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Should animals be used in research?

Posted by: Hamza Selmi. in Science | Date: 21/12/2018

Each year, according to the US government statistics, more than 1 million animals are used, killed, in the US laboratories. This vast number of animals used yearly is for multiple reasons, such as medical lectures, training, and drug testing experiments. Sadly, all animals used for testing, whether experiments succeed or not, will have to be killed when the experiment is over or else, they will ke [+]

Being Good at Chemistry Means Asking Yourself the Right Questions

Posted by: Nathan Mitchell. in Science | Date: 29/11/2016

  When I tell people I teach chemistry for a living, I get a number of responses.  Some of the more common ones:  “Oh, I hated chemistry in high school.”  “You must be smart.”  “I had a bad teacher.”  Oftentimes whether someone likes or hates the subject depends on the teachers they’ve had.  I’d like to think t [+]

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