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8 things to remember when deciding a Career

Posted by: Salwa Mohammed. in General | Date: 25/07/2019

If you’re at that stage of your life where you’re either in school or college or just finished it, and have no idea what to do next then you’re probably feeling what another billion people are. Choosing what you want to do with your life is one of, if not the hardest decision we have to make as human beings. Of course, when you were a kid, you might have had a goal but most ofte [+]


Posted by: Fatima Nida. in General | Date: 03/01/2019

Education is important medium of acquiring knowledge, Education individual life it guides us to the right path, the world around and education plays a vital role it's very important to be updated An education lays foundation to our bright future It gives us productive member of a civilized society.We learn how to meet overcome obstacles. We learn how to become an integrated value of our culture. [+]

10 Important Career Lessons Most People Learn Too Late In Life

Posted by: Olaoluwapo Sonowo. in General | Date: 21/12/2018

Keep your head down and your nose to the grindstone. That’s what a lot of us were taught to believe about work. But is it really the best strategy? I find that people often take this sort of advice to heart — and then learn too late in their careers that there’s more to life (and success) than just keeping busy. I’ve gathered up my top 10 lessons you should take to heart [+]

Distribution Practices for the Textile Industry

Posted by: Muhammad Arif. in General | Date: 15/01/2019

Executive Summary In this paper the main focus is to understand the distribution strategy of textile and garments industry and analyze the benefits of choosing different distributions channels over the others. First we analyze the channels selection importance and advantages and then we comment on the selection of these channels among different countries. Like developed countries have the differe [+]

Top Universities in Canada

Posted by: Ketan Hathi. in General | Date: 24/12/2018

The Universities of Canada is famous for Good Teaching and research. Canadian universities are increased their  rank among international universities and and institutions worldwide, and they continue to attract the smartest and serious pupil to their highly respected and prestigious degree programmes. To go to some of the best universities in the world for your Bachel [+]

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