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  • Sneak peek into Polynomials [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 9]
    Know about polynomials and its types, polynomials in one variable, zeroes of a polynomial, and solving problems on all of the above topics.
  • Learn the basics of number system [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 6]
    Explaining the basics of numbers, its Types. Explaining whole, natural, and large Numbers. How to find the place value of a number and rounding off to the nearest whole number.
  • Learn the basics of number system [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 7]
    Explaining the basics of numbers, its Types. Explaining whole, natural, & large Numbers. How to find the place value of a number and rounding off to the nearest whole number, and solving word problems.
  • Learn Rational Numbers [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 8]
    Introduction to Rational numbers and its types, explaining the properties of rational numbers, explaining the reciprocal and representation of rational numbers on a number line, explaining the distributivity of multiplication over addition for rational numbers.
  • All about triangles [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 10]
    Understanding similarity of triangles, areas of similar triangles, and solving problems on all of the above topics.
  • Learn Arithmetic Progression [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 10]
    Understanding the definition and examples of AP, how to calculate the n-th term, how to calculate the sum of the first n terms, solving a real-world problem.
  • All about triangles [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 9]
    Knowing the different types of triangles, congruency of triangles, understanding the criteria for congruency of triangles, solving problems on all of the above topics.
  • Learn Integers & Decimal numbers [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 6]
    Explaining positive and Negative Integers, Adding/subtracting the integers using the Number line, introducing Decimals and explaining place values, addition/subtraction of Decimals along with the comparison.
  • Learn the properties of integers [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 7]
    Explaining positive and negative integers, problems on adding/subtracting integers through the Number line. Explaining arithmetic properties/identities and understanding the properties of addition/Subtraction/Multiplication and Division of integers.
  • Learn Cubes and Cube Roots [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 8]
    Introducing Cubes and Cube roots, solving questions on cube numbers and cube roots, finding cube roots through prime factorisation method.
  • All about Quadratic Equations [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 10]
    Understanding quadratic equations, identifying given equations, solving quadratic equations by factorization.
  • Learn Number Series [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 10]
    Understanding the definitions, remarks, and examples of number series, geometric series, how to calculate the sum of a geometric series, solving a real-world problem.
  • Lines and angles [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 9]
    Knowing the basic terms and definitions, understanding intersecting lines and non-intersecting Lines, pairs of angles, solving problems on all of the above topics.
  • IELTS Essentials - Reading Module: A guide to academic & general training
    Skimming, scanning, predicting, short-answers, classification, & true/false.
  • Learn Factors and Multiples [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 6]
    Introducing Factors and Multiples, explaining the Common Factors and Multiples, explaining Prime and Composite Numbers, introducing to LCM and HCF.
    Introducing factors and multiples, explaining common factors and multiples, Introduction to Divisibility and its rules, solving problems on LCM and HCF.
  • Learn Squares and Square Roots [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 8]
    Introducing Square and square roots, explaining the properties of Square Numbers and its patterns, solving questions on finding the Squares and Square Roots, finding square roots using prime factorization, division method, repeated subtraction.
  • All about Arithmetic Progression [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 10]
    Knowing what Arithmetic Progression (AP) is, finding out the nth term of an AP, finding out the sum of the first n Terms of an AP, and solving problems on all of these topics.
  • Learn Real Numbers [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 10]
    Understanding Euclid, Pythagoras and the Greek world, Euclid's Division Lemma, Prime Factorization, GCD, LCM, and Irrationality of the square root of 2.
  • Figures of Speech [English Essentials]
    Understanding similes /metaphors, personification, alliteration, and irony
  • Coordinate Geometry [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 9]
    Know what a Cartesian System is, solving problems on Cartesian System, plotting a point on plane with the given coordinates, solving problems on plotting points.
  • IELTS Essentials - Listening Module: Tips to imagining the situation & identifying questions & answers
    Imagining the situation and language, identifying questions and answers types, spelling practice, forms and notes completion.
  • Solving LCM and HCF in a simple way [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 6]
    Explaining LCM and HCF, solving problems on LCM and HCF, Introduction to Divisibility of Numbers and solving problems on Divisibility of Numbers.
  • Learn Exponents and Power [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 8]
    Introducing exponents and powers, explaining the laws of exponents, expressing small numbers in standard form using exponents, practicing questions based on exponents and powers.
  • IELTS Essentials - Writing Module: Understanding & describing general & specific information
    Understanding of tables/charts, description of general & specific information, comparing and contrasting data, academic writing guidelines.
  • Know your Fractions in the simplest way[Mathematics Grade 6]
    Know the basics of Fractions, Learn the types of fractions and comparison of fractions. Addition and Subtraction of Fractions.
  • Difference between Ratio and Proportion [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 7]
    Introduction to Ratio & Proportion, Basics of Ratio and problems based on Ratio, Basics of Proportion and problems based on Proportion and Word Problems
  • Simple way of solving Algebraic Expressions [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 8]
    Introduction, Algebraic Expressions, Types of Polynomials, Adding and Subtracting the Algebraic Expressions
  • IELTS Essentials - Speaking Module: Understanding & organizing the ideas
    Understanding the topic card, organization of ideas, speaking tips.
  • Learn about Quadrilaterals [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 9]
    a) Types of Quadrilaterals b) Angle Sum property of Quadrilaterals c) Properties of a parallelogram d) Problems on each topic
  • Demystifying the Percentages [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 7]
    Introduction to Percentages, Solving Percentages in different methods, Comparing Fractions and decimals with Percentages, Word problems on Percentages
  • Demystifying the Algebraic Equations [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 8]
    Introduction to Equations, Converting the sentences into Equation/Expression, Setting up an Equation, Solving Algebraic Equations
  • Learn about Surface Areas and Volumes [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 10]
    a) Introduction b) Surface Area of a Combination of Solids c) Volume of a Combination of Solids d) Problems on all above
  • Linear equations in two variables [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 9]
    a) Introduction b) Linear Equations c) Solution of a Linear Equation d) Problems on each topic
  • English for Business Communication: Cultural Diversity & Socializing –Building a relationship
    a) Relationship Building b) Cross-cultural understanding c) Conversation
  • Introduction to Linear Equations [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 8]
    Solving Algebraic Equations with linear equation on one side, Introduction to Linear Equations, Slope and Slope intercept form, Solving Linear Equations
  • Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 10]
    a) Introduction b) Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables c) Graphical Method of Solution of a pair of Linear Equations d) Problems on all above
  • Constructions [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 9]
    a) Introduction b) Basic Constructions c) Some Constructions of Triangles d) Problems on each topic e) Problems on Cartesian System f) How to plot a point on plane with coordinates given g) Problems on plotting points
  • English for Business Communication: The making of effective meeting
    a) Establishment of purposive meeting b) The art of decision making c) Handling of situations
  • Factorisation of Algebraic Expressions [MATHEMATICS - GRADE 8]
    Factors of natural numbers, Introduction to the Factors of algebraic expressions, Factorisation by regrouping terms, Factors of the form ( x + a) ( x + b)

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