How College Students Can Benefit From Tutoring

Jun 23, 2021

There is a difference between hard work and smart work, although the two often overlap. As a college student or the parent of one, it is your obligation and privilege to take advantage of every resource that is made available.

Tutors, online courses, and even essay sites such as 99 Papers are all fair game. It is not uncommon for a student to fall behind on a specific subject. The causes are numerous, ranging from disinterest in that particular subject to a more obtuse teaching style employed by the teacher.

Regardless, there is no shame in tutoring or asking for help. This brings us to our first point:

Set aside shame

It seems that nowadays, every moment is scheduled and measured. From the time they are three years old, children are enrolled in schools, taught, graded, and evaluated. It is straightforward to have your self-esteem tied to your academic achievement because we spend our first two decades in schools.

Yet, you are more than your grades. You a person, and people are not perfect. Falling behind is a fact that must be accepted and resolved. Also, you must set aside the anxiety caused by having to meet a stranger.

Keep a clear head and a relaxed mindset when interviewing tutors.

That being said, let’s analyze some of the benefits caused by tutoring:

It improved Academic life

Aggregate data suggests that tutored students are more likely to succeed in Academia. Some of the most notable benefits include a higher-grade point average and a lower drop-out rate.

Students that lack a proper support structure are more likely to quit college. It is an unfortunate cumulative effect resulting from all the pressures of student life.

And the issues often cascade into a snowball effect.

It can start from a failed subject that lowers the student’s self-esteem, leading to more failure due to self-doubt.  Ultimately, as the losses begin to outnumber the wins, many quit.

The best way to combat this vicious cycle is to avoid it. Thanks to tutoring, you will notice not only that you know enough, but you know more than enough. The confidence resulting from security is priceless.

The benefits radiate

A tutor will offer much more than a simple information dump. If information is all you needed, you would access Wikipedia or buy an online course. Students are looking for proper expert instruction. Nothing less will suffice.

The lessons will be better ordered and structured, making it easier to collect your thoughts and organize information inside your head. And this ordering and structuring are not restricted to a single subject.

Once you learn to think this way, you can apply the logic to other classes and your general learning process. The benefits of tutoring will radiate and bleed into other areas of your life.

As a side note, it may also aid in memorization. Many students complain about a perceived flaw in their memorization skills. More often than not, this lack of remembrance is self-inflicted.

Our rational brains are pattern-seeking machines. They do not really enjoy randomness or chaos. For example, did you ever stare at clouds only to see shapes?
Our minds are so desperate for order that they tend to project it even if it is not really there.

Ordered lessons will be easier to memorize and remember. Pay attention to how the tutor does it, and repeat the process on other subjects.

A personal touch

Home schools are more successful than traditional, government-run schools. There are not many studies available, but those that exist point in that direction.

Also, it makes intuitive sense that one-on-one instruction is better than cramming 30 kids in a classroom. This personal touch is how humans were designed to learn.

Government schools have to standardize everything. Everyone has to sit down and shut up, squashing any creativity and individuality. This is not out of malice but necessity.

When you are mass-producing something, you almost have to make it bland and inspired. This applies to furniture, electronics, food, and even education. Students can’t help to resent a service that treats them as an assembly-line product.

Customized and personable education is reserved for those who can afford to hire a tutor.
You are paying for this person’s time and attention. Every answer, every lesson plan should and will be made with you in mind.

It is refreshing to see what school should have been from the start. Unfortunately, society needs to educate countless children and act as a daycare center as their parents’ work. Tutoring is ideal because it represents the ideal learning experience.

It is how Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar were taught.

It evens the playing field.

Mental illness is often wrongly perceived. Most people think that you are either normal or absolutely foaming at the mouth insane like the Joker from Batman.

The truth is that mental illness sits on a spectrum. Its effects can be absolutely hidden from the rest of the world because they are so subtle.

For example, a student with a milder form of dyslexia can function like a regular person in 99,99% of cases. However, because of this condition, he/she learns slower than most people.

This can cause that student to fall behind the rest of the class. There are dozens of other conditions such as OCD and ADHD that have similar damaging effects.

Some students are recent immigrants. While doing their best to assimilate, not working with your native language can cause you to fall behind as well.

Overall, if you find yourself falling behind for any reason, tutoring offers to level the playing field. You can catch up during your free time by investing in tutoring.


In a perfect world, every student would have his own tutor. It is by far the best way to instruct someone, as it involves personalized lessons tailored to the student’s needs.

However, we do not live in that ideal world. Due to the necessity of educating everyone, classroom teaching is the norm.

While a majority of people can’t afford tutoring in every subject, it is a viable option if you’re falling behind. Tutored students can be more confident, are more likely to stay in school, graduate, and develop an organized way of thinking.


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