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Adi Ananda

Adi Ananda

Adi is a 500+Hrs certified yoga instructor practicing yoga. She offers regularly, workshops and private sessions about different yoga . Gentle and slow Yin yoga for deep relaxation, powerful Hata yoga for improve strength and flexibility, Sivananda classes which are combination of meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises... ...also other styles are available for increase your focus, support your stress release or pain release… Her typical lesson is a combination between those styles in order to guarantee strength improvement, flexibility and deep relaxation.  She can efficiently and safely face different physical conditions adapting the class to any particular attendant situation, back pain, knee and spine issues, pregnancy. Adi has a welcoming private Yoga Studio JLT, cluster L where you will have a confidential room fully equipped for Yoga. She will customize a perfect class for you. See yourself as the divine soul you truly are! Wishing you all light and love your heart is able to receive. Thank you Adi Ananda

Icon 2 Tower, Cluster L, JLT, Dubai

City: Dubai