strategies will embed the concepts needed to be able to achieve A/A*. She is a wonderful, talented and experienced teacher, i would definitely recommend Mrs Sadia as a tutor.

Nigar Hasanzade

Very happy, nice, explains the concepts exceptionally.

Feryal Osama

Her commitment to making everyone clear out their doubts and her "I don't mind challenges" type of attitude. She is also quite flexible with timings which is always a plus point in my opinion.


The way she teaches is amazing and u can get the info within seconds

Muhammad Masab

Friendly, experienced and dedicated to her work. Helps students to the most of her power.


I've been learning from Ms Sadia since last two years and undoubtedly she's a great teacher, she convey her knowledge of difficult questions in a manner that is easily understandable and it really helps students to take their work to next level. I will definitely recommend Ms sadia as a tutor.

Iqra Nadeem

She’s extremely friendly and helpful and her teaching style is very good.


The environment feels like home, the quality of teaching is excellent, and you never leave without having learned something new. Speaking from personal experience, Ms Sadia drove me to love Math and pursue it in my AS Levels, and thanks to her I was able to go from a D to an A in my IGCSEs. I highly recommend her to any student who feels like they can't do Accounting and/or Math (I used to be in the same place) and I'm sure that after your tuition session is over, you won't feel the same hatred towards both subjects the way you did before.


Miss Sadia is a very devoted, sincere and hard working teacher. She gives her undivided attention to us whenever needed. And only because of her effort i got amazing IGCSE grade

Ali Tahir

New teaching techniques 👌🏻



Male Pro

20 Years of Teaching Experience

(54 Reviews)


MBA Banking & Finance


MBA in Banking and Finance and have more than 18 years’ experience in the field of Financial and Management Accounting. Have excellent command on Computerized Accounting Software includes QuickBooks, Tally ERP 9, Zoho Accounting, SAP FICO, SD, MM, Wave Accounting and Sage.Also Teaching MS Office (Work, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook). Teaching Advance Excel includingUsing the Onscreen Tools,Using different data types to populate a worksheet,Understandingformulas & functions,Using Basic and Advance Functions, Sum, Average, Count, AND & OR Function,IF, Nested IF, IFS, VLOOKUP,Hlookup & Xlookup, Index & Match, Filter, Formula for Date &time, PivotTable, Custom & Conditional Formatting, Paste Special,Filtering Data, Groups and Subtotals,Managing Worksheets,Securing and Sharing Workbooks,Working with Data and Macros,Creating Charts,and all Tools related day to day work, also providing training onExcel Power Query,PowerPivot,Power BI,Dashboard Presentation,Financial Modelling and Analysis. Manual accounting includes Financial, Cost and Management Accounting for all levels e. g O/A Level, BBA, B. Com, MBA Level. Providing Individual and Cooperate Level Training as per customer required.

Tutoring Approach

Committed to upgrading the skills of students and different professionals from different organizations on computerized accounting software application and Implementation in different industries across UAE. Excellent communication and presentation skills, strongly engage and commit to meet individual’s requirements by maximizingtheir learning and development. Strongly believe that training and development is a pathway for improving the effectiveness of the company current workforce because it is beneficial for both the company and employees.



Supportive and Good person. Thank you Sir for your support.


Despite his calm and sweet nature, With his thought-provoking method, the learning environment built in the class is amazing. He explains everything concisely He is the best teacher I have ever got. I would highly recommend him.


Well knowledge about accounts, more dedication in teaching filed. Giving more support to study well.

Ali Shafique

Very supportive and his hard work help me a lot. Also he is a capable person to teach the lesson.

Sarah Nordseth

I completed a 1 day training day with Irfan to learn Quick Books. He was punctual, professional & full of knowledge. He was patient & explained everything in a clear, methodical way. I ended up learning much more about accounting too. We plan to use his training services in the future & I would not hesitate to recommend him. He was liked by the whole team here.


Irfan Sir is a very experienced, kind, and patient gentleman. He takes you from the basics and gets you up to speed, in a nice manner. I really enjoyed learning with him and can 100% count on his support.

Lamice N.

Irfan is a really professional person with high education & experience. I always get back to Irfan for any financial and accounting information. He is always ready to help and assist me. Thank you so much you deserve all the best

Nour Saleh

Very patient and very supportive in every single step. Mr Irfan makes sure that every single step is explained and understood , otherwise he would repeat. The course was amazing and beneficial as I gained so much knowledge from it. I also advice everyone to enroll in with Mr Irfan

Muhammad Nadeem Chaudhry

He is a good person and takes the course in a very methodological way and keeps the interest of the students alive

Muhammad Nadeem Chaudhry

He is a nice person and has good command on tax matters. He is also giving excel classes, and nowadays excel is considered to be the best added skill to the profile of any job seeker specially in Dubai.


Mr. Irfan is very patient and friendly, he explains very well and the teaching method is simple and easy to learn.

Arnicel Oclarit

Mr. Irfan is a good instructor. He discussed well the lessons. I learned Quick Book as fast as I am expected. He is responsive to any of my queries in and out from the class. He even discuss to me outside quick book lessons like he included some accounting details on my classes.

Dilshana Parambil

I like the way Sir takes the class. He will not drag the class unnecessarily and make sure we learnt all the topics thoroughly. I got training in excel from him and I found him very experienced and I suggest those who are accounting professional and looking for excel training go to Irfan sir as he has thorough knowledge in both Finance & Accounting (he offers Training in accounting software) and Excel.


Supportive and helpful. Thank you.

Shuchi Gupta

Teaching method, simple language and extra timings with extra support all time.

Vedank Kale

Very nice to learn with. Helpful as well and has great innovative ways to learn. I have learned financial modeling in Excel.

Hamdy Gad

He is an experienced tutor. I learned accounting principles by him only

Graham Cassidy

Very flexible and patient tutor who is an expert in advance excel

Mohammed Maaeez

Well Mr. Irfan has been patient tutor for any queries you shoot and he makes sure I understand every bit of learning he teaches. He goes into details to make us understand and I felt very proud to select him as my private tutor. Very likely he first understands the student and his potential of learning then adopts ways of his own where a student is directed accordingly.


The ease of delivering class and making student comfortable. He is perfect in his subject and always ready to clear doubts Energetic teacher.


I like his communication skills, he listens well And very easy adaptable was patient and engaging will definitely recommend

Cherily A

He's an expert and knowledgeable tutor. I learned so much in MS Excel Basic and Advance Training course.

Raquel Santiago

We recently completed Advanced Excel course, and Mr. Irfan’s expertise have greatly benefited me. Would highly recommended him to friends.

Ajay Dev Gopal

Hi, I completed the Advance excel course, which was done online due to the current COVID 19 situation. At the start I was dubious if I could complete the advanced excel course online. But with the support of my expert, experienced and patient tutor, I was able to complete the course with utmost satisfaction and thus opening up for me the further possibilities of excel. Thank You Irfan Sir!

Ahmad Shekib

He made a friendly environment, He had the best knowledge of advance excel, explained practically all the topic.

Alma S.

Irfan is very knowledgeable and engaging. Clear, detailed and flexible teaching style. Kudos!

Jiju Abraham

Explains concepts very well.

Noor Ul Ain Siddiqqi

Excellent teaching methods tailored for student needs, I took advanced Excel training from Irfan, I learnt a lot and will continue to learn , he has vast knowledge, experience and great communication methods, he is well organized and coordinates class schedule as per student requirements

Erick Mochiemo

Friendly and ready to answer any question.

Junaid Abdul Aziz

I learned alot on Tally ERP 9 with VAT. I had already a accounting backgroud and working as accountant. When VAT was introduced in 2018 i did not have any knowledge on the subject. I started taking classes with Sir Irfan and he cleared all my concepts and practical problems i was facing at VAT return submission. Even my employer noticed my expertise on VAT is improving. All Thanks to Sir Irfan. Definately recommend for Tally ERP and Advanced VAT.

Sultan Alrubaei

The good guy really reliable in making things understandable and simplified had a basic level course of accounting exam coming up and he helped me go through the material


Fantastic so far, I would like to recommend to anyone.


His dedication and patience towards teaching is remarkable.


Sir Irfan has very good teaching skills, patiently cleared all my doubts and is flexible with the teaching timings.


He is a very good teacher with very simple and understanding techniques.

Vidhya Renjith

His way of teaching is very helpful. He always tries to teach in an easy way and he is a very talented tutor in accounting.

Sourav Sutradhar

His method of teaching is very simple and convenient.

Arya Sudhakaran

His way of teaching is extremely good.

Yabshad Jaleel

His way of providing knowledge in an understandable manner.

Netra Aryal



His great teaching skills and the way of his teaching is awesome.


Mr. Irfan Mehmood is a knowledgeable person who knows his area of expertise well. He not only understands the studying pace of his students but also ensures that at the end of the day they are well taught about the topic. He is a great mentor and a guide to anyone who chooses to go to him. Undoubtedly, my time learning new topics with him have been really helpful to this day. I suggest his tutoring 100%!

Shahzad Naim

His teaching skills are awesome.


Mr Irfan is absolutely a great teacher with great teaching Skills. A good thing is he is always there is guide his students and has great grip and knowledge on the subject he teaches.

Usman Anwar

He is very well to make person understand the matter easily...his teaching ways are really good and even he helped me to manage my business accounts issues and now my accounts are perfect


Great Teacher I have just started from a very basic understanding and Mr.Irfan quickly adapts the level to meet yours, while at the same time demands your full focus and intensity to learn as much as possible during the lessons. Fantastic so far, would recommend to anyone.

Innoxent Rajpoot

He is a good teacher for all students.

Philip Kelvin

Mr Irfan is a patient, intervening and vastly knowledge person. I can’t thank him enough for all the help that he give me, with he’s the help I was able to learn Excel in a very limited time and takes my job to the next level. He is very simple and always on time, and always ready to professionally answer as many questions you may have. I will definitely recommend him as a tutor.! Thank you, Mr Irfan, for your great contributions towards my career development. I hope to see you again.

Farrukh Adeel

His dedication.

Majid Abdul Razaq

His way of teaching with details is very helpful. He always try to teach in an easy way and in a friendly manner.

Yahya Mehboob

Mr. Irfan is really a good teacher because he always tries to understand my point when asking him a question, and I can ask him as many questions I want.

Salman Aslam

He is a Professional Tutor, tutoring on any basis of field whether it is engineering or business. Professor has made a positive difference in my life and due to his ways of teaching has helped me a lot in my work. The best part of his tutoring was that till now I am using his styles and skills which he has taught me and it is giving me an advantage in my career.

Ibad Ur Rehman

I am motivated, Hardworking and focused. My teaching methods are very good.

Sarfraz Ahmed

He is well experienced and uses excellent teaching methods.



Male Pro

14 Years of Teaching Experience

(4 Reviews)


ME & PhD in Computer Science [ AI / ML / Data Science / Programming ]


I have more than 14 years of experience to teach computer science subject like C - Programming, C++, Java, Advance Java, Web Development, Web Design, Database [ DBMS and RDMS].

Tutoring Approach

My Tutoring approach is from Basic to Advance and if you are looking to be specialized in the mentioned subjects then you should have a strong basic knowledge of that course.


Shakeel Anver

He was very patient with me and ensured that I had a firm understanding of any concept that was taught.


He has vast experience in the Computer Science field. Covering from basic to advance concept is appreciative. I learn Advance Java which covers the Servlet and JSP very well and now full of confidence in Java Programming also.


Very helpful


For beginner one of the best tutoring approach. In a very simplified way, he is making us understand.

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Post Requirement


Female Pro

10 Years of Teaching Experience

(4 Reviews)


B.A. LL.B. (Corporate Hons.), L.L.M. (Legal Research and Pedagogy), Masters of Business Laws


As a teacher/professor of commercial laws including taxation and corporate laws, I take pride in ensuring that my students get a holistic knowledge which they can directly apply in the field. As a mentor, I aim at building the careers of my students rather than simply helping them in securing jobs.I am always striving to bring 100% to the work that I do, and my goal as a teacher/professor is to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with academicians and students alike.

Tutoring Approach

Currently, I am engaged in teaching courses like Contract Law, Business Law, Direct and Indirect Taxation Laws to students of an integrated course of law; Fundamentals of Corporate Law to students of Masters of Law; Tax Laws and Practice to students of Masters of Business Administration. Provide-Notes. Help in assignments. Exam Preparation.


Phil Ama

Excellent tutor with vast knowledge, experience and a great suit of methods. Cannot recommend enough for anyone who needs guidance in any subject matter of law.


As a final-year law student, Ms. Palak's tutoring has been extremely helpful in my studies. She is very flexible with time and very understanding. She goes out of her way to make sure that I am on track with my studies and actively helping me improve my work. She has made a meaningful contribution to my education. Her classes have been more insightful than my university lectures. Without her help, I would not have been able to cope with the pressure of my exams and assignments. I highly recommend her to anyone who has been struggling the way I was before my tutoring classes


Through Ms. Palak's classes I have truly improved my knowledge of UK law as well as my writing skills. She always comes fully prepared to our lesson. Every minute of the class is fulfilled. She thoroughly covers the material in detail and is prepared for any questions that might come across. Ms. Palak is the first tutor I have met that really invests her time in each student and also helps outside of lesson time. She has been helping me with my UK LLB in the best way. I really look forward on continuing my tutoring classes with her throughout my degree.


Ms. Palak Jagtiani is an honest and hardworking teacher with abundant knowledge in Law. She has answer to all queries under all the subjects in law. She is extremely conversant with the examination patter and understanding of the courses of many institutions including but not limited to University of London. I am a student of University of London and I can say that she holds the hands and takes through the difficult path towards success not only in the examinations but a true understanding of the subject of Law. For me I will recommend her for a continuous engagements and she makes sure that your understanding about the subject is thorough.



Male Pro

20 Years of Teaching Experience

Be the first to review




About Me: Teaching and training is my passion. I love to teach academically weak but motivated students. I feel great pleasure when my students get A* even though before they were struggling to barely pass their exam. My students have mentioned it several times that what I taught them in a few days, other teachers could not teach them in months. Tutoring Experience: I have over 25 years of experience and I have taught hundreds of students. I have taught martial arts, swimming, yoga, physics, chemistry, maths, add maths, accounts and business studies. With all my experience of learning and teaching, I have designed a course in study skills so that studying can become easier and fun for students. I also offer youth development and corporate training. I have taught in UAE also and on Skype I have students from America, Canada and UK. Presently I am running an educational institute where my team and I offer all types of tutoring and training services.

Tutoring Approach

I always try to keep it real. I have noticed that academic subjects have little connection to students’ lives. To keep it real, I explain the concepts by giving them real life examples. I always look for innovative new ways of teaching, I go through the latest developments in education and take the best from these new styles of teaching and use them in my teaching and training sessions. I never try to use the same method for all the students as they are all different from each other. Some students are able to grasp concepts at a quicker pace than others but I never get despair. I know the importance of being patient with my students and spend a considerable amount of time explaining. If I find that my students have problems retaining information, I use memory retention techniques like mind maps, time lines, graphs, diagrams etc which helps them to visualize so that they can synthesis and memorize the large amount of difficult information. At the same time I encourage my students to analyze subjects in a deeper, more analytical manner to enhance their critical thinking. My aim as a tutor is to create in my students, a deep understanding and confidence in answering exam questions and being able to tackle new and unfamiliar problems.


Male Pro

10 Years of Teaching Experience

(11 Reviews)


Maths, English


Graduated in Ireland in 2013 with an honours degree in Maths and Technology. Spent 4 years teaching Maths full time at GCSE level in London UK before moving to the UAE 7 years ago. Have taught the GCSE and IGCSE curriculums. During these years I also did tutoring. I helped a number of students achieve their goal for their GCSE exam and also helped children in younger years improve their knowledge and grades in the subject. I tutored a number of primary School children who were passed my way by parents of students whom I already tutored doing both Maths and English.

Tutoring Approach

I plan my lessons based on each individual students needs and requirements. Different students struggle with different areas of mathematics and as I get to know these strengths and weaknesses I can tailor each lesson to the appropriate level so that the student is challenged and makes the maximum amount of progress in each session. I aim to create a warm work orientated environment with no distractions and aim to build up a positive working relationship with each of my students based on respect and teamwork as we work together towards a common goal. I take feedback from each of my students and their parents from time to time after a session to get their ideas on what is going well and what they would like to be done differently. This has proved to be successful in getting the most out of my students.


Rasha El Jurdi Makarem

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude and admiration for Stephen, an exceptional Mathematics teacher who went above and beyond to help my daughter prepare for her IGCSE Math exams. Stephen's empathy, straightforwardness, and unwavering belief in my daughter's potential made a significant impact on her confidence and academic performance. Stephen's teaching approach is truly remarkable. He employs various methods to ensure that the material is comprehensively understood, adapting his style to suit my daughter's learning needs. His dedication to her success was evident in the way he patiently explained complex concepts and ensured she was thoroughly prepared for her exams. Under Stephen's guidance, my daughter not only improved her math skills but also gained a newfound belief in herself. His encouragement and support were instrumental in her academic growth. I wholeheartedly recommend Stephen to any parent seeking a math tutor who provides personalized attention, clear explanations, and a supportive learning environment. Stephen's exemplary teaching skills and genuine care for his students make him an outstanding choice for any child in need of academic assistance.


Stephen has helped me to progress very quickly in maths, especially in areas I struggle most. He has picked up on the areas that I find tough expeditiously and adapted to my preferred learning style. He was able to fit in extra sessions closer to my exam, and has made me a lot more confident when approaching my IGCSEs. It was easy for me to ask questions as Stephen explained how and why things worked. Overall extremely helpful as I can see major improvements in my grades and confidence in maths.


He helped me find new ways to figure out problems when I didn’t understand and he let me decide and focus on what I felt I needed to look at, but he also encouraged me to work on specific areas.


My daughter worked with Stephen for three years. During that time, Hannah’s confidence in math grew immensely. Stephen is knowledgeable, always prepared and on time and developed a good relationship with Hannah. In fact as she moved back to the US, she feels well prepared and ahead.

Gill Roney

Stephen is extremely patient and clear in his explanations. He allowed my children to develop their skills at their own pace and their grades started to improve at once. I would recommend him to everyone!

Finlay Mccormack

Stephen was very familiar with how examiners would award marks in GCSE exam papers. Stephen showed me how to answer exam questions with some useful time effective short cuts, giving me past exam papers to work through which was really helpful. Stephen showed patience with me & really boosted my confidence in my ability for my GCSE studies.

Elda Khanamirian

Stephen understands the GCSE maths requirements so he tailor makes each tutoring session accordingly and gives my daughter extra work to do independently. I'm already seeing a great progress with my daughter's maths grades.


He's very nice and helpful, an all-round good tutor.


Our daughter was in year 10 and totally new to the British Curriculum when we met Stephen and were looking for tutoring to prepare her for the GCSE Maths exams. Over 2-year period Stephen has been an excellent, reliable and knowledgeable teacher. He explains really well and our daughter was able to adapt easily thanks to him and Maths has become one of her strongest subjects. With Stephen's guidance and outstanding educational support, she has had a successful GCSE Maths exams and met all the expectations. We highly recommend Stephen.


Stephen tutored my son in preparation for his GCSE exams, the progress my son made with Stephen was fantastic. His planning and understanding of the curriculum was of a very high level. He was always on time very accommodating to our needs. I would highly recommend hiring him.


Stephen tutored my son for 2 years. He is the main reason my son got the grade he wanted in his GCSE maths exam. Stephen helped him to understand concepts and procedures to complete different types of questions, he made the work more interesting as maths went from a hated subject to one my son really enjoyed! Stephen was always dedicated, motivated and punctual for each session and I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any position.

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Post Requirement


Male Pro

15 Years of Teaching Experience

(87 Reviews)


BEng, MSc, PGCE, 1st Ph.D (Engineering), 2nd Ph.D (Theology)


High School 1. I have taught Chemistry for A-levels, IB (SL and HL), IGCSE and AP  2. I have taught Physics for A-levels, IB (SL and HL), IGCSE and AP 3. I have taught Mathematics for A-levels, IB (SL and HL), IGCSE and AP  4. I have taught TOK / Philosophy for IB and A-levels  University 1. Chemistry (general, organic, environmental) 2. Physics  3. Mathematics 4. Philosophy 5. Religious Studies/Theology 6. Senior Project 7. Dissertation Reviewer Entrance Examinations 1. SAT 1 Maths  2. SAT 2 Maths, Physics and Chemistry 3. ACT Science and Maths  4. GRE 5. BMAT 6. Charles' and Masaryk's Entrance Examination (Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths) 7. Cattolica University Entrance Examination 8. FH Aachen University Entrance Examination

Tutoring Approach

1. Make the lessons fun and enjoyable (see my reviews) 2. Explain the concept first, then do examples 3. Connect theory with practical applications 4. Provide students with personal notes and book scans 5. Using online teaching material 6. Contactable any time on WhatsApp.



His style of teaching and how he would answer the same question a couple of times and wouldn't mind


I like how he is willing to clear doubts without any hesitation. He is extremely patient and friendly. I really enjoyed these 5 booster classes for chemistry. He has set the bar really high.


Very interactive and fun classes :)


He had a great experience being taught by him. He explains each question step by step. Good sense of humor.

Rachel Dsouza

He absolutely loved his teaching style and personality. Such a great tutor and also very funny at times when he needs to be. Keep up the good work!!


I liked his style of teaching and I loved the way he pays close attention to each and every student.


He's very patient and approachable. He tends to give a lot of tests (which I don't like ) that'll help me a ton in the long run.

Anusha Sharma

Concepts were clearly explained and were easy to comprehend.


He is an amazing teacher. His ability to explain every topic with clarity and reasoning.


He creates an amazing and friendly environment for learning while keeping it effective.

Pranav Cheruvari

Cheery attitude and well prepared tutor.


Clear explanations. Good knowledge of the subject fun.

Zain Ahmed

Loved his ways of getting the method across. He knew his material very well. Gave importance to each and every person

James Macrae

Very knowledgeable in all fields of Physics - helps to make most difficult questions approachable.


Ustaz Shoaib has been one of the best tutors we come across. He was recommended by one of the parents whose son survived the IB physics with Him. He has been teaching my daughter HL chemistry and SL math. In both subjects she has made a big progress, raised her confidence level and achieved good understanding of the subject matter. Mr. Shoaib is available for support at different level. As a mom, I ran to him several times to help out in breaking moments. He has always been there to suggest, assist, propose a solution. I’m so thankful and grateful to Allah that he put him on our path..

Shehryar Khurram

His teaching abilities are awesome.

Abeer Zaidi

He is a really good teacher, he can make me easily understand topics I struggled with. He makes learning fun and interesting for me. I really enjoy our lessons and take a lot of information back with me! Overall he’s amazing.


He taught IGCSE Physics for my daughter. He is excellent in his subject with full energy and has a positive and encouraging attitude towards the students. My daughter is confident in Physics now. I strongly recommend him.

Ahmed Henedi

I got Dr. Shoaib phone number during my search for a teacher to help my daughter since she was applying for Medicine university in europe, passing IMAT and UKCAT tests was required to get acceptance. I called Dr. Shoaib one day to ask for his help and without hesitation he offered his help although he had a very tight and busy schedule. He was very helpful in all aspects; not only the teaching materials, but he provided a moral support to my daughter and enhanced her self confidence about her capability to pass the test. His tuition fees was very reasonable and he was very flexible and accommodating our needs in terms of time and location. Alhamdulellah, my daughter passed the first test and she secured one place while the result for the other test yet to be announced, but we are confident that she will pass both tests. I will always remember Dr. Shoaib help, support and kindness and will be always thankful for him.


Awesome teacher and knows anything and everything (literally) in the subject field you require. He makes learning fun and an interesting experience. He also has an amazing way of explaining difficult questions. Very friendly and funny once you get to know him.

Ghassan Mourad

I haven't seen before such a unique and intelligent teacher. He is an immensely experienced tutor in many fields. Definitely would recommend him.


Knows everything and anything legit, deals with many exam boards and examination and has very good experience.


Mr.Shoaib made what seemed nearly impossible for me a while back, now possible. Mr Shoaib makes university level chemistry seem easy and a piece of cake. I would recommend him to many of my fellow classmates.


Very amicable teacher with a deep understanding of subjects that he teaches.

Mohammad Farhan

Passionate and excited about the subject, assures student excitement and interest. Able to attract educators' attention in a good way. Capable of directly answering any sort of question. There to help with all he can do and offer. He has a bright understanding of the topics.

Jadon Araujo

Personal attention on solving/helping queries till the concept is entirely perceived correctly.

Ochran Chetty

Very knowledgeable in his field, fun and makes lessons interesting.

Cohen Chetty

Makes a fun environment for learning, and understands almost all topics as well as able answer questions very well.


Strategic method of teaching.

Hisham Turjman

Explains all concepts nicely and has an amazing understanding of the subject.

Mahishan Auzzi Salgadoe

Very friendly. He has a great knowledge of the topics being covered.


Good teacher, very approachable. Knows his stuff very well. Very experienced and well mannered.

Rohan Dsouza

He doesn't only teach but inspires.

Joseph Babu

He has a deep understanding of all necessary physics concepts.

Elyas Rohan Mahishan

Charisma, Knowledge of content and has a great personality.


He knows what he's doing and helps the student understand concepts clearly.


Very active and organised. Knows how to get information across effectively.

Santhoshi Yamana

Great information provided to students and makes the learning environment comfortable to ask any questions.


Has a different approach to teaching, makes it more fun to learn and has an easy humor. Very sincere as well, and knows what he's teaching and has plenty of materials we can refer to for our benefit.


Friendly personality, and a great teacher overall.


Efficiently covered the required portion in a short span of time while making sure concepts were well understood.

Azriel Thomas

Shoaib explains the concepts very well which enables you to answer questions with greater ease. By far the best tutor I have had.

Jad Elias

He is highly confident.

Rami Osama

Extremely logical and passionate when explaining.

Delsin Delayer

He is so open. Explains every question with in-depth details. Have a great way of explaining different types of questions.


Great in explaining. Makes learning easier.

Majdi Maalej

Explain all concepts perfectly.


Nice tutor. Has good subject knowledge.


I really like the way he teaches and also his attitude.


Good at explaining chapters that are required to learn.

Aritro Dutta Gupta

Very enthusiastic and friendly teacher.


All the concepts are cleared in a detailed manner. Takes proper preparation before classes.

Adam Soliman

Very good at explaining concepts and going through exam structure.


Shoaib has uptodate knowledge on the courses he teaches for IB and for SAT. He comes well prepared for his lessons and takes into consideration of the needs of his students.


Has a good understanding of the subject. Friendly teacher. Assisted me in achieving my goal.

Tamer Farouk Khalifa

One of the most professional instructors I have seen. He was able to cover a great amount of information for my kid in a very short period of time. He made the subject much more interesting and was able to deliver the technical details at ease.


Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Gives great advice and makes tuition fun. He's not only a great tutor but also a passionate academic.

Diana Faisal

His enthusiasm with teaching and relating every problem to real life and simplifying it


The clarity in his explanations and the quality of his examples.


Shoaib has been supporting me with my A Level maths, physics and chemistry. He really explains the subject areas well and topics that I have been struggling with in school are a lot clearer once Shoaib has explained them to me. I enjoy his sessions, he is relaxed and has a great teaching method.


The fact that he can turn the subject interesting without much effort, making you feel more involved and confident with your capabilities while developing them simultaneously. Other than the tutoring part, I would say that Mr.Shoaib has a very friendly and inviting tone which makes understanding the content that much easier.


I've had about 4 tutor sessions with Mr. Shoaib now in A level physics and Chemistry. Mr. Shoaib fills you with confidence in the subjects and somehow always manages to make something that seemed so difficult earlier on very simple in less than an hour. He knows the A-level syllabus like the back of his hand and can answer any chemistry and physics questions to any depth with no hesitation. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting extra help in physics and/or chemistry.


He explained everything very well and made it very easy for me to understand.


He teaches with patience and is well organised. He is really good in helping students overcome educational gaps and breakdown their obstacles.

Elias Fadi

Superb, Amazing, and Fantastic. He is a teacher with a will. I have never met a teacher who can tutor so efficiently and wholeheartedly, and the quality complimented with his experience just excels the teaching experience ineffably. A connection between Mr.Shoaib and me has fulfilled my ever lasting desire for curiosity whether it being Chemistry, Physics or Philosophy. Highly recommended teacher.


Very friendly with the student and the best tutor according to me. He follows very good and easy methods of teaching by which he makes things understandable by everyone.


He is very knowledgeable and an enthusiastic teacher. My son is able to clear all his doubts in Chemistry effectively with him.

Omar Karkoukli

The best quality in Dr.Shoaib is his personality. Alongside that his way of teaching is rather interesting, he is very proactive with his students and most of all enjoys what he does. He is very passionate and very reasonable, he makes sure to cover everything that is required before letting the student leave. Not only do you have fun in his class you also build a connection with him. When he is teaching you time flies by and you learn so much in the process.


He is a very professional teacher. He keeps the lesson interesting and proactive. Has a sense of humor and incorporates it into his teaching. His classes are mostly straight forward and right to the point. He encourages you which therefore boosts your self-confidence. He is very welcoming. I'm very glad for being his student.


He maintains a good rapport with the students. He made learning an enjoyable experience


Very knowledgeable about the course and it's contents, allowing us to properly understand.


Probably one of the best teachers out there. I had a midterm in 2 days and we were able to finish 4 chapters in 3 hours. His teaching methods and explaining is really good. I advise anyone who needs help with chemistry to go to him.

Usama Taufiq

Really enjoyed the way he explained and made the topic look easy, great entertainer in class. Gave us enough work to keep us busy after his explanation.


He makes the lessons interesting and has incredible resources to help understand the topics with a greater depth.

Ella Fernandes

He is very knowledgeable and makes lessons engaging. He also provides very good and detailed resources for further study.


He makes the lessons very entertaining and allows for difficult material to be understood. He also gives very good practice resources and textbooks to read from.

Helia Khaledi

He has great knowledge of all the various school boards.


I highly recommend Dr. Shoaib as I was able to boost my grade in Physics by 30% since he started tutoring me.


He was able to explain and communicate effectively and understand the capabilities of his tutees, so they are able to reach their full potential. He is a Phenomenal Tutor and I would highly recommend him.

Jamal Ayoub

He has a unique method of teaching with one of a kind techniques. Can get info across easily in minimal time. Always come prepared with his own study material that covers a vast amount of subjects. Does not conform to the norms and habits of tutors and develops strong student-teacher bonds quickly.


He is very Knowledgable. Fantastic personality. Easy to work with and put the student at ease. I am very pleased with his commitment. I highly recommend him.


He is very Enthusiastic and encouraging! He gave me the most effective crash course ever in chemistry - I feel much more confident in the subject.


He is very friendly and helpful. He explains all the topics very well. I enjoy his class.


Shoaib has really helped my daughter to understand GSCE physics and chemistry, explaining areas where she was confused. He has a way of making learning enjoyable and is very patient.


He really makes the tuition a focused and personal experience, always makes sure I understand what's going on and definitely knows his stuff.


He is a very interesting Tutor and knows how to keep the tuition from becoming boring and makes sure that the student is interested in whatever it is being taught.


Shoaib is very dependable and reliable. He has made a quick connection with my son and also has made the tuition stress free. I liked his teaching methods, he was very knowledgeable and taught in a friendly manner.He was very pleasant and friendly.



Male Pro

25 Years of Teaching Experience

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Masters in Education and Science Education


I have taught in the American(AP), Australian, IB, and British curriculums in the Subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, and Forensic Science. I have been in the UAE for 10 years as a teacher, head of science, head of curriculum, asst principal, and CEO/Principal in Dubai and Sharjah. I am IB certified in HL/SL Chemistry and HL/SL Physics, AP(American) certified in Physics, and have a teaching credential in G7-12 Science. I have also been a middle school STEM teacher.  I am available to teach High School Mathematics including calculus or IB SL or Studies.

Tutoring Approach

For Exam Prep, I look at the student's past assessments, subject predictions, IA's, etc. From there its normally pretty simple to identify the immediate needs of the student and form a lesson. I am a very hands on explainer and not a drill/fill person from the textbook.


Female Pro

15 Years of Teaching Experience

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BA (Honours); Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy)


I am a qualified university lecturer and working academic with over 10 years as both a lecturer and private tutor. I have vast experience in helping students achieve their potential by assisting with assessment preparation (learning how to write/structure essays and assessments) and have significant experience in teaching students English language skills - particularly for students who are learning English as a second, third or fourth language.  I have a vast subject area knowledge and aim to teach my students to think critically about the subject matter under study. I am able to teach subjects in the humanities (history, politics, philosophy, English) and the social sciences (psychology, sociology, criminology). 

Tutoring Approach

My teaching approach involves getting students to think about the subject matter and assessments more critically in order to develop long-term skills that will enable success in future subjects / assessments. Rather than simply revising the subject matter, I encourage students to consider what is being asked of them (i.e. what is the question really asking) and then work with the student to determine how is best to tackle the questions/problems at hand. For students who are interested in improving their English skills, I will include various aspects of English learning (academic writing, creative writing and everyday English) in order to improve their overall skills.

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Female Pro

22 Years of Teaching Experience

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Masters in Education, BA in English Language


Patient and friendly, most students I have helped have made significant improvements in no time

Tutoring Approach

I plan my lessons As per the child's abilities and needs


Female Pro

14 Years of Teaching Experience

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PGCE in English, Media and ICT. PGCE in SEN (NASENCo)


I am a highly experienced English and ICT Skills teacher with over 14 years experience. I am a SEND specialist and qualified SENDCO working with children who have a range of needs including Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, Mental Health etc. I am also highly experienced teaching British Curriculum Primary school and Secondary school English, Reading, ICT computer skills, GCSE Media Studies, BTEC Media, BTEC ICT.  Please contact me if you would like to arrange tutoring. Thank you, Kind regards, Kaylie 

Tutoring Approach

All students will complete a pre-assessment to allow me to identify areas for improvement. I will help students to focus on particular areas which they are finding difficult and would like to improve on. I will use enaging resources, revision guides and regular tests depending on what your child needs.



Female Pro

10 Years of Teaching Experience

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Bachelor of Education


I have been tutoring for the past six years with various different students ranging in all abilities. I am currently teaching year 6 but have experience with teaching year 5, year 3 and year 2 . I am qualified and am confident in teaching all primary year groups ranging in all subjects as I have been trained in these areas while studying my Bachelor of Education course.  I am patient with my students and motivate them to want to learn while getting the desired results. I have particular experience in tutoring children in Maths, English, Science and Phonics, but I can cater to all primary education subjects as per my primary teaching degree.I am flexible with timings during the week. I am available for online sessions. 

Tutoring Approach

When starting with a new child, I like to speak with them, get them to 'show off' what they can do so that they begin with confidence. This allows me to assess where the child's needs are along with background knowledge from their parents. I aim to plan my lessons from that initial meeting and from what the parents feel need to be covered. None of my lessons are the same due to the fact that no one child is the same as another. I cater to the needs of the individual.

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Post Requirement


Male Pro

7 Years of Teaching Experience

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I am an engineer turned philosopher driven by a profound curiosity about the origin of natural laws, and human consciousness. During my engineering studies, I found myself captivated by philosophical inquiries, which led me to shift my academic focus. Today, I hold a degree in philosophy and possess a deep passion for both learning and teaching in this field. Drawing upon my interdisciplinary background, I am able to integrate various perspectives into my teaching to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the subjects at hand.

Tutoring Approach

My greatest strength lies in my ability to establish and maintain strong connections with students. I excel at fostering a friendly and approachable relationship with them, making myself readily available and accessible whenever they need assistance or guidance. By leveraging my skills in student engagement and accessibility, I foster an environment where students feel valued, supported, and motivated to succeed academically and personally.


Female Pro

7 Years of Teaching Experience

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PGCE, QTS, BSC chemistry , MSc civil engineering


I am an experienced Physics teacher in the UK curriculum from the UK qualified with a PGCE and QTS. I have been a secondary school teacher for 4 years and I have been tutoring for about 7 years. I have tutored a vast range of students of different abilities in sciences and mathematics for the UK curriculum. I have experience offering tuition for the US curriculum also. In addition to helping students understand the content, I have alot of exeprience in teaching the students the language of examinations and I  improving their exam comprehension and technique overall. 

Tutoring Approach

I tailor my lessons towards the students and their needs and what they would like to get out of the tuition. To make the lessons differ form the classroom environment in school I make sure that the lessons are fully personalised to a students learning style and needs.



Female Pro

7 Years of Teaching Experience

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Chartered Accountant


Seven years of studying accounts, business studies, and economics across all curriculums.

Tutoring Approach

Online would be on Zoom. Offline would be as per the requirement.

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Post Requirement


Male Pro

20 Years of Teaching Experience

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  • Masters degree
  • Academic City


Masters degree


I started my teaching passion in 1997 at the University of Frankfurt, where I was teaching statistics and cost accounting. I worked for the center for financial studies in Frankfurt and wrote my final thesis in the field of Capital market regulation and standard-setting. My current work experience encompasses working international and in the Gulf region where one gets an amazing chance of working with students from elementary and high school particularly German-speaking.

Tutoring Approach

I try to make sure that students are provided with proper learning resources, differentiated lessons and personalized programs for proper educational needs. I also make sure that students are encouraged and motivated through a proper Classroom management and student support system.


Female Pro

14 Years of Teaching Experience

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a formal teacher's second-degree certificate


I have a Grade II certificate issued by the Korean Ministry of Education, so I have over 13 years of educational experience in middle and high schools in Korea. Currently, I am teaching Korean to foreigners. I teach children songs, fairy tales, and game workbooks. For adults, I prepare textbooks for each Korean language school and materials on recent issues. Most of the students I teach are long-term learners, and they are improving faster and more accurately than at other institutions.

Tutoring Approach

I aim for a class where students can talk a lot, so I make my own textbooks according to the learners' level and organize the class so that preparation and review are done naturally. Also, students take new and enjoyable classes each time because they prepare various educational materials.



Male Pro

More Than 25 Years of Teaching Experience

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  • BE in mechanical Engineering ME in mechanical engineering M.Phil in mechanical engineering Phd in mechanical engineering
  • Academic City +15 More
  • rauxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx View Contact
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  • +97xxxxxxxxxx View Contact


BE in mechanical Engineering ME in mechanical engineering M.Phil in mechanical engineering Phd in mechanical engineering


I have over 25 years of experience tutoring students in Mathematics and Physics at the high school and college levels, along with various subjects. I have worked both privately, both offline and online, and in tutoring centers. I adapt my teaching style to suit individual student needs. I specialize in preparing students for standardized tests, with several students achieving significant score improvements under my guidance. My approach emphasizes building conceptual understanding through interactive exercises and real-world applications.

Tutoring Approach

My tutoring approach centers on personalized learning tailored to each student's unique needs and learning style. I begin by assessing the student's current knowledge and academic goals, ensuring a clear understanding of what they wish to achieve. I then customize lessons with interactive exercises and real-world examples to foster deeper comprehension and engagement. Throughout our sessions, I provide constructive feedback and encouragement to build confidence and motivation. By adapting to their progress and continually refining our approach, I aim to empower students not just to succeed academically but also to develop lifelong learning skills.

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Post Requirement



7 Years of Teaching Experience

(2 Reviews)


Master's Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering


An experienced educator with seven years of academic teaching experience in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, as well as Physics for high school students. I hold a Master’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the German University in Cairo (GUC), with a specialization in Photonic Crystals. My passion lies in fostering a stimulating and engaging learning environment that inspires students’ interest in Physics and related sciences.

Teaching Experience:

Assistant Lecturer, German University in Cairo (GUC), Egypt (09.2017 – Present)

Taught courses in Physics, Electromagnetics, Electrical and Electronic Circuits, and Communication Systems.

Successfully taught over 10 courses to more than 1500 students, with an average student evaluation score of 1.8 (on a scale of 1 to 6, with 1 being the best).

Designed practical projects, co-supervised B.Sc. theses, and prepared tutorial notes and exercises.

Teaching Style:

My teaching approach is student-centered, focusing on interactive and practical learning experiences. I aim to make complex concepts accessible and engaging through real-world applications and hands-on projects. I emphasize critical thinking, problem-solving, and independent learning, tailoring my methods to meet the diverse needs of my students.


- Passionate Educator: Deeply committed to inspiring and motivating students.
- Experienced Tutor: Extensive experience in teaching Physics and Electronics at the university and high school levels.
- Effective Communicator: Strong presentation and mentorship skills, ensuring clear and impactful delivery of content.
- Innovative: Utilizes cutting-edge tools and techniques to enhance learning, including COMSOL Multiphysics, PSpice, and Cadence Virtuoso.

Tutoring Approach

Lesson Planning:

I meticulously plan my lessons to ensure that they are comprehensive and engaging. Each lesson is structured with clear objectives, starting with a review of prior knowledge to ensure continuity and build a solid foundation for new concepts. I incorporate a variety of teaching methods, including:

Interactive Lectures: Using multimedia tools to make lessons more engaging and understandable.

Practical Applications: Relating theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios to enhance understanding and retention.

Hands-on Projects: Encouraging students to apply what they've learned through practical projects and experiments.

Regular Assessments: Using quizzes, assignments, and interactive Q&A sessions to gauge understanding and provide feedback.

Tutoring Techniques:

My tutoring techniques are designed to cater to the individual needs of each student. Some of the key techniques include:

Diagnostic Assessment: Identifying each student's strengths and areas for improvement to tailor my approach accordingly.

Active Learning: Encouraging students to participate actively in the learning process through discussions, problem-solving activities, and collaborative projects.

Scaffolded Instruction: Providing structured support to help students gradually move towards independence in their learning.

Feedback and Reflection: Offering constructive feedback and encouraging students to reflect on their learning journey to foster continuous improvement.

Tutoring Specialties:

I specialize in tutoring the following subjects:

Physics: Covering topics such as light propagation theory, LASER systems, LEDs, photodetectors, optical fibers, and photonic crystals.

Electrical and Electronic Circuits: Including basic circuit theory, PN junctions, BJT transistors, MOSFET transistors, and frequency response.

Communication Systems: Focusing on analog filters, multipliers, oscillators, amplifiers, and satellite systems.


Bassel Youssef

Mohamed, an exceptional tutor for all levels, guided me during my bachelor's degree in mechatronics engineering. He taught me both basic and advanced electronic circuits, simplifying theories and progressing to advanced practices. His pragmatic approach was fantastic. In short, he's a great tutor! In short , a great tutor !

Nada Emad

I really recommend Dr. Mohamed Elhadad as a tutor. He has the ability to simplify the given curriculum in an innovative way. With his guidance and way of teaching, I can understand difficult topics with ease. I am proud and lucky to be one of his students.




15 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)


Ph.D.(Computer Sc.& Engineering),M.Phil.,MCA


* Ph.D.(Comp.Science) Guidance for Research papers, Project Reports, Disserations /Thesis * 15+ yrs exp. teaching IB/ O levels/ A Levels/ American Curriculum/ ICSE and  University level(Postgraduate/Graduate/Undergraduate) * Web Development:HTML, CSS, NodeJS,Django, * Python, Java, C, C++,VB * Operating Systems,Windows, UNIX/Linux *Data Communications & Networking,Database Management,SQL Systems Analysis & Design, IT Strategy and Governance * Can provide training to professionals for MS-Office,Excel(Advanced), Ã¢â‚¬â€¹ Dynamic Linking of Excel/Word/Powerpoint VBA Macros to pull data within MS-Office products(Word/Outlook/Excel)

Tutoring Approach

Adjusting the teaching methodology according to the background and level of expertise of the student explaining the concepts with sufficient examples , taking feedback at every step to ensure the student is understanding the concept.



Ms Jyotsna is very knowledgeable in computer science and is very patient and an excellent teacher. She builds up to the complex concepts by breaking it down into simpler terms and utilize the lingo which I could readily understand. I learnt so many advanced concepts in Excel and also have been able to retain them.




25 Years of Teaching Experience

(9 Reviews)





Srinivas believes teaching as an enthusiastically dynamic process for transferring knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of implicit and explicit contents. With an inspired zeal to make a difference in the lives of individuals who want to go beyond the obvious, Srinivas has for the past several years co-actively engaged himself in the profession of helping people skyrocket in their personal and professional quest.

Tutoring Approach

Online , Class room, Video lectures, Assignment, Mock exams, exam prep, guidance eligibility documentation for CPA and exam preparation. The students will be provided completed guide.


Jeethu Thunoli

When CPA defines the differences between your success and failure is just that 1 mark between 74 and 75, the key reason that takes you from scoring 74 and fail to score 75 and succeed in CPA is a trainer who push you and motivate to do those additional practice questions to complete it today, even though personally you feel like doing it tomorrow. I admire the way Mr. Dr. Srinivas Reddy train me throughout the course, where he supports me in my CPA exam preparation in Dubai, India and London through his online platform www.letslearnglobal.com. He made me to feel that one day in my life I also need to train and supports students like how he does to see them achieve their career ambitions, through our mutual effort.

Dinesh Kumar Dhanawat

Very few people are blessed with teaching quality and Srinivas Sir is one of them. Slowly and steadily, he covered whole course within stipulated time and make sure that each and everybody understand the concept clearly with basic examples. As full-time employee, I didn’t feel any extra pressure of doing a certification course. He conducts mock test for each chapter weekly, and it is very helpful to prepare yourself for exams. I have cleared my CMA part 2 in first attempt and started preparing for Part 1 and I am sure that under his guidance I will complete my certification soon.

Shreya Bhandary

Srinivas Sir explains concepts from grassroot level hence your concept becomes strong and you will pass professional exams with flying colors. I have been his student for CMA and have passed the exam in first attempt despite being a fresh graduate from university with no work experience. He is patient with recurring doubts, provides revisions, gives scenarios to understand hard concepts, keeps the class lively and makes learning fun. He is super dedicated professor and I am lucky to be his student. If you are someone who wants a professor who is not money minded and is actually a GURU , I would highly refer him.


Srinivas sir possesses the best qualities of a teacher. The teaching style of his is very unique and knowledgable. His calm and patient nature helps the students to absorb the subject deeply and that’s quite rare. He is also very particular about the assignments and deadlines which creates discipline among the students. My experience has been wonderful, would definitely recommend to friends or family who want to learn.

Srinivas G

I really like the way Mr Srinivas Reddy is teaching. He ensures the basics are strong and with this I have never felt any question or problem in the exam as tough. Mr Srinivas Reddy, during the session helps us understand the concept with practical examples resulting in becoming strong on concepts. I recommend to all students/professionals who are planning to pursue CMA or CPA to choose Mr Srinivas Reddy as their tutor. Trust me you will stick to him and will not go elsewhere. Thank you Sir for making my life easy with the way you taught.

Vijaya Laxmi Muchantula

You have been a great teacher, lecturer, and a Professor to me, and I fully enjoyed your lectures, you explained everything in detail and it made it easier for me to understand. I found you to be an out standing professor with immense Knowledge, easily approachable, friendly, and most importantly a man of character. I appreciate all the encouragement you gave us during the lecture.


While I was struggling with my CMA US exam preparation, I received Srinivas Sir reference from one of his students who passed CMA US exams within one year and pursuing CPA exam preparation with him. He was super responsive and motivated me to prepare for the exam with confidence. I have attended a few classes; sessions were engaging, the concepts are well explained. He monitors the progress of each student with one-to-one attention. I would highly recommend his classes for CMA and CPA exam preparation.


I passed CMA with the help of Srinivas Sir. He is an amazing professor with unique teaching style. He is very responsible, passionate and enthusiastic in teaching. Very inspirational, helpful and friendly. It was totally amazing to be in his class - the energy and vibes we get, it was a great experience. Never felt bored, the moment he feels the class is distracted he immediately manages to get the attention of his students with interesting topics. I really feel blessed and honored to get to know him.

Ramkumar Kesavamoorthy

Conceptual teaching is the best way and also the key in learning with Dr. Srinivas. Dr. Srinivas has the exceptional and unique skill of making each understand the concept. What I enjoyed learning from Dr. Srinivas is that practical examples are demonstrated within the classroom. We have mock tests on each units separately and collectively. I cleared my CMA P1 with the first attempt and now waiting for my CMA P2 results to be announced by December this year. I thank you so much Sir

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18 Years of Teaching Experience

(13 Reviews)


Bachelor of Music in Performance (University of Toronto), Master of Arts (University of Warwick)


*** Please note that lessons are offered online and in my studio in Al Furjan area at this time***   Professional pianist and teacher with experience in North America and the Middle East. I completed my Bachelor of Music degree in piano performance from the University of Toronto, and Masters from the University of Warwick. With 16 years of teaching experience and more than 18 years of performance experience as a soloist, I received training from some of the world's top award winning classical musicians and mentors, and performed in numerous events and competitions. I taught in music schools and privately, and have been running my own private piano studio since 2012.

Tutoring Approach

My teaching style is very detailed and at the same time I strive to make lessons fun and enjoyable for both children and adults. Having a solid foundation enables a student to achieve without limit. I like to challenge students and also motivate and guide them to reach their potential. I break down difficult work into small steps, which makes learning more effective. I am interested in focusing on music literacy, music theory and mindful practicing for a fully rounded music education. Students are expected to attend lessons regularly and practice/do the work assigned in order to experience progress, a slow and steady process that requires consistent and focused practice. Lessons are personalized to each student's learning style and goal (some do it for fun while other want to enter the exam route). I prepare students for the UK's ABRSM and Trinity Guildhall's exam systems for all grades, and provide two student recitals per year in order to give them the opportunity to perform. I teach from beginner to advanced levels, and have experience teaching all ages (I have taught students from 4 to 65+ years old). I have experience and a special interest in teaching students with special needs and working with their parents to achieve the desired goals. My students have received stellar results in their exams (most pass with Distinction on a regular basis) and their parents have reported improved confidence and school performance due to their music learning. I recently started integrating mindful practice in my teaching in order to have helpful techniques for practicing piano and performing in front of an audience. Students face difficulty in focusing while practicing or performing in front of others (as well as when doing other things that require attention). Focus and the ability to pay attention are key skills that help improve practice results, and also help with everyday life achievements for everyone. I have a hectic schedule in Dubai, therefore lesson slots will be booked on a first come, first serve basis and my lesson policies (see "Policies" section) will be strictly applied.


Yasmine Hesham

Zein is a fantastic teacher who literally saved the day for both my girls who had a not so great experience with a previous teacher. I was extremely worried that my eldest would lose interest in piano, but zein quickly understood how to handle her and with zein she aced her grade 3 Trinity College exam with a top score. Zein is patient, extremely organized, provides detailed and thorough feedback post every session and sets very clear expectations for the following session. Her piano studio is welcoming and quiet and equipped with a top notch standing piano. Zein understand the Trinity College curriculum and worked very hard with my daughter to set her up for success. She's very technology savvy and continued to tutor my daughter seamlessly during Quarantine time and prepared her well for grade 3 exam. I can't recommend zein more to anyone, I wish we met her earlier!


Zein is a wonderful and talented instructor. She is very patient and caring when working with her students. She is a knowledgeable and energetic teacher who imparts good techniques and at the same time instills a lifelong appreciation of music. Zein specializes in piano and tailors lessons to fit the students needs. My 11 year daughter had almost lost interest but when Zein started teaching her she managed to restore her interest and confidence in playing the piano. She is amazing with children and creates an environment that is friendly and inspiring for them


I've been a student of Zein's for the past 2+ Years now at 3 times per week, and it's been a great experience! Starting from scratch as an adult learner is always tough but her learning style, technique and respect towards each persons learning potential makes the lessons enjoyable and highly productive. She is easy going and open to questions and doesn't make you feel self conscious about any difficulties you might have. I would say i'm very happy with the progress iv'e made with Zein so far and i can tell from my playing in front of other people! I would highly recommend anyone looking to get into the piano, with our without prior knowledge about the instrument to have a chat with her!

Razan Seikaly

Zein is a very composed and serious teacher that has a very special way with kids. What I love most about Zein is that she doesn’t only focus on teaching piano as a musical instrument but also focuses a lot on proper posture and finger movement! She is a well-rounded tutor!


Zein is a very dedicated teacher. She is professional and passionate about music, which show clearly during her sessions. My 7 year old daughter loves when Zein shares information about music and piano as an instrument. Her teaching style is simple and clear, especially for kids. We started the lessons more than a year a ago, when my daughter was almost 6, which is relatively a young age for piano. It was challenging at first, however the progress, commitment and the passion my daughter has for piano today is simply because of Zein.

Geoff Dickinson

Zein is an excellent tutor. She is a very talented pianist with tremendous musical knowledge. She helped my son who is studying Music at University with both piano and Music theory. Zein is very patient, explains things really well, and inspires her students. We are so happy we found Zein and are delighted to recommend her. My son will definitely want to work with Zein again in the future during holiday breaks from University. Zein definitely helped my son with his degree skills and he will return to University as a stronger and more advanced student.


Ms Zein is a very dear person to our hearts. There are two years already since she is working with my two children (13 years old daughter and 10 years old son) helping them improve their piano knowledge. In all this time, she showed dedication to her work, patience and care, and a special warmth that allowed her to build a relationship of trust with the kids. If you are searching for a devoted and competent teacher for your child, then I am strongly recommending Ms. Zein.

Mohamed Mansoury

Adapting the class to the skill and the type of student she had. Switching between different exercise methods to work on weaknesses.


The ease of instruction and communication. The level of comfort I felt being taught by her.

Kate Hendrick

Zein is an extremely professional and friendly tutor. My son had never played the piano before and from his first lesson with Zein he felt encouraged, enthusiastic and thoroughly enjoyed it. We are very thankful to Zein for making his piano experience fun, engaging and challenging when it needs to be. Our son has progressed extremely well and continues to enjoy his piano playing.


Zein is a wonderfully encouraging piano teacher for my nine-year-old daughter who has recently taken her Trinity Grade 1 exam. She is patient, considerate and nurturing and my daughter has certainly gained in confidence since switching from a different piano teacher.


Zein is an excellent teacher. She is patient and nice with children and always finds a way to connect with them even with the hardest kind of them. She taught my 3 children whom one of them is a special needs child and with Zein courses she bloomed and even performed in a concert which was organized by the incredible Zein. Thank you Zein for every thing.

Ashley Yang

Zein is a wonderful piano teacher and has great patience for students with all age groups. She is strict with the curriculum and always encourage her students to reach their potential. All my three kids love her!




17 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)


BSc (Hons) and UK PGCE


I hold a UK Honors Degree in Rocket Science and a UK PGCE for teaching secondary school Physics and Science. My teaching career spans 10 years as a Head of Science and Assistant Head at very good to outstanding schools in the UK and the UAE. I have 16 years experience as an examiner for Edexcel, IB and Cambridge examination boards. I also have extensive knowledge of AQA. Small group sessions are also available.

Tutoring Approach

I understand that every student has different needs and therefore my lessons are planned individually. I use real world examples, thought provoking questioning and thorough assessment to bring the subject to life and challenge my students to explore and develop their own understanding; Science students cannot score high grades in exams simply by remembering and recalling facts. When students move closer towards exam time, the focus shifts away from learning new information and moves towards examination training. As an examiner, I grade thousands of exam papers from all over the world each year. This puts me in the position to understand what the examiner is looking for and where most students lose marks. Proper examination training enables a student to feel confident and prepared as well as giving them the skills to fully demonstrate their understanding and avoid dropping marks.


John Mitry

His style of teaching and friendly approach made me feel very comfortable. He made hard concepts really understandable and was good at knowing when to push you and went to slow down a bit.




10 Years of Teaching Experience

(2 Reviews)

  • University of Warwick (2021) - Meng in Mechanical engineering with Distinction (Masters) (✔ On File)
  • Academic City +3 More
  • vivxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxx View Contact
  • +97xxxxxxxxxx View Contact
  • +97xxxxxxxxxx View Contact


University of Warwick (2021) - Meng in Mechanical engineering with Distinction (Masters) (✔ On File)


Hi, I am Vivek a passionate mathematician, with a Masters degree from Warwick university and 10 years experience of teaching in top schools all over the world. I have an entire team that works with me to get each of my tutees the best possible grade, from the micro research "LIKE THE KIND OF WORKSHEETs AND EXAM QUESTIONS A PARTICULAR SCHOOL ASKS" to HELP WITH HOMEWORK AND MOST IMPORTANTLY PROVIDING PREDICTIONS ON BOARD EXAMS THROUGH ALGORITHMS.

Tutoring Approach

My method involves breaking complex problems down into parts and showing students how to work out solutions step-by-step. This way, my students gain confidence to approach the most difficult questions knowing they can navigate through to the solution. It can bring remarkable results. Over the past ten years, I’ve taught over 600 students in the UAE, UK, US, NL, Croatia, Singapore and South Africa, helping 90% of my tutees to achieve A grades and equivalent. I shall let my work speak for itself



Patient, knowledgeable, encouraging, motivating and does not give up on a student. Excellent teacher.


Mahindra is the most well-rounded tutor I have ever met. His technique resonates with teenagers and his knowledge is truly remarkable. His team and the support system with exam prediction is very helpful as well.

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3 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)


Bachelor degree in sustainable and renewable energy engineering from the University of Sharjah


Taught arabic for like 10 Students from different nationalities such as: Russia, Philippines, Singapore,Thailand and many more in a short period of time. Taught many students from different educational levels calculus and physics like (School, University) in both Arabic and English. Taught many engineering courses at University such as: Heat transfer, Thermodynamics, Engineering economics , Fluid mechanics and many more.

Tutoring Approach

The approach here is to know which skills to improve and make the Plan accordingly which is following my notes that includes the lesson with examples as well as speech summary discussion at the end with many exercises. For engineering courses as well as math and physics the approach is teaching the concept with many examples and the major part is focusing on solving previous exam questions to get familiar with the questions pattern.



Complete learning material, efficient, on time, focused, flexible and follows interesting ways of learning Arabic.

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