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Female Pro

18 Years of Teaching Experience

(48 Reviews)




I am post qualified and experienced teacher from O Level to BBA, MBA, ACMA and SAT to coach Mathematics, Accounting and Finance. I have 18 years of teaching experience.

Tutoring Approach

I focus on basic concepts and practicing past papers.



Miss Sadiq is amazing! She is dedicated, committed, and has a remarkable ability to simplify complex concepts. Her patience and support has boosted my confidence and motivation. With her exceptional teaching skills, the sessions have become enjoyable and enriching. I highly recommend her as a knowledgeable and supportive tutor.

Umair Fattah

Ms. Sadia is an amazing teacher who has truly made a difference in my academic life. Their passion for teaching and dedication to their students is evident in the way they go above and beyond to help us understand complex concepts. Thanks to their guidance and support, I have been able to improve my grades in maths and achieve an A grade in a-levels. I would highly recommend Ms. Sadia to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, caring, and inspiring teacher.


Ms. Sadia is an amazing teacher who has truly made a difference in my academic life. Their passion for teaching and dedication to their students is evident in the way they go above and beyond to help us understand complex concepts. Thanks to their guidance and support, I have been able to improve my grades in maths and achieve an A grade in a-levels. I would highly recommend Ms. Sadia to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, caring, and inspiring teacher.


I am incredibly grateful to have had Miss Sadia as my A-Level maths teacher. Her exceptional teaching skills and unwavering dedication helped me understand and excel in the subject. With her clear explanations, extra resources, and exam strategies, I gained a deep understanding and aced my exams. Miss Sadia's passion for maths and her supportive approach make her an outstanding educator. I am truly thankful for her transformative impact on my academic journey.

Hamza Fattah

Sure, here's a sample essay: Miss Sadia is one of the most dedicated and inspiring educators I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. From the very first day, I could tell that she is passionate about teaching and truly cared about their students. she has a unique ability to make even the most complex topics seem simple and easy to understand. What I appreciate most about miss Sadia is that they go above and beyond to help her students succeed.She is always available to answer questions and provide extra support when needed.She has helped me improve my grades and my confidence in my abilities. One of the things that makes miss Sadia stand out is their ability to make learning fun and engaging. she use a variety of teaching methods to keep the lessons interesting and enjoyable.

Khadeeja Jamil

Ms. Sadia has been teaching me Maths for almost 3 years now. She has guided me all throughout my IGCSE and A level journey. Her expertise in teaching have allowed me to be more competent and confident during stressful exam seasons. I can wholeheartedly say that she is most dedicated and patient and I would highly recommend her as a tutor.

Ahmed Amir

She is an extremely dedicated teacher who helped me drastically improve my grades in accounting and math. She always makes sure I understood everything and was very patient even when I made basic mistakes and asked a lot of questions. I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in learning accounting and/or math.


Her patience and the way she’s ready to help me solve any problem at any time.


Her dedication to bringing out the best in a Student. She also has the ability to adapt her teaching style to suit the needs of her student.

Rayyan Khan

She’s a teacher who everyone needs in order to bring a positive change in their lives. Her outstanding mathematical skills led me to reach my target in Math. She treats her students equally and gives each the time they require


Sadia is amazing maths teacher. She helped my daughter who was very weak in maths to attain an amazing grade in her IGCSE within a short span of time of tutoring.


Ms. Sadia is an amazing personality, she is polite, hard working and the way she explains to help her student shows her command over the subject she is teaching. My daughter was in need of Math support and she never easily accepts a tutor, but after having first session with Ms. Sadia she was happy and willing to continue. She got good marks in her finals because of Ms. Sadia's tuition support.


Learning with her was fun, she never made studies boring because of her teaching methods. She is really helpful even when I'm at home and I don’t understand something. She’s always there to help me.


A fantastic teacher with remarkable experience and style of teaching. She really helped me to improve my IGCSE Mathematics grade within a span of 6 months and put a lot of effort in providing personalized past paper booklets and a great amount of patience. Glad to have her as my tutor :)

Kazim Hasnain

She cleared all of my doubts with amazing explanations and made me pass my grade with flying colors.


Miss Sadia has a very efficient way of teaching. Her guidance helped me during my exams and she is a very reliable person and trustworthy. While I was in school, miss taught me for 3.5 months working hard and helping me improve my grade. My grades improved tremendously from E(Fail) to a high B.

Sayed Moussa

Morals are a great feature, and you are a great person. I am a parent of a student who has had experience with teacher Sadia. She was the only and sincere reason that God sent us from heaven to elevate my daughter to the degrees of success and distinction in high school. And that was in a short time before the exams. My daughter succeeded in high school. We have all thanks, respect and appreciation for your sincerity and dedication to your work. Thank you very much for all what you did to My Daughter. I really appreciated her teaching method.


She is very welcoming and she’s easy to communicate with. I liked that her way of teaching was so easy for me to understand.


She is a professional teacher who enjoys her work and gives lot of encouragement to the children.

Hafsa Faisal

An extremely dedicated, experienced and resourceful teacher.

Ali Tahir

She is very flexible with the timings. Never really have to worry about the time before asking any sorts of questions.

Feryal Osama

The fact that she made sure I understood everything she taught me, the extensive revision on every single topic and subtopic until it was almost too easy and how kind and willing she was to teach me all there is know about math to guarantee the highest grade possible for my level.

Mona Samy

Very dedicated, friendly, very generous with her knowledge and could direct me to the right resources. When I started with Ms Sadia 2 years ago I was attaining grade U in my mocks and with her help, I managed to improve from U to C. I secured a grade C even with the very low results of this year. I couldn’t have done it without her.


Her dedication to getting the best out of her students is commendable.

Nathan Dhar

She is a fantastic teacher that is very committed to teaching her students. I personally was a 40% in maths struggling to get a high grade however Mrs. Sadia really took the time and had a lot of patience when it came to teaching me. Trust me when I say that if she can teach someone like me and help me get 81% then she can help anybody. I am truly grateful to have found an amazing teacher like Sadia.


Sadia Maam is an amazing tutor. I had to give my A level accounts paper, and had only a month to prepare, and I had no prior knowledge or experience. I took three weeks tuition from her, and she explained the Accounts and A level course from the beginning. She was very patient and helped me a lot, with different exercises. My grade came out as B, which was amazing because I only prepared for a month I owe it all to her, she was the perfect teacher.


She is very comfortable to study with and easy to understand. Before I reached out to her I was struggling to understand the subject. Now I've had two A’s in the subject and I'm more confident with my work.

Pervez Akhtar

Competency, Discipline and personal attention to each students.


I have improved a lot since starting tuition with her. I feel much more confident when solving my maths papers and understand all the topics now. My average results have increased from 30% to 80% since starting tuition with Miss Sadia.


I had to attend a "A" level accounts exam and I had only three weeks to prepare for it. Sadia Maam helped me a lot to understand all the concepts and after her tuition, I felt very confident to attend the paper and was extremely satisfied with the tuition.

Hamza Mansour

The way she is able to efficiently explain concepts and help me understand them.

Sara Khan

Ms Sadia has helped me a lot within the past few months. My grades have been improving and she is very cooperative and it just helps.

Hamza Shirazy

Miss Sadia is undoubtably the most hardworking, positive and helpful teacher I have met. Her teaching methods are really easy to understand and she makes sure she has the time for every student and makes sure they pass with flying colors. I am really happy to have her as my teacher.


She had taught me a whole accounting course of 5 months in just 2 weeks. In about 5 classes, I learned how to do costing and budgeting efficiently, and did extremely well on my exam whereas before I didn’t understand anything. She’s very helpful and will go over all past paper questions with you - which is what helped me learn.


I really appreciate the amount of effort and care she puts into every child's education and also that she is cooperative.


Her determination and hardworking nature. Ms.Sadia sat with me during her non-working hours, for more than 5 hours if i wanted to and if needed, whenever I needed help and always before my exams She made a topic wise booklet for IGCSE Mathematics Past papers by herself when she could’nt find a similar booklet on sale, which obviously would’ve taken a lot of time and effort, so that i could understand difficult chapters well enough. She helped me identify my weaknesses and overcome them by for example assessing my performance in a particular chapter, and if low, giving me, and helping me with, intense and repetitive questions until i improved. She was willing to coach me even during non-social hours for eg; at 7am in the morning just before my exams to make sure I did not have any doubts I started of as an E student in Mathematics and Accounting (IGCSE) and ended getting an A and A*, respectively, in my final CIE Board Examinations. This is an objective fact that shows how good of a teacher she is.


Great Teaching style, personality, and hospitality.


She is such a great teacher, very smart in her field very officiant , always offering a convenient time for the student to attained, i never thought i could find a teacher like her , my curriculum was very advanced ( financial analysis + economics) , thanks to her she made it easier more fun to learn !! * 14 years of experience..have a very powerful impact on her teaching skills


Mrs.Sadia is by far, the best teacher that has ever taught me. She is extremely dedicated towards all her students. Her teaching strategies will embed the concepts needed to be able to achieve A/A*. She is a wonderful, talented and experienced teacher, i would definitely recommend Mrs Sadia as a tutor.

Nigar Hasanzade

Very happy, nice, explains the concepts exceptionally.

Feryal Osama

Her commitment to making everyone clear out their doubts and her "I don't mind challenges" type of attitude. She is also quite flexible with timings which is always a plus point in my opinion.


The way she teaches is amazing and u can get the info within seconds

Muhammad Masab

Friendly, experienced and dedicated to her work. Helps students to the most of her power.


I've been learning from Ms Sadia since last two years and undoubtedly she's a great teacher, she convey her knowledge of difficult questions in a manner that is easily understandable and it really helps students to take their work to next level. I will definitely recommend Ms sadia as a tutor.

Iqra Nadeem

She’s extremely friendly and helpful and her teaching style is very good.


The environment feels like home, the quality of teaching is excellent, and you never leave without having learned something new. Speaking from personal experience, Ms Sadia drove me to love Math and pursue it in my AS Levels, and thanks to her I was able to go from a D to an A in my IGCSEs. I highly recommend her to any student who feels like they can't do Accounting and/or Math (I used to be in the same place) and I'm sure that after your tuition session is over, you won't feel the same hatred towards both subjects the way you did before.


Miss Sadia is a very devoted, sincere and hard working teacher. She gives her undivided attention to us whenever needed. And only because of her effort i got amazing IGCSE grade

Ali Tahir

New teaching techniques 👌🏻



Male Pro

20 Years of Teaching Experience

(54 Reviews)


MBA Banking & Finance


MBA in Banking and Finance and have more than 18 years’ experience in the field of Financial and Management Accounting. Have excellent command on Computerized Accounting Software includes QuickBooks, Tally ERP 9, Zoho Accounting, SAP FICO, SD, MM, Wave Accounting and Sage.Also Teaching MS Office (Work, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook). Teaching Advance Excel includingUsing the Onscreen Tools,Using different data types to populate a worksheet,Understandingformulas & functions,Using Basic and Advance Functions, Sum, Average, Count, AND & OR Function,IF, Nested IF, IFS, VLOOKUP,Hlookup & Xlookup, Index & Match, Filter, Formula for Date &time, PivotTable, Custom & Conditional Formatting, Paste Special,Filtering Data, Groups and Subtotals,Managing Worksheets,Securing and Sharing Workbooks,Working with Data and Macros,Creating Charts,and all Tools related day to day work, also providing training onExcel Power Query,PowerPivot,Power BI,Dashboard Presentation,Financial Modelling and Analysis. Manual accounting includes Financial, Cost and Management Accounting for all levels e. g O/A Level, BBA, B. Com, MBA Level. Providing Individual and Cooperate Level Training as per customer required.

Tutoring Approach

Committed to upgrading the skills of students and different professionals from different organizations on computerized accounting software application and Implementation in different industries across UAE. Excellent communication and presentation skills, strongly engage and commit to meet individual’s requirements by maximizingtheir learning and development. Strongly believe that training and development is a pathway for improving the effectiveness of the company current workforce because it is beneficial for both the company and employees.



Supportive and Good person. Thank you Sir for your support.


Despite his calm and sweet nature, With his thought-provoking method, the learning environment built in the class is amazing. He explains everything concisely He is the best teacher I have ever got. I would highly recommend him.


Well knowledge about accounts, more dedication in teaching filed. Giving more support to study well.

Ali Shafique

Very supportive and his hard work help me a lot. Also he is a capable person to teach the lesson.

Sarah Nordseth

I completed a 1 day training day with Irfan to learn Quick Books. He was punctual, professional & full of knowledge. He was patient & explained everything in a clear, methodical way. I ended up learning much more about accounting too. We plan to use his training services in the future & I would not hesitate to recommend him. He was liked by the whole team here.


Irfan Sir is a very experienced, kind, and patient gentleman. He takes you from the basics and gets you up to speed, in a nice manner. I really enjoyed learning with him and can 100% count on his support.

Lamice N.

Irfan is a really professional person with high education & experience. I always get back to Irfan for any financial and accounting information. He is always ready to help and assist me. Thank you so much you deserve all the best

Nour Saleh

Very patient and very supportive in every single step. Mr Irfan makes sure that every single step is explained and understood , otherwise he would repeat. The course was amazing and beneficial as I gained so much knowledge from it. I also advice everyone to enroll in with Mr Irfan

Muhammad Nadeem Chaudhry

He is a good person and takes the course in a very methodological way and keeps the interest of the students alive

Muhammad Nadeem Chaudhry

He is a nice person and has good command on tax matters. He is also giving excel classes, and nowadays excel is considered to be the best added skill to the profile of any job seeker specially in Dubai.


Mr. Irfan is very patient and friendly, he explains very well and the teaching method is simple and easy to learn.

Arnicel Oclarit

Mr. Irfan is a good instructor. He discussed well the lessons. I learned Quick Book as fast as I am expected. He is responsive to any of my queries in and out from the class. He even discuss to me outside quick book lessons like he included some accounting details on my classes.

Dilshana Parambil

I like the way Sir takes the class. He will not drag the class unnecessarily and make sure we learnt all the topics thoroughly. I got training in excel from him and I found him very experienced and I suggest those who are accounting professional and looking for excel training go to Irfan sir as he has thorough knowledge in both Finance & Accounting (he offers Training in accounting software) and Excel.


Supportive and helpful. Thank you.

Shuchi Gupta

Teaching method, simple language and extra timings with extra support all time.

Vedank Kale

Very nice to learn with. Helpful as well and has great innovative ways to learn. I have learned financial modeling in Excel.

Hamdy Gad

He is an experienced tutor. I learned accounting principles by him only

Graham Cassidy

Very flexible and patient tutor who is an expert in advance excel

Mohammed Maaeez

Well Mr. Irfan has been patient tutor for any queries you shoot and he makes sure I understand every bit of learning he teaches. He goes into details to make us understand and I felt very proud to select him as my private tutor. Very likely he first understands the student and his potential of learning then adopts ways of his own where a student is directed accordingly.


The ease of delivering class and making student comfortable. He is perfect in his subject and always ready to clear doubts Energetic teacher.


I like his communication skills, he listens well And very easy adaptable was patient and engaging will definitely recommend

Cherily A

He's an expert and knowledgeable tutor. I learned so much in MS Excel Basic and Advance Training course.

Raquel Santiago

We recently completed Advanced Excel course, and Mr. Irfan’s expertise have greatly benefited me. Would highly recommended him to friends.

Ajay Dev Gopal

Hi, I completed the Advance excel course, which was done online due to the current COVID 19 situation. At the start I was dubious if I could complete the advanced excel course online. But with the support of my expert, experienced and patient tutor, I was able to complete the course with utmost satisfaction and thus opening up for me the further possibilities of excel. Thank You Irfan Sir!

Ahmad Shekib

He made a friendly environment, He had the best knowledge of advance excel, explained practically all the topic.

Alma S.

Irfan is very knowledgeable and engaging. Clear, detailed and flexible teaching style. Kudos!

Jiju Abraham

Explains concepts very well.

Noor Ul Ain Siddiqqi

Excellent teaching methods tailored for student needs, I took advanced Excel training from Irfan, I learnt a lot and will continue to learn , he has vast knowledge, experience and great communication methods, he is well organized and coordinates class schedule as per student requirements

Erick Mochiemo

Friendly and ready to answer any question.

Junaid Abdul Aziz

I learned alot on Tally ERP 9 with VAT. I had already a accounting backgroud and working as accountant. When VAT was introduced in 2018 i did not have any knowledge on the subject. I started taking classes with Sir Irfan and he cleared all my concepts and practical problems i was facing at VAT return submission. Even my employer noticed my expertise on VAT is improving. All Thanks to Sir Irfan. Definately recommend for Tally ERP and Advanced VAT.

Sultan Alrubaei

The good guy really reliable in making things understandable and simplified had a basic level course of accounting exam coming up and he helped me go through the material


Fantastic so far, I would like to recommend to anyone.


His dedication and patience towards teaching is remarkable.


Sir Irfan has very good teaching skills, patiently cleared all my doubts and is flexible with the teaching timings.


He is a very good teacher with very simple and understanding techniques.

Vidhya Renjith

His way of teaching is very helpful. He always tries to teach in an easy way and he is a very talented tutor in accounting.

Sourav Sutradhar

His method of teaching is very simple and convenient.

Arya Sudhakaran

His way of teaching is extremely good.

Yabshad Jaleel

His way of providing knowledge in an understandable manner.

Netra Aryal



His great teaching skills and the way of his teaching is awesome.


Mr. Irfan Mehmood is a knowledgeable person who knows his area of expertise well. He not only understands the studying pace of his students but also ensures that at the end of the day they are well taught about the topic. He is a great mentor and a guide to anyone who chooses to go to him. Undoubtedly, my time learning new topics with him have been really helpful to this day. I suggest his tutoring 100%!

Shahzad Naim

His teaching skills are awesome.


Mr Irfan is absolutely a great teacher with great teaching Skills. A good thing is he is always there is guide his students and has great grip and knowledge on the subject he teaches.

Usman Anwar

He is very well to make person understand the matter easily...his teaching ways are really good and even he helped me to manage my business accounts issues and now my accounts are perfect


Great Teacher I have just started from a very basic understanding and Mr.Irfan quickly adapts the level to meet yours, while at the same time demands your full focus and intensity to learn as much as possible during the lessons. Fantastic so far, would recommend to anyone.

Innoxent Rajpoot

He is a good teacher for all students.

Philip Kelvin

Mr Irfan is a patient, intervening and vastly knowledge person. I can’t thank him enough for all the help that he give me, with he’s the help I was able to learn Excel in a very limited time and takes my job to the next level. He is very simple and always on time, and always ready to professionally answer as many questions you may have. I will definitely recommend him as a tutor.! Thank you, Mr Irfan, for your great contributions towards my career development. I hope to see you again.

Farrukh Adeel

His dedication.

Majid Abdul Razaq

His way of teaching with details is very helpful. He always try to teach in an easy way and in a friendly manner.

Yahya Mehboob

Mr. Irfan is really a good teacher because he always tries to understand my point when asking him a question, and I can ask him as many questions I want.

Salman Aslam

He is a Professional Tutor, tutoring on any basis of field whether it is engineering or business. Professor has made a positive difference in my life and due to his ways of teaching has helped me a lot in my work. The best part of his tutoring was that till now I am using his styles and skills which he has taught me and it is giving me an advantage in my career.

Ibad Ur Rehman

I am motivated, Hardworking and focused. My teaching methods are very good.

Sarfraz Ahmed

He is well experienced and uses excellent teaching methods.



Male Pro

16 Years of Teaching Experience

(2 Reviews)


ACCA UK , Certified Accounting Technician , A levels in Physics , Chemistry , Mathemaitics


I have taught for 16 year at difference Institutes in Dubai as Physics , Chemistry and Mathematics. Apart from that I worked as full time Home tutor in UAE for IB/IGCSE/GCSE of CIE/Edexcel/AQA. I have taught to Students of more than 30 Nationalities face to face and online.I am teaching online since 2009. Very Clear Accent !!

Tutoring Approach

Very Patient, Calm and Student friendly way of teaching, that give the student Stress free studying environment. The Student is taught to learn and communicate with confidence.My focus is mainly on understanding of concept with real-time illustration so that the concept stays in students mind with minimum effort.



Stupendous teacher, gives exquisite explanations and refuses to leave any questions unsolved. Lessons are interesting and never boring. He has helped me throughout IB


He is such a generous teacher, with excellence in multiple subjects, he taught my daughter and son for more than 6 years , he never refused them no matter what time they seeked his help.

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Male Pro

6 Years of Teaching Experience

(14 Reviews)


Guitar player, guitar teacher (banchelor's degree)


I am a professional guitarist and certified guitar and ukulele teacher with 15 years of performing experience and 6 years of teaching experience. I have an extensive experience in teaching classical, acoustic guitar and ukulele. In the previous work places my students constantly participated in concerts and international competitions, some of them became laureates. 

Tutoring Approach

I get along with kids and adult students great, using an individual approach in education: I first identify the strengths of the student, his tastes and needs, as well as goals in music. Then I build a personal curriculum that takes all aspects into account. This approach proved to be extremely effective because of the perfect balance between motivation and learning effectiveness. So, step by step, we achieve our goals, but usually for the student it only opens new horizons


Swetha Pathikonda

He has been teaching my 7yrs old daughter. He is very good! My daughter went to another famous music school in Dubai for 3 months before she went to Nikita. But she didn't learn anything at the music school. Her progress with Nikita was very impressive!


Nik has been teaching my 7 year old for 3 months now. And I am amazed to see how much my child has learned in such a short period of time! Nik has been a terrific teacher - patient, observant and very hands-on, helping my beginner child pick up the basics quickly. He's always positive and has built a great rapport with my child, making him look forward to his next lesson.


Seriously awesome! They've got loads of experience and really know their stuff. Lessons are never boring; they make the tricky stuff seem super easy. I love how they personalize everything, making learning guitar a blast. Totally recommend them if you want to rock out and get better at guitar!


He is fun and friendly, very patient and knows exactly how to pace progress. I am a complete beginner and was nervous I wouldn’t be able to learn at a good rate but he had me going quickly! Great tutor, highly recommend. !!


My daughter has been studying with Nikita for around a half year and that was not easy to find a right match for her in terms of guitar teacher. Nikita is just a right one! Very patient, consistent, understanding how to have a right approach to kids. We see a lot of progress in her playing and hope it will keeps developing! Now, we are working with Nikita towards giving her opportunity to play in public or with some other students from time to time so that she could get some acknowledgment of her performing skills!


We couldn't be happier with our decision to have Nikita as our children's guitar teacher. His exceptional teaching skills, infectious enthusiasm, and constant smile have made a significant impact on our children's musical journey. We highly recommend him to anyone seeking an outstanding private guitar teacher.


Really recommend Nikita as guitar teacher – he always listen to you – asks your goals, your fav music, your preferences in guitar playing and so on. Also he is patient and always calm. Besides all this pluses Nikita make his own arrangements to any songs, so you can always learn how to play anything that you want! I doubt that you will be able to find anybody better for this price)


I have been taking guitar music lessons from my respected teacher, Mr. Nikita Bazhin, in Dubai for a long time. He is such a gentle and friendly person when it comes to teaching guitar to students of any level. He has immense knowledge of guitar music in many different styles mainly western. He lets you understand everything about Guitar music so simply. Whoever wants to get into learning guitar very well, he is the best teacher.


I always enjoyed every classes because he is very friendly and patient. He has interesting way to teach so I can understand the lesson easily and always exited to come for the next lessons. He always explained everything in detail.

Chris Hammersley

I was given a guitar by my partner for valentines as it has always been my dream to learn. My partner found Nik and since the first lesson, I knew I had found my perfect guitar teacher. There are endless guitar tutorials online but I knew I needed a one-to-one teacher. Nik’s approach to teaching is very patient and empathetic and always tries to iron out any problems I am facing and always has a solution. His knowledge of teaching and ability to play the guitar is incredible and I am happy to recommend him to anyone.


Very skilled and patient for his teaching, especially when facing naughty kids like my son.


I was looking for guitar teacher for my 6 years old son for a long time and we changed different for the same. Only the teacher Nikita was able to find an approach to the child, interest him and be on the same wave with him. He is a great professional in his field and a very kind person. Highly recommended!


Very patient. I will definitely recommend to others.


Nik is a very good teacher. Always smiling and trying to find the best methods to teach you the material. He is very cooperative, and flexible. Not to mention that he is talented and will uplift your skills. Very much recommended.



Female Pro

10 Years of Teaching Experience

(2 Reviews)


B com hons , B ed.


I teach in a very friendly and professional way .In my classes , I teach each and every concept in such a way which makes it very easy to understand.Under my guidance and with hardwork , you will surely achieve success.I have been teaching commerce for last 8 years .I have teaching experience of various curriculums including IB , CBSE ,AP and various UK boards

Tutoring Approach

I try to relate each and every concept with real life so it becomes easy to understand for everone.Moreover,I discuss all past year papers in my classes and conduct sufficient tests and focus on getting a excellent result 



Miss NMA came as a sheer blessing for me. I was grappling with Economics and Accounts and just wasn’t getting it. I had other tutors before her who convinced me that I was no good. But Miss NMA didn’t just boost my confidence; with patience and absolute belief in me, she helped me understand and score with great marks. She is truly an excellent teacher. There were days when I didn’t feel like studying, but her dedication was unwavering. She pulled me up and ensured that I was ready for the exams. I am ever thankful, and whoever chooses her as a tutor, I guarantee their success. I strongly recommend her!


I recently took classes from NMA for Grade 12 and was thoroughly impressed. She is knowledgeable and cover every topic in detail, including past papers, which really helped with exam preparation. The online classes saved me time on travel and recorded sessions were provided for flexibility . Overall, Miss Nma provided excellent support and effective teaching methods. Highly recommended



Female Pro

22 Years of Teaching Experience

(25 Reviews)

  • MBA, BBA (Hons), A'levels, GCSE
  • Al Barsha +17 More


MBA, BBA (Hons), A'levels, GCSE


My Education: 
MBA (2001), BBA (Hons), A'Levels, O'Levels.

I have been teaching since 2002 (20+ years).

Expert in:
KS 1 and 2, American curriculum, IELTS.

Subjects & classes: 

  • Learning Coach for iCademy students (Grades 1 to 5).
  • Key Stage 1 and 2, KG 2
  • After School Tutoring for Grade / Year 1 - 6: English, Math & Science.
  • HOMESCHOOLING for Grade / Year 1 - 5: English, Math & other subjects. 

Success rate: 
Excellent improvement in children's annual performance and grades, and overall school feedback. 

IELTS: Bands of 6.5 to 8.5 (depending on student effort)  
TABBY option available for IELTS students

Tutoring Approach

Teaching in UAE since 2004, internationally since 2002.

I am available as a LEARNING COACH for iCademy Students, as well as for HOMESCHOOLERS.

I teach for British, American, IB Curriculums. 
I teach one-to-one or small groups of friends.
I teach kids from as young as 5.5 years of age. 

I specialize in teaching students according to their learning abilities. Official study material is used where applicable, & supplemented from my own library. 
I cover the subject content, and do extensive paper / mock exam practice. This helps the student in understanding how to answer a question as required by the examiner.

Classes are kept friendly and enjoyable, with an emphasis on learning.

Home tutoring is available.

Online tutoring is available for IELTS.

Students can avail of the TABBY payment option for IELTS.



Ms. Faryal is like a family to us. Her excellent communication skills with students and families have built a strong foundation for a student's success and learning process. She delivers proactive communication to parents about student progress and challenges. She is always providing new study material to constantly practice and reinforce schoolwork. This shows her dedication to fostering a strong home-school partnership. Ms. Faryal's commitment to creating hands-on learning opportunities sparks curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. Inigo especially likes learning and discovery all the time. Thank you for being Inigo's running buddy, along with listening to all the out-of-earth topics he loves talking about.

Anderson Cruz

I am writing to highly recommend Ms Faryal as an exceptional tutor, who has significantly impacted my son's learning journey in writing, spelling, reading, and math. We feel incredibly fortunate to have found such a dedicated and knowledgeable educator. Under Ms Faryal's guidance, we have witnessed a remarkable improvement in Noah's performance and interest in reading and math. Noah is more confident, motivated, and consistently achieves higher grades. It is with immense gratitude and respect that I recommend Ms Faryal to any parent seeking an extraordinary tutor who can inspire and elevate their child's education. Her passion, professionalism, and dedication to teaching are unparalleled, and I am confident that other students will greatly benefit from her service, just as our son has. Best Regards, Anderson Cruz

Daniela Salvato Arthuzo

We moved to UAE in the middle of the school term, and Miss Faryal helped my son catch up with his class in Math and English. I am sure she was the best choice and decision we made to help him. She was very careful, time-focused and dedicated. I was so worried about his progress in a new country and new educational system, but after Miss Faryal started with him, I felt relieved to know that I could count on this extra support. She knew exactly what was needed, and both worked very hard. He is no longer behind, but actually ahead of his class! My son likes her a lot and the fun they have and always misses her on non-class days. Very happy and highly recommended.

Ramon Calliste

Faryal has been a wonderful tutor for my son. We have used her for almost 2 years now and are incredibly happy with the great service and professionalism that she provides. My son really looks forward to his sessions and Faryal is very kind and patient and we all really like her very much! Highly recommend this tutor !!


Competent, efficient and professional, with good sense of humor. Good with children. I highly recommend her.

Ayesha Munir

Ms Faryal has been an inspiring, dedicated and thoughtful teacher. She has a gift for teaching and while classes looked like play and fun, there was always a lot of serious learning going on. My child enjoys every class and I am so happy we found Ms Faryal. I would highly recommend her as a tutor and educator.


I highly recommend this wonderful tutor Faryal. She is very kind and patient and makes the work fun as well as getting the job done! My son has progressed so much since he started the sessions and really enjoys his sessions with Faryal.


The teaching style - trying to achieve as much as possible, putting the student's NEED before his want ! I stayed with them for the duration of my GED; achieved and passed with high grades in 2 months thanks to the efforts of Ms Faryal.


The teaching method was excellent. The teacher taught me closely and guided me properly to achieve good results.


She knows my weak points and she works on it. I improved a lot thanks to her advice. She knows how to teach.


She gave me methods to learn and apply. She used to say, ASK yourself: why, what, how etc and then give convincing answers. She also set goals with me and helped me achieve.


Afplc was very professional, punctual and prepared. I feel my daughter made significant progress as a result of working with Afplc. Would highly recommend .

Sahra Khan

Clean and safe environment. Professional and accommodating work. Helpful attitude and makes the student feel at home and welcome. Dignity and respect is hard to find and everyone is equal here.


An experienced educator with a record of success, highly recommended! Faryal will help you reach your learning and certification goals .


Great teaching method and very good at getting kids motivated to complete tasks set.


She is very committed in teaching my son. There is a very impressive improvement of my son as I can see he communicates well though he is very shy at first. Afplc is good in tackling the kids to learn and communicate and also put a lot of effort to ensure my son excel in math and English subject.

Denise De Wiest

My son was coached at Afplc for his GED. We were very impressed by the thorough approach and methodology. They were always very patient and always succeeded in motivating him to reach his maximum potential. They covered four years of high school in a very short period of time and he did very well on his exam. I would highly recommend Afplc to any parent in a heart beat."


She’s flexible, and knows how to explain things.


She is patient and well equipped.


She always maintain punctuality and her way of teaching is really good.


The way she teaches and the way she helps.


She was very good and patient with my little son. She helped him improve his math skills, understand the concepts and focus for a longer period.


Miss Faryal was very attentive. She explained things thoroughly and enjoyed teaching us. She is supportive, patient and very kind. You can tell that she loves what she does. I highly recommend her!


Afplc took the time to understand exactly what my son needed from Private Tutoring services. The tutor was highly professional and an expert in her field. Afplc and the private tutor worked together with us to put in place a structured approach of hard work, understanding and a comprehensive revision schedule to achieve a very good result.

Cornelius William

I am a Pakistani based in Dubai. I have lived and worked here for the past 16 years. Unfortunately, never got the chance to complete my studies post completing the 10th standard. Various options were suggested but none worked for me for some reason or the other. Until Faryal from AFPLC in Dubai contacted me and told me about GED. It worked perfectly with my schedule, intellect and budget. She's an excellent teacher. She knows how and what a candidate needs to prepare to pass the main exams. She's done an amazing job in preparing her students for the exams and only because of her can I now call myself a high school grad. GED has opened a new horizon for me and I look forward to capitalizing on it. Thank you Faryal !

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Male Pro

14 Years of Teaching Experience

(3 Reviews)

  • B.S (Engineering) from India, MS (Economics) from France & MBA (Finance & IT) from USA
  • Dubai Marine
  • aksxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx View Contact
  • +97xxxxxxxxxx View Contact
  • +97xxxxxxxxxxxxx View Contact


B.S (Engineering) from India, MS (Economics) from France & MBA (Finance & IT) from USA


I have 14 years of experience teaching Middle School and High School curriculum in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Economics for CBSE, IB, AP and British curriculum as well as Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Economics courses for College students (University courses in Business and Engineering Curriculum). I also help my students prepare for SAT and GMAT to apply for colleges in the US for bachelor's and master's programs respectively. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering from India (IIT Delhi), followed by a Master's in Economics from France and an MBA from the US (GMAT Score : 710/800). I have studied at top universities with scholarship throughout and have had an excellent academic performance throughout. I have cleared the tough IIT-JEE (considered among the toughest exams) & have been a Maths Olympiad scholar. I started teaching while still in college and I love teaching for the ability to pass on my hard-earned knowledge into deserving young minds. I have taught everyone from average to smartest students and have been able to help them improve their performance to next level. My teaching approach centers around building basics and mastering concepts through example problems in class and build confidence through relevant home practice questions and regular testing of understanding via short tests. Many of my students study at some of the top tier universities in US, UK, Singapore and Australia. Apart from UAE, I have also taught with educational institutions in USA, Hong Kong, Singapore and India.

Tutoring Approach

I have taught students for their A-levels, CBSE & IGCSE, AP & IB and College curriculum courses in Maths, Sciences and Economics. Many of my students have aced SAT, GMAT & IIT-JEE to secure admission to top universities. I work from the basics, infuse curiosity, understanding & love for the subject, motivate to lift the spirits, remove negative reinforcements & the exam fear. I use real world examples to make it relatable, using enough practice exercises to master concepts in small chunks & tailor the pace according to each individual. I have impeccable linguistic skills in English, both written and oral.



I am having a positive experience Akshat . His teaching style is effective and he is knowledgeable about his subject (Economics ). Overall I would highly recommend him.


Has an amazing way of breaking things down so that they are understandable, He is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of thought into how he presents the material. I recommend him highly.


Great insightful tutor. Always recommended to others.



Male Pro

9 Years of Teaching Experience

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Master Degree in English Literature


You will be given ONE FREE INTRODUCTORY lesson if you contact me after reading my introduction. I'm an American Accent Trainer and English Instructor. I teach Business English, general English, conversational English etc. to the students of all levels starting from beginners to the advanced level. If you wanna sound like native speaker of English, I develop accent of my students and give accent reduction training to make them sound like natives. I prepare my students keeping their workplace in mind so after a few classes they start enjoying speaking English at their workplace. Please watch my INTRODUCTORY VIDEO as well if you wanna know a bit more about my teaching style. I charge ONLY 60 dirhams per hour. My first lesson is absolutely free, just give it a shot you'd love learning English with me. 

Tutoring Approach

Individual needs of students are given importance and a teaching strategy is adopted accordingly.



Male Pro

17 Years of Teaching Experience

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qualified specialist


I am Arslan Biyarslanov. I am 38 years old. I am a taekwondo, kickboxing, box,cardio, physical education coach. I am a master of sports in taekwondo, a professional qualified coach of the highest category. I have a higher education in sports. I am sure that my experience and knowledge will help me to make a personal contribution to the achievement of my goals. Please see my resume and I will be happy to speak with you.

Tutoring Approach

I'm interested in the ideas of an individual approach to learning and it's implementation as well as an individual development strategy

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  • MSc Appled Statisitcs
  • Dubai Marine
  • damxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx View Contact


MSc Appled Statisitcs


I am an Academic Director at a school in Moscow Russia having been a senior teacher for over 15 years. I've been teaching mathematics to all levels of ability both in school and privately since 1978. I have vast experience of teaching GCSE, IGCSE AS level and Advanced Level mathematics I've also prepared children for IB mathematics and for MYP mathematics . My experience with private candidates stretches back to when I worked in the UK as a mathematics teacher.

Tutoring Approach

I make use of the many resources that are available on line. I'm registered with several sites have access to interactive programmes and stimuli for all levels of ability. My lessons are constructive engaging and prepare student for the next level of mathematics they need


Female Pro

20 Years of Teaching Experience

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Dubai La Marina / Abu Dhabispeak with a Parisian accent:qualified French tutor.


French,15y Expce ALL LEVELS - "Learning is writing not typing NLCS,SWISS,KINGS,CHoueif,IHS,SORBONNE

Tutoring Approach

French,15y Expce ALL LEVELS - "Learning is writing not typing NLCS,SWISS,KINGS,CHoueif,IHS,SORBONNE



Female Pro

8 Years of Teaching Experience

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Spanish Tutor


Tutored Spanish and Portuguese languages to students, individually and in groups. Prepared individualized education plans aligning with students’ needs and interests. Interact in a friendly manner with students from different cultural backgrounds, students of all levels of language proficiency. Prepared students for Portuguese examinations ( CIPLE, DEPLE, DIPLE, DAPLE, DUPLE) Prepared students for Spanish examinations ( DELE A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

Tutoring Approach

Enthusiastic and devoted Spanish and Portuguese tutor with excellent communication skills demonstrated by 8 years of tutoring experience. Native in both Spanish and Portuguese. Able to utilize tutoring strategies to help students understand language concepts and to retain the material. Exemplary knowledge of assessment methods to best determine students’ progress and understanding of the material.

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Post Requirement


Female Pro

3 Years of Teaching Experience

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Masters in Performing Arts


I am a classical dancer trained in Bharatnatyam and completed my Masters in Performing Arts in India. I have been practicing Bharatanatyam for 15 years and I have teaching experience post completion of my Masters degree.

Tutoring Approach

The class will focus not only on teaching Bharatanatyam but also holistic training towards the right posture, alignment, body conditioning and prep work like warm up, stretches and nuances of dance along with required theoretical knowledge in Bharatanatyam.


Male Pro

10 Years of Teaching Experience

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MA Filmmaking


I have extensive experience in film education, including roles as an International Teacher of Film Practice, Film Workshop Leader, Film School Course Leader, and Film School Manager. For my detailed CV, please contact me via email.


Female Pro

14 Years of Teaching Experience

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a formal teacher's second-degree certificate


I have a Grade II certificate issued by the Korean Ministry of Education, so I have over 13 years of educational experience in middle and high schools in Korea. Currently, I am teaching Korean to foreigners. I teach children songs, fairy tales, and game workbooks. For adults, I prepare textbooks for each Korean language school and materials on recent issues. Most of the students I teach are long-term learners, and they are improving faster and more accurately than at other institutions.

Tutoring Approach

I aim for a class where students can talk a lot, so I make my own textbooks according to the learners' level and organize the class so that preparation and review are done naturally. Also, students take new and enjoyable classes each time because they prepare various educational materials.

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Male Pro

10 Years of Teaching Experience

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Bachelor of Telecommunication and Networks Engineering


With 10 years of tutoring experience, I have successfully guided students of various ages and levels. My expertise spans subjects including math, science, and language arts. I specialize in personalized learning strategies, fostering academic growth, and boosting confidence, ensuring each student reaches their full potential through tailored, engaging sessions.

Tutoring Approach

Begin by assessing the student's current understanding and identifying gaps. Use interactive methods to explain concepts, ensuring active participation. Provide examples, practice problems, and real-world applications. Offer constructive feedback and encourage questions. Adapt the pace and style to the student's needs, fostering a supportive and motivating environment.



Female Pro

18 Years of Teaching Experience

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BA in Elementary Education, MA In Education Leadership and Curriculum, K -12 ESL Endoresment


I have had the privilege of teaching in schools across the globe, including the United States, China, Lithuania, and Kuwait. Currently, I serve as an Elementary Principal, but my passion for teaching remains strong. I enjoy using my fun and outgoing personality to actively engage students in lessons, keeping my teaching skills sharp.

Throughout my career, I have taught students ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to 6th Grade in classroom settings. I have also provided online and in-person tutoring services spanning from Kindergarten to 12th Grade, specializing in exam preparation for school admissions.

One of my strengths lies in building personal connections with my students, creating an environment where they feel understood and supported beyond academic tutoring.

Tutoring Approach

I believe in proactive planning and collaboration with educators to create a seamless connection between school and home for your children. As a tutor, I am accessible anytime via WhatsApp to assist students in preparing for upcoming sessions. I strive to make learning enjoyable and effective by incorporating hands-on activities and ensuring each lesson is unique and tailored to the individual's needs.

My approach ensures that tutoring is both valuable and enjoyable, whether I'm working with children or adults. Each session is designed to be engaging and productive, aiming to maximize learning outcomes.





Male Pro

3 Years of Teaching Experience

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Ex Pro tennis player


Please ask for pricing 

Tutoring Approach

I can coach beginners ages from 4 years old as well as adults in any level

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Post Requirement



16 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)


Professional Saxophonist


I am from India Chennai, frankly speaking past 16 years. I have been doing one thing that I love to do connecting with students and all age group to enrich their Confidence, Boldness and build Lives. This I do through Music, training various instruments like Keyboard, Guitar, Drums and Saxophone etc. Let me know if I can fit to facilitate *Join hands * Together * We can make difference *

Tutoring Approach

I teach from beginner to advanced levels and have experience teaching all ages All my students have achieved good marks in the examinations they enter (Trinity Rock and Pop, Classical and Jazz and ABRSM)



I am so glad that I got connected with Mr. Roy or as I call him now Sir Roy as my tutor on my journey with learning the Alto Saxophone. Sir Roy is a very experienced, qualified and excellent Tutor you could ask for. He was very patient with me and welcoming too knowing that I am starting literally from ground zero when it comes to Music Theory and the Basics of the Saxophone. He makes learning so much fun and has this amazing personality that takes away your tenseness and builds your confidence. I would highly recommend Sir Roy to all who intend to learn from a Seasoned Professional and an amazingly patient Teacher. Thank you very much Sir Roy, I am so so confident going forward now. - Rudolph Poojary




13 Years of Teaching Experience

(11 Reviews)




I can teach Maths and Science for Grade 6 to Engineering students for all ciruculam. hindi tution and spoken hindi classes also.

Tutoring Approach

I emphasize conceptual learning and understanding by solving problems



Helpful teacher. She always help her student when they stuck with any problem. Thank you teacher.


Everything is perfect. Thank you teacher.


Superb and amazing teacher. I will definitely recommend to others.


Everything is all right. Thank you


Miss Pratibha is an excellent tutor. Not only does she know the material inside-out, she also knows how to explain it in such a way that it becomes easy to understand. The learning environment is great and she's an even better teacher. Miss ensures that i understand the topic and can apply it. She's always ready to help me solve questions and is very accommodating. I recommend her to anyone and everyone as i'm sure she can easily communicate with anyone!


Takes good care of her students and preps them well for exams.

Honey Nz

Very friendly & caring teacher with amazing teaching


The teaching methods are very fast and efficient. I really had a good time learning.

Alya Alshamsi

She helped me to prepare for IGCSE exams and A-level.


Pratibha Thakur has a good knowledge and deep concept of the subjects. All the topics are taught by her in an in-depth manner.


Pratibha Thakur has an amazing understanding of every topic and can make you fall in love with the subject. Her way of teaching is simply superb. Along with this, she has a good behaviour and knows how to make things easy.




10 Years of Teaching Experience

(7 Reviews)

  • BA, LLM, CELTA, MA Education (currently studying)
  • Arabian Ranches +7 More


BA, LLM, CELTA, MA Education (currently studying)


An Irish national currently based in the UAE, I hold a double major undergraduate degree in European Studies and German, and a Master in International Law.  I have a decade of experience in the education industry, teaching ESL, debate, history and politics in schools and by private tuition. I have an accredited TESOL qualification and am currently studying an MA Education. I am an enthusiastic teacher who is dedicated to raising my students to their highest potential. 

Tutoring Approach

I plan my lessons specifically around the needs and learning styles of my students. I focus on method as well as knowledge, especially for writing or exam preparation.


Dalya Tabari

Siobhan is a dedicated, passionate and creative tutor. She has spent the last 18 months tutoring my teenage sons (grade 10 & 11). She was really able to establish a connection with him and helped him achieve his best in both AP Human Geography & AP Microeconomics. Thank you Siobhan!


Engaging, focused and results driven. She was Very keen to see improvement on my child progress on English from E grade to C grade level within few months.


Siobhan is a wonderful Tutor. I am forever grateful for all the help she has provided me with both of my subjects English and History. In the past year I have learnt more with her than i have with my teachers in school. She has taught me how to brain storm an essay question and research the topic and develop a thesis question. she even taught me the way to proof read my work for spelling and grammar errors and the correct way to cite the references used. Thank you


Siobhan is a wonderful Tutor. I am grateful for all the help she has provided me with both of my subjects English and History. In the past year I have learnt more with her than I have with my teachers in school. She has taught me how to brain storm an essay question and research the topic and develop a thesis question. she even taught me the way to proof read my work for spelling and grammar errors and the correct way to cite the references used. Thank you


Siobhan is a kind and humble person. She is a perfect tutor and helped me a lot with university level politics and history, as well as in my writing skills. I really enjoyed having sessions with her and benefited to the max.


Very patient and enthusiastic. Has several plans specified to each individual's needs. Has great experience. Always on time with with many resources ready.


A very dedicated person, helpful and I enjoy her lessons.

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8 Years of Teaching Experience

(4 Reviews)


BSc Computer Systems


I have been passionate about education since the very beginning. I have achieved straight A's in both O'Level and A'Level Cambridge exams, gold medals for exceptional results, and a 3.6+ GPA in University. I'm equally dedicated to helping youngsters achieve great results as well. I know every person has a different mindset and way of grasping concepts so I get down to their level and teach in a way that suits them best. I have been tutoring high school and secondary level students for around 8 years and have a year of experience in teaching at a school. 

Tutoring Approach

Every student is unique and important so I'm patient and understanding when it comes to dealing with their needs. I have a friendly approach to teaching. I get down to the student's level to promote a better understanding of concepts which will, in turn, lead to better results. I alter my techniques according to students' requirements and their individual needs. Every student thinks differently so the approach has to be different each time. My focus is on making them understand the concept because only then they will be able to truly succeed.



Saba has helped me to achieve high grades and more importantly grasp the actual concepts, that I was struggling with prior. With her exceptional teaching methods, I would gladly recommend her!


Saba is a highly passionate, committed and personable tutor. She has made a tremendous and almost immediate connection with our daughter, who is in Year 8. The fact that she is tutoring across several subjects motivates her further. We are counting on her to continue making a positive impact on the learning and enjoyment derived by our daughter.


Miss Saba is a first-class tutor for Math. She explains in a way that is easily understandable. I haven't come across any tutor who is comparable to her. I went from failing in Math to actually getting an A in the IGCSE exams.

Maya Ali

I loved her energy and the way she adapted so well to my way of learning. I actually started liking algebra because of her.




18 Years of Teaching Experience

(15 Reviews)

  • CELTA, Business English Teaching Qualification, B.A Degree, M.A Degree in Education (in Progress) . IELTS, OET and ELPAC Specialist.
  • Al Barsha +8 More
  • chaxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx View Contact
  • +97xx View Contact
  • +97xxxxxxxxxx View Contact


CELTA, Business English Teaching Qualification, B.A Degree, M.A Degree in Education (in Progress) . IELTS, OET and ELPAC Specialist.


As an  IELTS, KET, PET, FCE, CAE, BEC (all levels) OET examiner, TOEFL and Young Learners specialist, I have had a vast amount of experience (18 years), teaching all levels, ages and abilities in guidance with UK Curriculum KS1 & 2 (English, Maths, Geography, History & Science)  Cambridge, IELTS and TOEFL frameworks, including over 10 years teaching young learners & over 14 years for IELTS KET & PET, FCE, CAE, TOEFL.  I also have a certificate in Business English and have applied more than 10 years. Designing and delivering exciting and interesting courses to groups and individuals. Preparing students for their exams. Conversation classes and full immersion.  I have spent many hours tutoring special need students (dyxlexia & ADHD).  I also provide a service in which I prepare University students to write their dissertations, business people in writing reports, plans and proposals,enabling them to write and structure their assignments in a professional and gramatically correct manner. I have also obtained many years of experience of teaching KEY Stage 1 &2 English to students, both English and American curriculum, helping students improve their grammar, creative writing and literature analysis.  

Tutoring Approach

I aim to provide a solid grounding in the subjects while paying close attention to the needs of the individual. An initial meeting establishes the student’s needs and the direction tuition should take. Then we begin work on a programme of study which focuses on filling gaps in knowledge and addressing any areas of weakness. Often, this involves many teaching techniques – the kinds of things that tend not to happen in a busy classroom. I set regular homework  – the quantity varying with how much time the student has – and give feedback the following session.      


Ekaterina Leshukova

My daughter has classes with Charlotte almost for year, each lesson she prepares different interesting topics, 4 days in a week they have English, Maths, Geography and History. You can see it right away, Charlotte loves her job, she really does it with love. Very positive, full of energy, easy person. Finds connection from the first minutes of communication. My daughter improved her English, even though she didn't even speak a year ago. Thanks to Charlotte, we easily transferred from a Russian school to a British one. The program that they are studying now for a year ahead, and it comes to her very smooth. We are really very lucky to know her.


Charlotte is such a lovely and friendly person. She is also a very patient and knowledgable teacher. She has helped me improve my writing and prepared me for IELTS. There were many times when she offered more of her time without charging me extra. She cared more about my progress than money making and that’s rare to find especially with tutoring. I would definitely recommend her!

Farnoush Barani

She has lots of experience in terms of teaching in many aspects of English language and her efforts to achieve your goal is wonderful. The practice that she gave me was fantastic and she understood your weakness. Also, I could say that she is so kind and friendly.

Ekaterina Pryakhina

Charlotte is an excellent tutor for English language. She is an amiable person that made me feel comfortable from my first class. She helped me to refresh all the essential grammar for IELTS exam, provided with different material to improve my vocabulary and advised me on written mistakes. Only after two months of her teaching lessons I improved my writing level by one point. Charlotte also gave me tips on advancing my reading and comprehension. Furthermore, she explained the marking criteria of IELTS exam that allowed me to focus on the points that I needed to focus on. Her guidance has allowed me to gain confidence for the IELTS test.


Raised IELTS score from 5 to 6.5 in 4 months! Helped with confidence for speaking in a beautiful learning environment with well-developed materials. She has 15 years of teaching and examining experience.


Efficient and to the point. Highly qualified and is able to teach large chunks of information into easily remembered and recalled blocks.

Mohammed Kathim Lami

I went to Charlotte for Academic Ielts Writing courses. she has provided me with great tips and added alot of helpful techniques that will definitly improve my writing skills and get me a score of 7 or above. I also took some speaking and reading courses with her. she has great personality and always ready to help. I highly recommend her for Ielts.

Ryoko Mizohata

She is an amazing teacher! She is so friendly and makes me relax when I speak in English. She checked my weak point first and gave me my own program. I who had been taking 10 month group lessons, feel her privatel lesson is best way to improve my English.


Actually, Charlotte is amazing! Very professional, She helped me prepare several interviews acting in a professional manner. She knew exactly how to help me improve my English speaking and writing within an hour! She gave me all the relevant clues to answer the interviewers. I felt more comfortable thanks to her and had no problem reacting and discussing during the entire interview!


Charlotte is an amazing and committed tutor. She has been doing a brilliant work and she is getting over my expectations. Now, I feel way more confident for interviews.


I would like to share my experience with Charlotte. Firstly, she is a highly qualified specialist with a huge working experience in the UK, Spain and the UAE. Secondly, appropriate teaching techniques as well as modern materials are used by the teacher to enhance leaning and enrich knowledge of the students. Moreover, Charlotte demonstrates enthusiasm in teaching every day. In addition, I would like to add that she is an open-minded, warm-hearted and a very kind person, which, in my opinion, is very important characteristics of a teacher.


She is always smiling, very smart and she immediately understood my learning requirements.

Robin Gédin

Charlotte is assiduous and efficient. She explain very well the grammar and rules in the English language. Whenever I've asked questions she answered very quickly with a lot of motivation. Her own level of academic English has brought a high quality to my writings and helped me to reach the top grades that I was not able to get before. She was very sensitive and attentive to my approach of English and work. As a french native speaker, I was able to understand her corrections because she explained very pedagogically what was wrong. She helped me to choose titles and hooks for my writings from her own culture and experience.


The classes with her are very entertaining. She is very nice.

Charlotte Morris

Charlotte makes her students feel relaxed within their learning environment, she is patient and supportive and has a wealth of experience.




4 Years of Teaching Experience

(2 Reviews)




I specialize in teaching mathematics on any level. From primary to secondary levels. I have actually taken the IGCSE and A-Levels mathematics and scored A* and A on the tests and I am willing to help any one with the desire to do better in mathematics on any testing platform.

Tutoring Approach

I believe in understanding from the basics. I use the simplest forms of problems to teach the basic techniques for solving problems. This techniques can then be applied to more complex problems.


Mohit Singh

He has detailed knowledge of the subject that he teaches.


Victor is one of the best teachers you will find out there, he is understanding and will go at your pace, till you understand the whole material, incredible at teaching maths and will definitely help you get the grades you need.

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12 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)


CELTA certified - Master's of English literature


I have been teaching English for 12 years at prestigious schools and language institutes. I have a laid-back teaching style that helps you learn in an environment that is fun and enjoyable. However, you will be surprised how much you will learn in a short amount of time. You will be provided with: - In-class notes & class recordings for you to review after each class.

Tutoring Approach

I customize and tailor my lessons based on your needs. why me? - Monthly checkpoints to assess your progress - Weekly free online topic-specific speaking events to practice your English communication skills and learn more than just the language itself! - English Q&A anytime if you have any quick questions! - Join my community of students to learn, discuss, and improve with like-minded people!



He is a nice tutor. I like the method of teaching.

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How Can Students Improve Their Knowledge?

Students Can Improve Their Knowledge And Skills In A Number Of Ways Like:

  • Practicing Solutions Regularly.
  • Understand The Underlying Concepts/formulas Clearly.
  • Solving Additional Exercises.
  • Sharing A Positive Attitude About The Subject.

⭐ How Can Tutors Help Students Improve Their Score And Skills?

There Are Many Ways Students Can Improve Their Skills. But Experienced Tutors In Dubai Can Help To:

  • Build Confidence In The Student.
  • Encourage Questioning And Make Space For Curiosity.
  • Emphasize Conceptual Understanding Over Procedure.
  • Provide Authentic Problems That Increase Students’ Drive To Engage With The Subject.
  • Share A Positive Attitude About The Subject.

⭐ How Many Private Tutors Are Available In Dubai To Teach?

We Have A Massive Database Of 617 Verified And Experienced Tutors In Dubai. You Can View Their Profiles With Their Qualification, Expertise, Teaching Techniques, Hourly Rates And Availability. Post Your Requirement For Free To Find The Best Tutors In Dubai.

⭐ What Is The Tuition Fee Charged By Home Tutors In Dubai?

Tuition Fees Of Tutors In Dubai Depend On A Number Of Factors Like Tutoring Hours, Experience And Qualifications. You Can Find Out The Tutor From Our List As Per Your Estimated Fee With Your Preferred Location.

⭐ Do Home Tutors In Dubai Provide Training For Competitive Examinations?

Yes, Most Of Them Do. However, We Would Request You To Discuss The Same With The Tutor Of Your Choice For Clarification Of Any Extra Hours, Fees, Etc.

⭐ What's The Normal Duration Of Tuition Classes Hosted By Tutors In Dubai?

Usually, Tutors On LearnPick Conduct A Session For 1 To 2 Hours A Day. But It Can Vary Depending On The Arrangements Made Between The Student And The Tutor At The Time Of Hiring.

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