Ways to Discover Latent Talents in Students

Jan 31, 2017

Every human is bestowed with at least one talent and the person is very good at it. Some recognize their talents very early, while others struggle to figure out the thing they are exceptionally good at. Thus, the people who are not aware of the talents and true calling need guidance to use those talents for the enrichment of their souls and the benefit of the society.

When a person’s talent is discovered early on, then the person is likely to succeed in its pursuits with less difficulty and more quickly. Early discovery of talents also help a person to do good for the society and become a source of inspiration for others.

Teachers can play a major role in the discovery of the hidden talents in their students as they observe them and know their strengths and weaknesses.

Teachers can sense a latent talent in a student much better than the student’s parents, relatives, or friends and can encourage the student to spend more time in developing the gifted skills.

Teachers can discover the latent talents in their students by various ways such as:

1. Observing the hobby of a student

Teacher can discover the latent talent in a student by observing their hobbies and their aptitudes in those hobbies. People usually tend pick up those hobbies in which they are talented. People having natural talents in a skill tend to be drawn towards similar hobbies and find their calling in that. However, they tend to abandon those hobbies as they age for other practical and pragmatic options often on the advice of their parents or relatives. Teachers can identify the talents of a student from their hobbies and can counsel them to pursue their hobbies in a serious manner.

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2. Asking them about their passions and interests

Teachers can get a whiff of a student’s talents by asking them about their passions and interests. They can get honest replies from younger students and can observe them while the students are engrossed with their passions. Passionate students often lose the track of time and are totally oblivious of the happenings around them when they are immersed in an activity that they truly love. Teachers can get an idea about their talents when they see the students involved with their passions.

3. Organizing various competitions and shows

Teachers can discover the latent talents of their students by organizing various competitions and shows and encouraging them to participate in those. They should convince the students not to get bogged down with competition and to enjoy the contests. The objective of these contests should not be to intensify a feeling of competition or rivalry among the students but to help them discover their hidden talents and gifts lying within them. Similarly, teachers can also organize some shows and exhibitions, such as science exhibition, arts and crafts exhibition, that will encourage students to participate in them and showcase their talents.

4. Arranging a group outing and encouraging them to express themselves freely

Children are usually spontaneous when they are outdoors and are provided with some downtime. They are not apprehensive about being judged thus feel free to express themselves. It is not surprising to see a reticent and shy student, voicing some melodious songs without feeling any inhibitions. In these outings, children tend to open up and leave behind their serious garb behind. To discover a latent talent of a student, allow them to laugh heartily and express themselves freely.

5. Organizing extracurricular Olympiads

Teachers can also spot the latent talents of students by organizing extracurricular Olympiads such as Math Olympiad, Science Olympiad, etc. Students tend to prepare themselves best and give their best performance for these Olympiads.

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