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Gerard (UAT 25493)

Male, 36 Years Pro / (UAT 25493)

25 Years of Teaching Experience

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Al Barsha, Arabian Ranches, Arabian Ranches 2, Business Bay,... More
Masters in Education, 1st class Honors degree in Mathematical and Computational Science. 1st class Honors Degree in H.Dip in Education.

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Masters in Education, 1st class Honors degree in Mathematical and Computational Science. 1st class Honors Degree in H.Dip in Education.

My promise to you is that I will only provide you with outstanding tutors, tutors who have a proven track record of bringing success to students. Please view our student review section to get a sample of what we do and then give me a call and I will arrange a session with one of my subject specialists so that you can see what proper teacher can do for your child's grades.

We also have intense exam preparation courses running this January and we are currently taking bookings. These highly successful courses are designed to get your child ready for their upcoming exams. 

We offer courses in:

  • A level Maths
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Business studies
  • Accounting

We also offer courses in:

  • IGCSE Maths
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Business studies
  • Accounting

The price of 299 dhm per week includes 3 one hour sessions along with the appropiate notes, exam tips, worksheets, etc.

I also teach

  • Advanced memory training techniques which enable your child to easily achieve the top grades in any theory based exam. Your child will learn how to remember whole textbooks in a word for word fashion.
  • Articulation training to employees
  • A zero to hero Microsoft excel courses
I Can Manage Both

Last year the following percentages applied to our courses. 87% of the students who attended our A level maths course achieved an A or higher. 84% of the students who attended our A level physics course achieved an A or higher. 82% of the students who attended our A level chemistry course achieved an A or higher. 75% of the students who attended our A level biology course achieved an A or higher.  All our courses offer:  Outstanding teaching Clear guidance A topic by topic logical approach Study notes provided where necessary Sample answers discussed Worksheets provided Plenty of time for questioning and Identification of common mistakes.  I would be very happy to discuss your tuition needs and explain how our tutor and courses will make the difference for your child. 

Fees (AED)
Fees (AED)h:
Courses 100 per lesson - Online 250 per lesson - In house 300 to 350 per lesson
British & International Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level / IGCSE)


High School
High School:
Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics
Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics
IT Training
IT Training:
Advanced Excel, Coding & Programming, Visual Basic, Website design
Computer, English, Maths, Science

Tuition Schedule

All times
All times
All times
All times
All times
All times
All times


Al Barsha, Arabian Ranches, Arabian Ranches 2, Business Bay, Dubai Hills, Dubai Sports City, Emirates Hills, Motor City, Palm Jumeirah, Sports City

Online Tutoring

Prior Online Tutoring Experience:
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Tools Details:
Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team

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Written by: Gerard

Shamsa Saleh

Smart flexible and friendly. This is my team of tutors going forward. Wish they provided more tutors for lower school as my online tutors for higher school are so great. Many thanks to you and your great team.


My daughter has made excellent progress in science and I have no doubt its because of her tutors. Thanks so much guys :)

Conor S

I am learning by 3 tutors and they are really the best tutors I have had. I've recently got my math, biology and physics A level mock practice test results. I have went from a C grade in biology to an A, a low D in math to a high percentage B and in a very tricky physics paper I have received the best in class percentage of 87%. I cannot ask for more from my tutors. Also many thanks for your continue hard work with me over the December break.


My son struggles with dyslexia and ADHD. Gerard has porvided me with great tutor who gets my son to focus in online lessons in a way that he could not do before. I am thankful for how things are now progressing.


My husband and I have seen great progress in this first semester. I am hopeful that this progress can be maintained in semister 2 as lukes teacher is currently very impressed. The best compliment I can give is that lukes teacher is recommending Gerard and his team of tutors to his other students who need help. High praise indeed. Thanks soo much


Thanks for everything this year. My friends and I cannot believe our progress in math. We will recomment to others about you.


You shuod choose these guys if you want to have a good tutor.


So now my son Magnus is receiving online classes in chemistry, mathematical, physics and biology and the level of attention is perfect. These guys and girls have perfected online lesson delivery. Superb value.

Emma Lewis

Simlply a superb experience so far. the time taken to perfectly match a tutor to my daughters needs was impressive. We are very happy thus far.


On a recommendation we completed the memory gym course yesterday and I have to say it was mind blowing. I decided to write a review only after seeing our youngest practicing her new memory techniques on the way to school this morning. I highly recommend sitting this course, no idea why this is not being taught in schools.


Everything very well. My daughter is very happy. Thank you.

Erika L

The whole experience was perfect. Online tutoring the way it should be done.


Tuition during lockdown last year was a concern for us but when we started using this team of tutors our concenrs diminised. Initially we would still have prefereed tuition in our home but as time went by we realised our children were far more engaged in their tuition lessons than they were in thier school lessons. Our tutors were excellent and put us at ease. We were very happy with the overall experience and i would easily recommend this team. Worthy of my time to review.


Last year my son sat the for chemistry course in october. He needed to get a high grade for his university placement. Sitting this course was the best thing he could have done. His teacher hammad was outstanding. He is an expert. We achieved a grade "A" in A level chemistry which to us is unbelievable and it made us so happy, our youngest is now getting one to one tuition off another teacher clodagh and we could not be happier. Thank you Gerard for helping us.

Ishan Patel

I recently completed a zero to hero excel course with Gerard, the course was excellent,,. I was thought everything from the very basics up to visual basic for applications. It is crazy that I can now write my own excel funnctions. This is not an easy task but it is the hardest thing to do in excel and I can actually do it. So thankful for this experience, I am now one of the go to excel people in work. I find myself studying to become even better as completing the course has given me the confidence to explore my possibilities. A big thank you.

Peter & Mikela

Mikela's business and chemistry tutors are really great. I am very happy with their subject knowledge and they are always ready to go that extra bit in order to give her the understanding she needs. Having previously had only an okay experience with online lessons I was hesitant to commit to more but the caliber of these online lessons make it a no brainer. Absolutely superb tuition. Easy 5 stars


Best teacher, works great with what I am doing in school and my grade are now getting good too. A bonus is my teachr is happy.


Patient, super knowledgeable and very facilitating. I currently use them for physics, chemistry and mathematics and I am soon to add biology. From day 1 they provided my son with a clear path to making progress and I have been super happy with my sons progress ever since. You really do get what you pay for in this city and so I whole heartly recommend

Gerard Finnegan

My son was struggling with maths for a long time, his grades improved massively after just a few sessions and he gained a lot of confidence in the subject. Gerard uses lots of good resources and gives clear explanations. He was also good at keeping me up to date with my sons progress and areas he needed to practice more.

Nadia Chanandin

Gerard was very responsive and was able to identify areas or weakness and set out a plan to work on my math weakness. He is patient and makes the session enjoyable.


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